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How taxi transportation company became the fastest growing ride-hailing service provider in Jammu & Kashmir, India.

How taxi transportation company became the fastest growing ride-hailing service provider in Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Updated on February 02, 2024
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About our client

A cab transportation services provider operating in Jammu & Kashmir and Sri Nagar offers Ola and Uber-type taxi services.

They provide a convenient and reliable cab service with a focus on comfort for passengers. Passengers can book cabs through mobile apps available on both Google Play and the App Store.


The taxi company was a smart business operator already but failed due to poor selection of the taxi booking software.

Now they are using Yelowsoft’s SAAS-based ride-hailing software which is white-labeled on its brand name. They are now able to offer smooth, safe, secure taxi transportation services and have even expanded across the city border.

Let us see what challenges they faced, how they approached Yelowsoft, the solutions they got from us, and the result they got and are currently using the readymade taxi booking app.


They have been in the taxi transportation business for a long time. Before partnering with Yelowsoft, they tried two software to manage taxi operations.

1.They hired the developers’ team and built their software from scratch. It failed due to massive investment and a lack of management. 2.Then they bought a ready-made script using which he made a taxi booking app. But, this came with limitations which gave him the same result - failure.

Combining both, the app development from scratch and buying a readymade script to quickly launch an app came with several challenges like:

  • Migrate 200K+ customer databases securely without losing a single detail.
  • Massive but useless investment in app development. Resulted in just a loss.
  • No or limited features in buying the clone script.
  • Glitches in the system slow down the performance.
  • Poor or sometimes no support for a long time by the clone script seller.
  • The system was not aligned with the driver, customer, and admin panel.
  • Admin was unable to address multiple requests at a time.

The taxi company already was a known name among 200 thousand people. These challenges were making them lose customers often, decreasing the popularity and trust among the community, constantly reducing the customer base, and ultimately reducing the earnings by 80%.


Apart from these challenges, there was one ongoing expense and feature they were unknowingly using and paying. They were paying an extra amount to Google for route navigation, which is free with Yelowsoft.

Somehow they found Yelowsoft on the internet, approached us, spoke to our experts, discussed all their challenges mentioned above, and finally, he got a ray of hope from us.

They decided to give it a try to Yelowsoft.

Solutions they got with our white-label ride-hailing software

Successfully migrated 200K+ customer data

The file was big and differently stored in their legacy system. Our experts used a standard data migration process assuring 100% security of not losing even a single passenger detail. Instead of the different file formats, our migration experts utilize their skills and advanced tools to migrate this massive database in hours.

Saved them from making useless investment

We offered them a ready-to-use and globally trusted SAAS-based ride-hailing platform at a subscription-based price. No need to buy a script, no need to hire a developer to develop or manage it. Just use, earn, and pay - simple.

Our solution ate up all their worries and brought them back on the profit-earning track.

Offered feature-rich software against buying source code

Now they have a powerful taxi dispatch software that is armed with core and advanced features. These features allow them to offer their taxi services just like Uber and Ola offer to their passengers.

No need to upload the script on the server, host it, launch it with the fear of bugs or server crash, then keep 2 to 3 software engineers in-house to manage it or pay an extra amount to the script seller to manage it and add new features.

Using a system without glitches and slowing down

Our ride-hailing software is built using the latest technology, on a cloud infrastructure. It ensures top-class speed to operate any feature at a time. Be it driver app, passenger app or admin panel - our software is bug-free, near to zero glitches, and high performing.

The software is easy to use. It requires no special training to use. The user interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly. Even a 5th-grade student can use the software without any training.

Quick support with problem-solving response

We gave quick support with 100% transparency and availability whenever they asked. They asked us several things like the color theme in the app, changing the font or font size, making some changes to the feature sequence, and more - our experts were available to answer and address the problems on time.

On-demand customization

They had some special feature requirements. They are:

  • The request should be distributed batch-wise
  • Auto addition of additional charges for outside service area trip
  • Airport zone pricing

Batch wise distribution feature

We designed features on their demand that fulfil these specific requirements. They are now able to distribute various requests based on the batch-wise using the batch-wise distribution feature.

Build smart algorithm

A new feature is designed that auto adds the amount if the traveler is requesting to use the taxi service from the predefined region radius.

Airport zone pricing feature

They were bearing loss as airports charge an extra amount if taxis are entered into the airport premises. They were not charging this amount to passengers. Hence, we built an advanced feature that now adds the airport zone pricing along with the trip fare charges. Passengers can see it in the app whenever they want to see it. This way, we saved them from bearing loss.

Unified solution synced with passenger/driver app and admin panel

They are using a complete solution now. Be it the passenger app, driver app, or admin panel every channel is aligned properly so every character in the business is in the loop.

With their old software, they were facing problems like drivers not getting ride requests on time, passengers being unable to book rides, the admin being unable to dispatch or assign a ride, and more.

With Yelowsoft, they have forgotten about this problem. Drivers are getting rides on time. Passengers can book rides whenever they want. Admin is now more productive and is managing 10 times more rides than before.

Address multiple trip requests at a time

Our software has a smart algorithm that allows drivers and admin to manage and address multiple trip requests at the same time. Be it 1, 10, 100, or 1000+, the admin can easily manage all of it without losing any requests.

High Google billing

This was another unknown, unexpected but an added expense they were facing.

Yelowsoft is offering all its clients a subscription price including Google Maps billing. No clients had to worry about route navigation pricing or pay separately to Google. When we say our solution is a one-stop solution - then we mean it. It is a one-stop solution that solves all your traditional ride-hailing business problems.

They are not paying a single cent for Map navigation to Google. They are just focusing on growth and we are taking care of the technology part.

Results they got

Constant growth has been experienced by them right from their decision to trust Yelowsoft. They have seen an increase in the:

  • Trips from 5000 to 35000 compared to their old software
  • The customer retention ratio is between 80 to 90%
  • Constant revenue increases every month
  • Drivers onboarding

What do they do to get these results?

  • Trusted Yelowsoft's proven white-label software to quickly launch a ride-hailing platform with no upfront development.
  • Provided drivers with an intuitive, feature-rich driver app to improve experience and retention.
  • Built and launched a customized passenger app focused on convenience, personalization and branding.
  • Partnered with an innovative and responsive technology solution provider like Yelowsoft.
  • Using analytics features to make data-driven decisions to expand business.
  • Prioritizing drivers and riders equally to promote happy, loyal users and word-of-mouth growth.
  • Cultivated a reputation for reliability and quality to stand out from competitors.
  • Focused on perfecting operational efficiency to deliver profitability alongside expansion.

Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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