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Is this a call for taxi entrepreneurs/companies to compete with Ola & Uber in gujarat?

Is this a call for taxi entrepreneurs/companies to compete with Ola & Uber in gujarat?

Updated on October 04, 2018
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A wave of confusion has recently gone past the taxi entrepreneurs with the draft by the Transport department of Gujarat,

“The aggregator shall not attach more than 20,000 vehicles under one licence and only one licence shall be issued to a company or an aggregator.”

What does this mean?

New opportunities for taxi entrepreneurs to compete with Ola and Uber?


But again this solution has to be so powerful against the giants that with 20,000 or even lesser number it is sustainable.

And how is this possible?

Quality service, customer satisfaction and driver satisfaction.

The good news is we have one such powerful solution known as YelowTaxi.

What does YelowTaxi have in common with Ola and Uber?

The business model of YelowTaxi is the same as that of Ola and Uber. It is an on-demand Taxi aggregator which connects the rider to a driver.

Again, Uber-like YelowTaxi does not own a fleet of cars for the service. The drivers sign themselves up for the on-demand cab booking mobile app and list their cars for the service.

So, YelowTaxi is an on-demand platform on which you can build your taxi booking software.

Customer-side features for Uber-like mobile application, YelowTaxi

Just like Uber and Ola, YelowTaxi a Taxi Booking App facilitator which consists of many customer-centric features:

Track a ride

YelowTaxi comes with an option for its rider to track a ride after booking their cab. This helps them to find out how far the driver is from the pickup location. The map is integrated in the mobile app itself.

Fare estimation

The riders of this on-demand taxi booking mobile app can estimate the fare of their ride based on their pickup and drop location.


This fare differs on the basis of the selection of taxi. With multiple stoppage, the fare increases and this thoughtfully built on-demand cab booking mobile applications calculates it all.

Multiple modes of payment

The simplest way to satisfy the customers is by spoiling them with choices. Based on this fact, YelowTaxi comes with a set of payment options.


The riders can pay for their ride using any type of payment mode, e.g. credit card, debit card, cash, mobile wallets, etc.

Track business rides

For the riders who commute on daily basis for business meetings and have to show a bill for their rides, Uber-like mobile app, YelowTaxi comes with a feature called Track service history.

This helps the riders to track the history of their service along with the fare details.

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Book now ride later

Book Now Ride Later was incorporated way too late by Uber, but YelowTaxi has it right from the start. It allows the passengers to schedule their rides before the actual time of ride.


The riders get the driver’s details their scheduled ride and they can track the ride. Panic Button

YelowTaxi believes in rider’s security. It comes with a panic button for the riders. When the riders encounter an emergency, they can use this panic button. This sends a notification to the nearest police station and the peers of the riders.

Driver-side features for Uber-like mobile application, YelowTaxi

Below are some of the most useful features for the driver’s mobile app:

Driver delivery reports

In order to ensure the safety of the passengers as well the drivers, Uber has a driver delivery report feature. The report is a summary of the droving style of the driver during the entire week, month, etc. If the driver continues to drive rash, Uber can even remove the driver from the service.

On the other hand, if a driver drives smoothly, he becomes the trainer for the newbie Uber drivers.

Route optimization:

Route optimization helps the driver take the most efficient route so that they can reach to the destinations in the shortest possible time.


The driver can leverage the route optimization feature, reroute the entire journey and can navigate efficiently to the path.

Driver destinations

Driver destination makes a great feature for YelowTaxi’s driver mobile app. A driver can choose a favourite destination e.g. home.

When they activate the feature, they only get ride request for their preferred destinations.

Quest earnings:

Another useful feature – Quest earning can help the drivers make extra money out of their rides.


The quest earning is just like a driver on mission to complete a set of rides and earn additional income.

Shorter 2 minute cancellation window:

Many times it so happens that a rider takes a lot of time and makes the driver wait for a longer time.


Being a driver-centric taxi booking mobile application, the driver can wait for 2 minutes and then the on-demand cab booking mobile app charges the riders for the waiting time.

Heat maps

another interesting feature for the driver’s mobile app is Heat map. It is an advanced feature and serves as a cheat sheet for the drivers. It is a map view of the demand for the rides. The drivers can then drive to the location and get rides easily.

How to get a head start in building your taxi-hailing app

Services like Uber and Ola had to start from the scratch as they were the pioneers of the On-Demand Taxi System. Since then, there has been a huge change in the technology as well as in the market. The advantage you have is that you will get a fully-developed platform, a solid foundation in the form of YelowTaxi to build your Taxi Hailing App.

There are several benefits that you can gain from YelowTaxi. Adopting YelowTaxi will give you a head start in the race to defeat Uber & Ola. Moreover, it also saves your time and capital as the foundation is already laid by the YelowTaxi.

Implementation of the draft of under 20,000 cabs under one aggregator will be like pit stop for both Uber & Ola. And this will be a golden opportunity for the entrepreneurs to get ahead of the race with the help of our head-start.


Shahid Mansuri

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder of Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking software development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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