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Yelowsoft empowered CrabbyRide with its smart round the clock technical support and solution

Yelowsoft empowered CrabbyRide with its smart round the clock technical support and solution

Updated on May 10, 2022
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About CrabbyRide

CrabbyRide is the first African decentralized ride-hailing services platform designed especially for Nigeria-based customers. It is offering quality and private transportation services at an affordable rate to its customers across the African continent.


CrabbyRide was established in 2021 with the motto of providing the best quality ride-hailing services to its customers. The company has committed itself to “being the best at what they do” and is the guiding principle for the company and each driver working. It encourages them to deliver only the best service every time.

CrabbyRide already had an app built from scratch and operating the business with 30-40 vehicles. Its app allows its customers to book a ride, open the application, search and select the destination and a nearby driver will come to the customer's desired pickup location to pick up and drop at the selected arrival location.

Challenges that CrabbyRide had?

CrabbyRide has almost equal or more challenges than its benefits. The app that was built by the then developers was offering several benefits like

  • A safe and secure ride
  • SOS alert system
  • Exciting promotional offers
  • Ease payment via wallet
  • A comfortable ride

Denied to provide support and service

The challenges were much bigger than the benefits. Developers whom CrabbyRide hired to make the app, hoped and had faith that they will help in achieving the goal got crashed and vanished completely when these developers raised their hands and denied providing the post-deployment service & support.

Flawless ride-hailing software

As CrabbyRide already had its application built from the scratch, the app required constant support and up-gradation to make it compatible with the latest tech stack and provide a smooth user experience. With the lack of support and expertise of the then developers, the app was full of flaws, slow in performance, and confusing UI.

Hidden and extra charges for any change requested

In a nutshell, CrabbyRide’s then technology partner decided to take the advantage of the compulsion. The problem didn’t stop here. They even demanded extra money if the owner asks for any change that doesn’t meet the client's business needs.

This made CrabbyRide think of other technology partners and after long research and inquiries, he decided to talk with us “Yelowsoft”.

How does Yelowsoft help CrabbyRide in overcoming all challenges?

Getting the app built from scratch by the then technology partner and getting zero support after the deployment brought CrabbyRide into the worst condition. The unprofessional behavior of the then technology partner disturbed the client which resulted in the loss of mental peace & business.

The constant fall in the business growth forced CrabbyRide to hunt for a reliable ride-hailing solution provider and a technology partner that can help in fixing the existing problem that too at an affordable rate.

Luckily he found us, spoke to one of our business consultants, and discussed all he had to say and had faced since the beginning.

After listening to all his pain, our smart business consultant was able to identify the problem and made the solution ready for him in just 24 working hours.

Though CrabbyRide was having the app, it was not compatible and powerful enough that can help in automating the operations, managing the 40 vehicles, assigning rides to drivers individually, managing customer requests and feedback, and many more.

We, Yelowsoft, gave him everything that he was lacking

24/7 technical support

We involved our technology experts and gave assurance that they will be monitoring the application, its performance, server-side and more round the clock and will be available whenever he needs them.


Right from CrabbyRide’s onboarding, our technology experts are having their eagle-eye view on the product and are performing every activity that is necessary to keep the app up to date and make it compatible with the market standard.

Customization in the app on request

CrabbyRide, the ride-hailing app is designed for three, the drivers, the admin, and the customers. As per the competitor's and evolving customers' tastes, some changes come in a cadence to smoothen the user experience.

To fulfill that, our developers were and are always ready to listen to the unique requirement CrabbyRide has, invest time to understand, and give their input. Our experts applied the best development practice to ensure the new features are successfully added and are meeting the client's requirements.

QA and testing of the app

CrabbyRide wanted the app to be up to date and should be flawless. To make this possible, our experts test the app every 2 weeks and conduct an in-depth audit to assure its quality. This process helps us to deliver the best app performance that is flawless and meets the industry standard.

Automated the entire CrabbyRide’s business process

One of the core concerns of the client was to automate the operations and make a sound system that connects every participant with a system that can convey messages without any barriers or breakage.

We updated the app to its latest version leveraging our development expertise and potential of technologies like React Native, Python, Nodejs, Angular, & Java. We also implemented the Microservices-based architecture to automate the business operations and make it a powerful app that delivers a seamless experience.

We added several new features like

Promo Code

We added this feature on-demand into the existing application. This feature generates promo codes for customers that encourage them to use CrabbyRide more and more. This feature was not available before CrabbyRide partnered with us.

Reward for driver & customer

This is the 2nd feature client asked our developers to add and they added it. This feature gives reward points to drivers and customers. Using these reward points, they get discounts and additional benefits which they can use to enjoy the ride-hailing service at a lower rate applying the reward points.

Street pickup

A feature with the mindset of easing the life of the passenger. This feature is fulfilling the actual meaning of an on-demand service that offers users to order a ride from the street and the cab driver will pick them up from there itself.

This is a unique feature that our developers designed and added. The making of UI was a challenge. However, our domain expertise allowed our developers to design a customer-centric user interface that is easy to use and understand. Customers can easily navigate and order a ride with just a few tabs.

Dispatcher app

By adding the advanced feature of the dispatch booking solution, our expert developers helped CrabbyRide get a function that helps in improving the fleet efficiency and customer service, mitigating the manual intensive route billing, and improving fleet utilization.


CrabbyRide, collaborating with Yelowsoft, and getting its services for months, has gained exceptional confidence. This collaboration enabled CrabbyRide to expand the business into 10 more new cities.


They are proudly offering services to all its new customers using our solutions and 24/7 expert assistance. Both, CrabbyRide and their customers are happy with our on-demand solution.

Be it maintaining the app, its performance, reputation, removing bugs, making it flawless, or updating it to the latest version of the technologies used to build the app, technology experts at Yelowsoft helped CrabbyRide achieve it all under the one umbrella.

Yelowsoft turned out to be a gamechanger for CrabbyRide and has played a vital role in making the company experience professionalism that delivers what we say and helped in tasting the essence of success with our reliable technology support and ride-hailing solution.

CrabbyRide after collaborating with Yelowsoft is experiencing a constant increase in app downloads, increase in users, and customer satisfaction. Our service is enabling CrabbyRide to enjoy the power of technology and focus on its core business objectives.

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Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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