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Customizable apps for customers, drivers, and dispatchers

Customize an automated airport transfer system for your business. This will create ease for your customers’ daily transportation needs of getting rides to and from the airport.

Smart pricing model for your airport transfer service

YelowTaxi’s automated airport transfer system enables you to add different pricing methods for your business based on your needs.

Fixed route pricing

A fixed route-based pricing model where the price for a ride is the same for selected zones and locations to the airport and vice-versa. The customer gets a fixed price regardless of their location and will get a “no service available” message displayed if they request services outside of selected zones.

Service-based pricing

A service-based pricing model where price differs for each type of car ride booked i.e Hatchback, Sedans, SUVs, etc., and then zone-wise pricing over it based on the selected location. The customer gets options to select the type of car and zone based on which they will be charged.

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Contactless kiosk system

Self-Operating Kiosks at the airport for the passengers to book taxis after they have landed from a flight. All they have to do is add their destination and select the type of service they want and their taxi will be booked.

No more frustrated passengers

In our automated airport transfer solution, passengers can pre-book or schedule their rides beforehand. This saves them the hassle of waiting for the taxi to arrive as it will be ready for them at their selected time.

Advanced queue system

A token-based booking system for all users where they get printed receipts or tokens for their rides. This way each driver gets passengers without waiting in the queue and the customer does not have to wait for their rides.

You are in great company

Yelowsoft helps its taxi client from Caribbean – Travee with a robust taxi dispatch system. Listen what Travee has to say about their experience.


Makesi Peter


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YelowSoft’s global presence

YelowSoft’s automated solutions are recognized globally as our services are growing every day in different corners of the world.









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