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A step-by-step guide to setup online ordering for restaurants in 2024

Learn how to set up online ordering for your restaurant and start selling online for free with easy to use white label restaurant food ordering software.

A step-by-step guide to setup online ordering for restaurants in 2024

Updated on April 17, 2024
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Quick Summary

This blog talks about the 3 ways restaurants can use to start getting online orders. But the core focus is on what benefits more. Here, you will learn about first-party online ordering, third-party online ordering and third-party delivery. You will also explore the key differences between these 3 and the steps to set up your online ordering system using a white-label online ordering platform.

Everything will go out of style for human beings except - ‘Eating food’. This blog is for everyone who is in the food industry. Especially ‘restaurants’. The blog is written considering you already own a restaurant and have 1 or multiple branches in the same or different locations.

You are reading this blog because you want to take your restaurant online and are looking for steps to set up online ordering for your restaurant. Well, you have made the right decision. And here is why.

The global restaurant management software market size was valued at USD 4,556.4 million in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.3% from 2023 to 2030. (Report by grandviewresearch).


Getting your restaurant business online and unlocking the door of opportunities for your restaurants is as easy as cooking your restaurant’s sweet and easy dish.

In this blog, you will learn everything to successfully implement online ordering and take your business to new success heights.

If you want to know the steps directly, you can click here. However, every piece of word carries value and you may find something new that may help you.

Keep reading to master how to set up online ordering for your restaurant successfully.

Assess your restaurant readiness

The very first step for you before diving into the world of online ordering is to assess your restaurant's readiness. Take a step back and evaluate your;

  Current operations and customer base

  Existing website and online presence

  Review your menu and pricing for online compatibility

Once you evaluate these, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are my kitchen staff equipped to handle an influx of online orders?
  • Is my menu well-suited for online ordering?
  • Does my menu have clear descriptions and visually appealing images?

If your answers are positive to all of these questions, then you can move on to the next step.

Evaluate your options

This is the second step. Here, you have to evaluate your options for taking your restaurant business online. Usually, there are three different categories which you can use to set up online ordering.

However, I recommend choosing based on your business requirements. The three categories are:

  1. First party online ordering - It is a service like YelowXpress that provides a fully integrated online ordering system. With it, you can customize your offerings, and use it as your own software by having your brand name, logo, color, and more on it.

  2. Third party online ordering - A system like ‘Chownow’ that provides a customizable platform but with limitations.

  3. Third party delivery - UberEats, Grubhub, or DoorDash are some examples of this category. You have to list your restaurant on their marketplace and get fully depended on their platform to get orders with no access to data or branding.

Below, you will read the comparison between all 3 in detail.

Comparison: The key difference between all 3

All 3 categories have their pros and cons. Let us see what you will get if you choose any of them for your restaurant business.

FeatureFirst-party online orderingThird-party online orderingThird-party delivery
BrandingFully customizable. You can brand the solution with your restaurant's logo, colors, and imagery.Limited branding opportunities, as the platform dictates the user interface and experience.Minimal branding visibility, as customers primarily interact with the delivery platform's brand.
Customer dataYou own and have access to all customer data for targeted marketing and personalization.Limited access to customer data, as the platform retains ownership and control.No access to customer data, as the platform acts as an intermediary.
IntegrationSeamless integration with existing systems like POS, inventory management, and accounting software.Integration may be limited to select POS systems or require manual data entry.No integration with the restaurant's internal systems.
Ordering experienceCustomizable ordering experience, including menu design, ordering flows, and additional features.Limited customization options, as the platform dictates the user interface and experience.Ordering experience is dictated by the delivery platform, with minimal customization options.
Customer relationshipDirect relationship with customers, enabling loyalty and repeat business.Limited direct customer interaction, as the platform acts as an intermediary.Minimal direct customer interaction, as the delivery platform handles customer relationships.
Reporting and analyticsDetailed reporting and analytics tools for data-driven decision-making.Limited access to reporting and analytics, as the platform controls the data.Limited access to reporting and analytics, as the delivery platform controls the data.
CostFixed subscription fee or a percentage of sales, allowing restaurants to retain a larger portion of revenue.Flat monthly fee or a percentage of sales charged by the platform.High commission fees, often around 30% of the order value.
Promotions and loyaltyComplete control over running promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs.Limited ability to run promotions or loyalty programs through the platform.Promotional opportunities are limited, as the delivery platform focuses on its own marketing efforts.
ScalabilitySeamless scalability to accommodate increased order volumes and additional outlets or locations.Scalable to accommodate growth.Scalable to accommodate growth.
Support and trainingDedicated customer support and training resources from the provider.Limited customer support and training resources.Limited customer support and training resources.

