YelowSoft Helps Al Mumayaz To Automate Their Airport Transfer Taxi Business In Baghdad

YelowSoft Helps Al Mumayaz To Automate Their Airport Transfer Taxi Business In Baghdad


About Al Mumayaz

Al Mumayaz is a distinguished taxi service in Baghdad, operated in partnership with Civil Aviation Authority. They offer innovative airport transfer solutions of transportation to and from Baghdad International Airport and work within their selected zones.


The company’s motto is Passenger Service First and it is characterized by its specialized staff, modern and high-end luxury (VIP) cars, latest wheels, and the most appropriate prices.

They have tackled the transportation speed crisis by employing modern technology provided by smartphones, websites, and map services in order to provide safe and fast delivery.

The taxi service provides ease, comfort, and high safety with convenience. Users can get their own taxi in simple steps through a short number or through the application that works on both iOS and Android systems.

Al Mumayaz Taxi has adopted all modern payment methods and the service is available in the areas of Karkh and Rusafa which are on both sides of Baghdad.

Their target audience is businessmen, working professionals, and foreign diplomats that need transportation to and from the airport as their business was specifically designed for airport transfers.

Why Have They Chosen Us?

Al Mumayaz was a manually run airport transfer service in the city of Baghdad that provided taxi service to and from the airport. They needed an automated airport transfer system instead of a manually run operation.

Some Of The Major Requirements They Had Were:

Automated Airport Transfer Service

Al Mumayaz was completely a manually run business. The customers may call to book a taxi to and from the airport or directly get the taxi booked from the office at the airport.

With the changing trends and an increase in digitization, they also wanted a technology-based airport transfer software for their dispatch service.

Booking platform for customers without awareness

The customer base on an International Airport is mostly tourists, business travelers, and travelers from abroad. They have no awareness of the country-specific taxi service or the hailing/dispatching services that are available. With no knowledge of services, how can they choose the best and the safest service for themselves?

Al Mumayaz is very well known in Iraq but not all the passengers landing in Baghdad are aware of the same. To not lose the target base of those customers, they required an automated transfer system at the airport itself.

This airport transfer system would enable the passengers to book their rides with just a tap of their finger without having an application or any contacts of Al Mumayaz Airport Transfer Service.

How YelowSoft Automated Their Entire Service?

Al Mumayaz teamed up with YelowSoft to completely automate their Airport Transfer Taxi Dispatch Services. From the taxi dispatch app to the KIOSK, we provided them A to Z digital transformation and cloud-based automation of their business.

The Major Features Of Their Automated Airport Transfer Service Are:

Booking/Dispatching Taxi To and From Airport

Our automated airport transfer system allowed the users to book/dispatch a taxi to and from Baghdad International Airport through short number, application, official website, and WhatsApp.

One location always stays fixed which is the airport. The user only has to add the pick-up location to go to the airport and the drop-off location if they have booked from the airport.

Self-Operating KIOSK at The Airport

We also had a KIOSK installed at the Baghdad International Airport. The KIOSK makes it easier for the user to book/dispatch a taxi directly from the airport.

They just have to add their drop-off location and the type of taxi they require and go ahead with their choice of cash or cashless payment.


We integrated the KIOSK with a printer and once you book your taxi, you will receive a token i.e. a printed receipt with all the details and information of your location, your preferred taxi, and your payment method.


Report and Analytics

The cloud-based airport transfer system also provides the admin with analytics and reports on the number of rides, payments, analytics based on the reviews of the users, etc.

The admin can access the report from 6 months ago to a week ago to even an hour ago. Each and every piece of data is saved and customized reports can be generated using filters based on the requirement.

Customized Staff Access


We have provided this specific feature where the admin can “Create Staff” and assign different roles to different members. Each member has access only to their assigned category of features such as Booking a taxi, Payments page, Driver Settlements, etc. This way they can assign different responsibilities to their staff of employees.


Al Mumayaz was a successfully run taxi dispatch service. Partnering with YelowSoft brought a digital transformation and worked like a cherry on the top of the already successful business.

With the new automated airport transfer service, they saw tremendous growth and an increase in the number of bookings that were made manually previously.

They have seen over 100 bookings daily since the implementation of this newly built automated airport transfer software and KIOSK at the airport. It has overall been a huge success in the city of Baghdad for airport transfers.

Mushahid Khatri
Mushahid Khatri
Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.