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How Can You Automate Airport Transfer Services?

How Can You Automate Airport Transfer Services?

Updated on August 02, 2021
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One of the fastest modes of travel and one of the fastest-growing sectors in travel is Aviation. The world has become a smaller place with every location, from a huge metro city to a small town, having an airport and transportation services to go anywhere in the world.


Despite seeing a 61% downfall in air passengers in 2020 due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it still paced up in 2021. With the world opening up and vaccinations going underway, Air travel is picking up.

Air travel also comes with auxiliary services such as catering, ground transportation, security, and customer service. They make sure that the passengers get the best travel experience possible but what about the pre-flight and post-flight customer experience?

This is where services such as lounges at the airport, check-in services, and airport transfer fleet industry come in. Here in this blog, we will be focusing on Automation technology for the airport transfer solution provider.

What is Airport Transportation and its current services?

Airport Transport Systems include passengers going to and from the airport and ground transportation. Like many people who travel by air, they all require airport transfer services. Various modes currently available are:

Airport Taxi Transportation

There are many airport taxi transportation services outside the airports. All airports have booking counters outside for the same. The passenger can book a taxi after landing for transportation to their chosen location. Here, the passengers get a manual service where they have to book on their own after inquiring at the taxi counters.

Airport Shuttle Software

Airport Shuttle Reserving and Dispatching solutions are available for almost all airports. It is an airport bus or shuttle bus booking service which provides shared transportation to passengers to and from the airport to a few selected destinations such as local landmarks, railway stations, and hotels.

Dispatch Service

Taxi Dispatch Services are available worldwide where the user can call and get their taxi booked or dispatched. It can also be dispatched through booking from a website, an app, or over WhatsApp and such other messengers. Such dispatch services are available specifically at airports as a part of airport ground transportation.

E-hailing Service

In this modern world of technology, many online taxi booking systems are available. Some of the best Taxi and Ride-Hailing Services around the world are Uber, Lyft, Ola, Blue Bird, etc.

Passengers just need to install the application and use it according to their convenience. These services are not just available for airports to and from transportation but city-wise all around the world for passengers to use cab or taxi services.

Automated Airport Transfer System

Coming to the important aspect of our blog, Automated Airport Transfer System through a cloud-based application. This is an emerging new concept of taxi booking or dispatching solution specifically for the Airport to and from transportation. It is about a cloud-based dispatch system that will fully automate Airport Mobility.

What challenges were faced by the travelers?

Many services are available to travelers for transportation to and from the airport but an Automated Airport Transfer Solution is the best option for them. This is based on the many challenges faced by travelers in various other modes of transfer such as:

Searching for transport at the last minute

Airports are busy with flyers who are always in a hurry to get out of the airport or to rush to catch a flight. Getting cabs at the airport is very tedious for the passengers. If a cab is pre-booked, there are also uncertainties about flight delays. This causes a lot of inconvenience for the passengers.

Exploitation by service providers

There is always some business that is exploiting the arrivals at the airport. There are many out-of-state, out-of-country passengers who have no awareness of which services are best with the best prices. They get tricked and exploited and end up paying more amount.

Safety and Trust issues

Passengers traveling to another place always have safety concerns. Considering the current world situation, there need to be proper measures taken for the safety of both the passengers and the drivers. Are they following the guidelines? Are they reliable and safe for a new person in a new place? These questions arise in the minds of the customer.

How has Technology simplified your Bookings?

Through Calls

Simply calling and booking a ride is the classic, most effective, and easy way to book a ride. The customer just has to place a call in order to book a taxi for hailing or scheduling for later.

Through Apps

Modern-day technology has come up with so many automated solutions to our traveling requirements. Today, you can book a taxi just with a few clicks on your smartphone. There are various websites as well as applications available for booking taxis in an instant. These kinds of taxi booking solutions online have become very popular and prevalent.

Through Self-operating KIOSKs

There are self-operating KIOSKs available at various locations for the ease of the customers. They can just use the KIOSK and book themselves a ride to their preferred destination. These KIOSKs are usually available at landmark locations such as hotels, malls, railway stations, bus stations, airports, major squares in cities, etc.

Queue Management

Through technology and automated ride-hailing and taxi dispatch systems, now one can manage the queues of the taxis. This way all the drivers can provide rides to all the customers without any one of them sitting idle.

Automated Airport Transfer is a system or a service with fixed one location as the airport and the other location decided by the customer. It is specifically designed for global airport ground transportation.