Now you know about all the 3 types of options. So choose your solution wisely.

Choose the best online ordering system that requires no tech skills

Every solution provider strives to provide the best solution to their customers. That’s you.


However, they still lack in some places and do require medium to small sort of technical expertise from restaurant owners to set up a restaurant for online ordering and operate it.

But, the best part is, you don’t have to choose something that requires your extra time.

UberEats and DoorDash are third-party online ordering service providers. And they require near to no technical expertise from you. But they offer limited benefits which you can get from the first-party online ordering system providers.

Yes! Online ordering software solutions providers like YelowXpress offer a ready-to-use solution that requires no technical expertise to use. It’s as easy to use as driving a car.

So, do not worry. White label solutions are capable enough to help you get software like UberEats. And leverage the benefits of offering service on your brand name.

Integrate online ordering with your website

Once you've chosen the right online ordering system, it's time to integrate it with your existing website.


This seamless integration will provide a consistent brand experience for your customers and make it easy for them to place orders directly from your website.

Create an online menu

A well-designed online menu is essential for a successful online ordering experience. Create a visually appealing menu on your website with clear descriptions and enticing images. This will leave your customers craving your dishes.

Implement a user-friendly ordering process

A user-friendly ordering process encourages customers to complete their orders. Design an intuitive interface that simplifies the ordering experience for your customers – from selecting menu items to choosing pickup or delivery options and making secure payments.

How to setup online ordering for free for restaurants

Embracing online ordering doesn't have to break your bank balance. There are several ready to use SAAS-based restaurant order management platforms that offer free setups and affordable subscription plans.

But the one that allows you to take your restaurant business online for free and give you optimum value is YelowXpress. Let us see how you can bring your offline restaurant online in minutes.

Create your restaurant profile

The first step to setting up online ordering for your restaurant is to create a compelling restaurant profile.


Here, you can upload your brand logo, name, address and other necessary details. You get the power to change and update your profile information as and when you want to.

Add your policy

Clearly defining your policies upfront will help manage customer expectations and ensure a smooth ordering experience.

Include details such as operating hours, delivery areas, and any restrictions or allergen information.

With YelowXpress, you can upload your own restaurant policies for your customers with an easy to use content editing tool. You can add, edit, amend, and upload the following policies:

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Order cancellation policy

Choose a subscription plan

Explore the various subscription plans and select the one that best suits your requirements. There are 3 plans and obviously with the free one included.


Check what you get from your chosen online ordering platform. Consider factors such as the number of locations, expected order volume, and any additional features you may require to find the plan that best fits your needs.

You can always start with free and unlock the advanced features when you find an increase in your online order volume.

Explore the subscription plan in detail here.

View and set up your restaurant menu

Now comes the exciting part – creating your online menu! Carefully curate your menu offerings.


Ensure that descriptions are accurate and mouth-watering. Don't forget to include stunning visuals that will entice customers to place an order.

With restaurant management solutions, you can create your online menu, create categories, add dishes of your choice, and a lot more.

Choose and setup other necessary online ordering services

In addition to your menu, YelowXpress’s white label software solution offers some of the most exclusive services or features for online food ordering for restaurants.


You can consider and use other advanced features that can enhance the online ordering experience for your customers based on your subscription plan.

Some of the exclusive features of restaurant delivery software include;

Add your restaurant QR code

QR codes make it even easier for your customers to access your online ordering platform. Place your restaurant codes prominently by just clicking on the tab ‘store code’.

Delivery settings

If you offer delivery services, be sure to configure the delivery settings within your online ordering system. This includes setting delivery areas, fees, and any special instructions for your drivers.

And if you do not have in-house delivery fleets and drivers, you can use third-party delivery services. Yelowsoft's ordering and delivery solution allows you to integrate 3rd party delivery software and manage it all from a single screen.

Order settings

Customize your order settings to match your restaurant's workflow and preferences. This may include setting specific cut-off times for online orders, managing pre-orders, or adjusting order capacities during peak hours.

Set your payment options

Offer a variety of secure payment options to cater to your customers' preferences. This may include accepting major credit cards, digital wallets, or even cash on delivery, depending on your setup.

