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Get over the chaos of managing a large fleet or dispatching hundreds of taxis with YelowSoft

About Yelowsoft

Yelowsoft uses a sleek online portal to tracks drivers and riders on a real-time, integrated map - and even uses automatic dispatching to allocate rides to the nearest available driver.

Yelowsoft helps companies to be on the edge of the technology and cut operational costs whilst allowing drivers to book more rides.

It boasts a user-friendly design, easy to use interface, and a design customizable to business needs.

An integral part of Yelow Soft is its mobile & web apps for end-users, drivers, dispatchers, and the admin. Implementation of this taxi software solution complemented by mobile apps ensures taxi companies communicate better with their customers, drivers, and partners.

Our Mission

Yelowsoft wants to put people who are into any sort of business that requires managing a fleet of vehicles at ease. Fleet Management could be an extrinsic part of their business such as enterprises, hotels, SMBs, institutes, etc. or intrinsic part of their business, for example, a taxi agency, logistics company, travel & tourism company or a startup like Uber or Lyft.

Yelowsoft is a mobile first, user first company that is at the forefront of uberisation and modern fleet dispatch solutions, including chauffeur driver cars and limos.

Learn how Yelowsoft makes an existing, complicated taxi business a breeze to manage.

  • emmanuel
    "Working with Yelowsoft has been very rewarding. Initially, I was afraid that you would not be able to deliver on my project, but your team work tirelessly and got it done. You are very patient in handling my observations and concerns, your response time is also very good. I will always choose you. Keep it up."
    Time Drive
  • yfclient
    Everything is going fine. Great work!! I would never regret doing business with Yelowsoft. Keep up the good work.I always got quick response from Mushahid and Shehezad. I would definitely refer you to my friends for future businesses.
    Mohammad Daoud

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