Corporate taxi booking solution : Benefits, features and opportunities

Corporate taxi booking solution : Benefits, features and opportunities


Constant innovation is the only way for the business to prosper in the changing market scenarios. And the same applies to the taxi business too. The ride-hailing market has become more competitive than ever due to inception of robust mobile apps. Now people don’t have to wait for a long time to get a cab. They can easily book it by making a few taps over their smartphones.


As per statista, the revenue in the ride-hailing market is expected to grow at $1621.9 billion US (approx.) in 2025. So there is an attractive growth opportunity for you to start your ride-hailing business. Initially, you can start by providing services to individuals. Then you can gradually shift towards serving the corporates.

Not just individuals but corporate companies are also looking for seamless ride-hailing services for their employees. Avail this profitable opportunity by integrating a seamless corporate travel booking solution into your business. But before you start talking with a cab booking app development company, you need to know what a corporate taxi solution is and how it can help you to grow your business.

Why should you go for a corporate taxi solution?

Employees of corporates have to travel a lot for this purpose. They may have to attend important meetings or they have to commute for the marketing purpose. Thus, for commuting safely and comfortably they need to book cabs.

It can be tiresome for the employees to book a cab every time. You can solve this issue with a corporate taxi solution. It enables you to provide cabs to your employees at your convenience. Let us look at the reasons for having a corporate taxi solution for your organisation:

Employee Safety

Safety is an important concern for any organisation. You need a reliable taxi-booking company when it comes to providing regular cab facility to your employees. Many taxi providers promise you to provide 24*7 taxi services for your employees. But sometimes you have to face unnecessary delays or shortage of drivers when you need it in the peak hours.

Easy cab availability

Availability of cabs is an important thing. But sometimes it may happen that the sufficient rides for the employees are not available due to peak hours. So it may happen that the employees missed their flights or they got late in reaching their location.

By using a taxi dispatch solution you can get the cabs easily for your employees. Now your employees do not have to wait for their rides.

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Transparent billing

A corporate travel booking solution can provide the corporates with greater transparency in billing. It provides an e-bill that shows the essential details about the rides such as the name of the driver, price, ride timings, duration, taxes, etc.

By disclosing the details thoroughly, you can build trust among your users. Also, you can sort out any transactions if you want to verify it later on.

Ride monitoring

A feature-rich taxi business solution can help you to cope up with these issues. It offers you a real-time GPS tracker so that you can trace the cab’s location at any time. Also, you can ensure that whether your vehicle is on track or not by using a real-time tracking solution.

You can implement an SOS button in your taxi. SOS stands for “Save Our Souls”. It is used to help the passengers in an emergency. When a passenger uses this feature, a message is sent to their family or friends about their situation. Also, the corporate company can be notified about their employee’s situation.


Essential features of a corporate taxi solution?

The transportation needs of a company are different than an individual. In case of providing individual taxi service, you are serving just one customer. But when you are offering the taxi services to a large corporation, then you need to take care of a large group of customers. In such a situation, a corporate taxi solution can be helpful to you. Here are the ways in which a corporate taxi solution can help you:

Robust corporate panel

The corporate panel is one of the essential features of a corporate taxi booking solution. It helps you to maintain high transparency in your transactions. With this panel, the admin can control all the operations by taking proper actions.

With the corporate admin panel, the clients can check the per day rides of every employee. These rides can be sorted out as per the daily, weekly and yearly basis. This makes the business management easy for the admin.

Authorization from superior

If an employee wants to book a cab, then he needs to take permission from his immediate superior. When an employee raises a request to book a ride, that request goes to its superior. The employee will get his cab only after getting approval from his boss.

Corporate invoicing

With an automated taxi booking solution, you can allow your clients to pay their orders on a monthly or fortnightly basis. Also, you can send them reminders for the pending transactions.

Taxi booking solution is integrated with the billing and invoice feature. This feature also allows you to manage your billing cycle efficiently. Also, you can select different billing cycles for different corporate clients.

Custom Pricing

You can customize your pricing structure by using a corporate taxi system. Under this custom pricing structure, you can offer a flexible pricing structure to your corporate client.

Let us say that one of your corporate clients has its business operations on a large scale, then he can afford a higher payment. But on the other hand you have some clients who can’t afford such high rates. By using a corporate taxi booking solution, you can easily customise your pricing structure as per the company type. In this way, you do not have to miss out on your customers.

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How a taxi business solution can help taxi companies?

Taxi companies are constantly looking for a way that can generate higher revenues for them. Now you do not need to look further, just use a taxi business solution in your business and start providing seamless taxi booking services to your clients. Here is how a taxi solution can help your company:

Fixed Income

It has seen that often the taxi companies do not get the rides constantly. Sometimes a passenger may cancel the ride or the driver cancels a ride due to some critical situation. Thus you have to lose your rides in both cases.

A corporate taxi booking solution enables you to get a consistent revenue source. When you provide a taxi business solution to a corporate, you can get a long term client. Now, you do not need to go helter and skelter for finding clients.

If you provide better services to your corporate clients, then there can be a strong possibility that their employees may start using your services. In this way, you can have an opportunity to get prospective clients.


Corporate client management

Accurate client management becomes important when it comes to providing taxi service. If you are having multiple corporate clients then it becomes tough for you to manage them. With a taxi booking system, you can easily manage your corporate client by making their profiles.

Also, you can get all their details in a single place. You can individually check the live statuses of the rides such as ongoing, pending or completed for every client. You can deactivate a client’s profile after the completion of the contract.

Final Words

Service quality can directly affect the revenues of the business and the same can be said about the taxi business also. Taxi businesses have benefited from the implementation of technology in their business as it has allowed them to provide better services to their customers.

So what are you waiting for? Start providing comfortable taxi booking services to your corporate clients with Yelowsoft’s profitable cab booking solution. I hope we have provided you with sufficient information about the corporate taxi business solution. Feel free to contact us if you have still had any doubts in your mind.


Mushahid Khatri
Mushahid Khatri
Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Taxi Dispatch Software. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.