Manage your multiple outlets

If you have multiple restaurant locations, you can easily add them into the restaurant management solution.


Most online ordering platforms allow you to manage them all from a single dashboard. This streamlines your operations and ensures a consistent experience across all outlets.

Manage your menu

As your restaurant evolves, you'll want the ability to easily update your online menu. Look for an online ordering system that allows you to make changes quickly and efficiently. However, YelowXpress do offer this to you and ensure your customers always have access to your latest offerings.

Order management

Efficient order management is crucial for a successful online ordering operation. Our food ordering solution provides you the tools for tracking and managing incoming orders so you can do a timely preparation and delivery of the ordered food.

Discount and coupon management

Every customer loves getting discounts. Offering coupons and discounts is one of the factors to make loyal customers. When you use order management software powered by YelowXpress, you can easily create and manage coupons and discounts.

Reports and analytics

One of the hidden and major advantages of using white label restaurant management software is having access to reports and analytics. You don't have this feature to use and benefits of it from UberEats, Grubhub, Chownow, Doordash, or any other third-party online ordering or delivery services providers that do not allow you to sell you on your brand name and give you full access.

With YelowXpress, you get access to detailed reports and analytics where you get valuable details like;

  • Insights of your customers
  • Their buying pattern and behavior
  • Identify popular menu items
  • Peak ordering times
  • Areas of improvements, and more

You can leverage these insights and make data-driven decisions that will help you grow online and increase sales.

Start getting online orders

Finally, you have created your online ordering system for your restaurant successfully on YelowXpress. Now it's time to promote your new food items and start accepting orders from eager customers.

Setting up the online ordering system with YelowXpress is easy. But, there is one more thing that you will need to follow to succeed online. And that is following the best practice for online ordering.

Best practices for online ordering success

To ensure a smooth and successful online ordering experience, it's essential to follow best practices that will optimize your operations and delight your customers.

Optimize your online menu for usability

A well-designed online menu is crucial for a positive customer experience. Ensure that the menu you create online on the platform is easy to navigate. And have clear categorization and search functionality.

Ensure accurate order processing and fulfillment

Accuracy is key when it comes to online ordering. Implement strict quality control measures to ensure that all your orders are processed correctly and delivered promptly to your customers. This will help you maintain your restaurant's reputation for excellence.

Offer multiple payment options

Provide a variety of secure payment options to cater to your customers' preferences. This not only will enhance the convenience but also will increase the likelihood of completed orders.

Provide excellent customer support

Prompt and efficient customer support builds trust and loyalty with your online customers. Be prepared to address any inquiries, issues, or concerns promptly and professionally whenever you get from your customers.


Embracing online ordering is no longer an option but a necessity for restaurants seeking to thrive in today's digital landscape. By implementing a first-party online ordering system like YelowXpress, you gain complete control over the customer experience, data ownership, and operational integration.

Streamline your operations, delight customers with personalized offerings, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth. Unlock the true potential of your restaurant business by taking the leap into the world of online ordering.

Running your restaurant business and managing it on multiple platforms and social media channels is hard. But with YelowXpress, it isn’t.



Not necessarily. Many online ordering platforms allow you to create a branded online ordering page or integrate with social media platforms, enabling customers to order directly from those channels. But we do recommend having a website as our software is capable of turning your website into an online order taking platform. This works as an added source of getting online orders directly from your website.

Yes, most reputable online ordering platforms offer integration with popular POS systems. This ensures seamless order management and prevents manual data entry errors.

There are several effective ways to promote your online ordering service, including social media marketing, email campaigns, in-house promotions (menu inserts, signage), and offering incentives or discounts for online orders.

Most reputable online ordering platforms allow you to easily make changes to your online menu and pricing. With a first-party white label online ordering system, you have complete control over updating your menu items, descriptions, prices, and visuals in real-time. This ensures that your customers always have access to the latest and most accurate information.

Absolutely! Many online ordering platforms provide delivery options, either through their own delivery network or by integrating with third-party delivery services. With a first-party online ordering system, you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to offer delivery using your own fleet or partner with a delivery service for a low commission fee.

SaaS-based online ordering platforms prioritize the security of customer payments by implementing robust encryption and fraud prevention measures. They typically comply with industry standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to ensure the safety of credit card transactions and protect sensitive customer data.


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Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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