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March 23, 2022

How can Shared Mobility revolutionize the Transportation Industry

While the cities across the globe race up to be the super-power within their countries, the term “liveable cities” goes on a toss. For any city […]
March 22, 2022
ride-hailing-with-a-super app-feature

Expand your business beyond ride-hailing with a Super App

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unimaginable mayhem in most parts of the world. This disaster has two catastrophic outcomes. First, the obvious one is the massive number of loss of lives.
March 19, 2022

A step-by-step guide to build a taxi company

If you’re reading this blog I believe you have made-up your mind and can’t wait to see your own fleet of taxis picking up and dropping […]
March 16, 2022

Yelowsoft introduces automated driver payment settlement

Time and time again Yelowsoft has come up with various updates which make our product better than before. At Yelowsoft, we are always looking to improve our products as per our clients’ requirement.
March 13, 2022

A closer look at the ride-hailing landscape of the Western and Central Europe

The ride-hailing industry has come a long way. Only in the span of 10 years, we witnessed its massive growth and more importantly rapid adoption by the customers.
March 11, 2022

Top promotion & retention strategies for taxi business that you shouldn’t miss

Starting and sustaining any business in today’s world is a tough task. And it becomes even tougher if we talk about the ride-hailing business since there’s a cut-throat competition from taxi giants like Uber, Grab, Lyft, Ola, and many more.
March 9, 2022

Why does your business need a parcel delivery solution and how can you develop one?

We are living in the digital age where everything is accessible at the few taps of our phone. This has been made possible with the help of on-demand services that have replaced almost all the traditional businesses of several industry verticals.
March 9, 2022

Why SaaS-based Business Model is best for On-Demand startups?

Software-as-a-Service is referred to as SaaS, a delivery model which runs using the cloud infrastructure and is centrally hosted. Both start-ups and established companies can opt for SaaS applications via a subscription plan.
February 25, 2022

Digital transformations of online grocery shopping in 2022

The E-commerce business has shown ample growth in the past decade and the pandemic has bought huge impacts on altering consumers' behaviors.
February 24, 2022

Everything you need to know about the on-demand flower delivery app development

Flowers are the most wonderful and preferred gift for any occasion or event. On special occasions, roaming around the multiple shops in search of the perfect bouquet is exhausting and time-consuming.
February 22, 2022

How to build an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo

The on-demand delivery business is now one of the most thriving markets globally, capable of generating billions of dollars. This is due to many app users, which makes developing an on-demand delivery app a crucial necessity.