Steps for availing automated airport transfer:

Go to the service provider (app, kiosk, or call)

The passenger or traveler has to reach out to the service provider first. It can be done by using the application, by calling, by reaching out through WhatsApp as in certain providers, or through the KIOSKs put outside airports.

Add your destination and time of pick up

The passenger or traveler has to add their destination if they are at the airport. If not, then the destination will automatically be shown as the airport. They may also get their destination saved for future rides to be done using the same service.

After that, the time of pick up has to be added if it is to be pre-scheduled. If they are at the airport and need the ride at that very moment, they have to book there and wait for the taxi to be assigned to them.

Select a preferred payment method

After the booking details are entered, for confirmation of the booking, the passenger gets the payment option where they can choose their method of payment. Here all modern modes of payments are also available.

Through cash to the driver, through credit or debit card, through net banking, through UPI apps, or through other methods. They have to confirm their ride details and pay from the given options of payment.

Booking Confirmation

After the booking is confirmed, the user will get a token if they have booked from the KIOSK. The token will be printed out and given to them. If they have booked from a call or app, then they will get a message as a token on their mobile.

This is the token with all the information of their ride i.e. their name, pickup or destination, the amount they have paid, etc.

Taxi will be auto-assigned

Once the token is received, the system automatically assigns a taxi to the customer. According to the location, the nearest, best driver will be assigned. If the driver accepts that ride, they will reach the location at the time specified in the information provided.

Just Scan and Ride

Once, the passenger is at the taxi stand or waiting at the pickup location, the driver will be there and take their token. The token will have written information on it or a bar code which the driver can scan to get the details of the ride.

After that, the passenger does not require to get into a discussion with the driver about the ride and location and routes. The passenger can comfortably enjoy the ride to the airport or to their selected destination.

Here are some of the features of an Automated Airport Transfer Solution!

Automated app, call, or kiosk booking

All processes are automated through the call, online, or KIOSK. This makes it easier for passengers or corporate clients who require taxi services to and from the airport. The booking system is automated and monitored by an admin assigned by the airport taxi service provider.

All modern payment methods available

An automated airport taxi system means there will be all modern technologies used to create it. All modern payment methods will be supported and available. Some of them being net banking, credit or debit cards, UPI apps integrated, international money transfer options such as PayPal are also supported. This will make it easier and convenient for the passenger traveling from anywhere with any currency.

Pre-assigned Taxi Ready

The scheduling feature where you pre-schedule the taxi for any day at the airport or any other pick-up location, the system gets more time and can assign a taxi which will immediately be there at your selected time and destination. The passenger does not need to wait and this is what makes it one of the best features of an automated airport transfer software.

Token Confirmation System

There is a token system that helps the passengers connect with the drivers. This not only eases their experience but they don’t even need to get into a discussion with anyone, neither the driver nor the admin person regarding finding the taxi or the destination routes or locations. They just have to hand over the token to the driver and the ride will start.

Some of the benefits of Automated Airport Transfer Solution are:

Cloud-based Dispatch System

An automated airport transport technology is the best solution for the taxi providers to take the passengers to the airport. Instead of competing with the other available airport ground transportation services, they can just create an automated taxi dispatch solution for bookings of new passengers.


A pre-booked taxi is more convenient for your customers than having to book it by looking at different options and alternatives available at the airport. Last-minute bookings mean a lot of negotiation, a lot of effort when they are in a hurry. This is more convenient for the passengers who are arriving at a new place.

An automated airport transfer system provides them a quick booking just like they get a quick booking on flights and trains. An online taxi booking system at the airport itself makes it easier for the passengers to not look for other options and get confused.

One of the best benefits of availing of such a system is that the passenger saves time and money. No need to waste their time before or after landing, no need to compare rates and inquire to get into negotiation as they get the best available prices for the service. Saving your customers time and money is the best way to give them a great experience and to get their loyalty.

Safe and secure

Services like these have verified, trustworthy and reliable drivers and provide a safe and secure journey to the passengers. They don’t have to worry about their safety in a new city, state, or country. The drivers follow all the guidelines and safety procedures and the customer gets the best experience during their journey.


Automated Airport Transfer System is one of the most emerging modes of airport mobility for flying tourists and travelers across the globe. Technology and automation are making a huge impact on the transportation industry already and such a solution just adds to the ease of the users as well as the airport transfer service providers.

An online taxi booking system designed for each airport transfer business will provide a hassle-free ride-hailing experience to all of your end-users.

Automate your manually run taxi business with YelowSoft, an entire cloud-based dispatching system for the ease and convenience of your customers.


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