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Yelowsoft introduces web-booking window update

Yelowsoft introduces web-booking window update

Updated on February 21, 2020
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One of the major reasons why Yelowsoft has earned the reputation of a leading taxi booking and management solution is that we are always in the pursuit of perfection. We constantly look to improve our solution so that it fulfills all the requirements of our client.


In the same pursuit, we recently came up with a product update named web-booking window which allows the riders to book a cab through the website.

Web booking – An integral part of any taxi booking business

Whenever it comes to taxi booking, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the taxi booking application. Mobile applications have always been an integral part of a taxi booking service. So integral that it has almost become synonymous.

Uber is the biggest ride-hailing company in the world and it connects to its drivers and riders mainly through its mobile application. Many other ride-hailing companies around the world do the same.

However, slowly the demand for web booking has seen an upward trend among many ride-hailing as well as the taxi dispatch companies. Nowadays, almost all taxi companies want a web booking option on their website.

One important question that arises here is what’s the need for a web booking option? When you already have a mobile application dedicated to it. Their answer to this question is that the website is a very important platform for any kind of business. It’s true that the taxi businesses get most of their booking via app, but they simply can’t ignore their presence on the websites.

By having a web booking option, the companies can easily market their services on the internet through websites.

Another major advantage of having a web-booking option is that the customers don’t need to install the mobile application to do the booking. They simply have to log on to the website and fill the required details on it to book their cabs.

Web-booking is useful for tourists, businessmen, and other people who often visit different countries. For such people, it’s not convenient to download the application of a local ride-hailing or taxi dispatch company every time they visit another country. They can simply Google the local ride-hailing company of that respective country and land on their webpage to make the booking.

Seamless integration of Yelowsoft’s web-booking window

Yelowsoft understood the importance and demand of the web-booking feature well and decided to incorporate it into the solution. We wanted to ensure that the company can seamlessly integrate the web-booking feature on their website without facing any hassles.

That’s why we came up with a script that enables simple and quick integration of the web-booking feature in the client’s existing website. All they have to do is integrate our script and get started with web-booking.

Another important aspect of our web-booking feature is that we provide a web-booking window which is similar to that of a live chat widget. Generally, the web-booking option is available on a specific webpage.

So, how is this different and what are its benefits? Let’s discuss this below.

Why is the web booking window better than a web booking page?

Saves time

One of the major advantages of going for a web-booking window option is that it saves a lot of time. To integrate the web-booking feature on the webpage, the developers have to code the entire webpage which may consume a lot of time.

Whereas, in the web-booking window, you just have to integrate the script into your existing website to get started, thus saving a huge amount of time.

Saves cost

To integrate the web-booking feature on the webpage, you have to hire a team of developers from a web development company. The cost of the hiring might be high depending upon the developer’s hourly charges and the total number of hours completed.

But in the case of our web-booking window feature, you don’t need to hire any developers. You can integrate the script into your website yourself thus saving a huge amount of money.

No maintenance hassles

When taxi companies integrate the web-booking feature in their website’s webpage, then it’s quite vulnerable as it’s devoid of any support or maintenance services. If anything goes wrong, then the company has to hire those developers again to fix the issue as they were not responsible for any post support and maintenance services.

This is not the case with our web-booking window feature as it periodically receives the support and maintenance services from our end. Moreover, it also receives all the updates that make it less prone to bugs or any other faults, thus making it more reliable.

A customizable and configurable web-booking window

We understand that different clients have different needs. That’s why we believe in developing solutions and features that are highly customizable and configurable. And the web-booking window feature is not an exception.

Admins can customize and configure the web-booking window feature as per their requirement.

Let’s see how?

Login option

Our web-booking window feature allows the admin to include the login option. If the login option is included, then the user has to first login before he starts booking the cab. Since the user has already logged-in, he only needs to enter details like pick up drop off location instead of entering any basic information like name, email, and contact number.


The admin can also choose not to opt for the login option. In such a scenario, the user has to first fill his basic details before he starts to book the cab.

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Scheduled booking


The admin also has the option to include the option of scheduled bookings in the web-booking window. Scheduled booking is a major feature when it comes to web-booking as most of the users tend to use websites for scheduled bookings. Moreover, our solution also allows the admin to keep the option of instant booking only.

Colour theme

We understand the importance of the design consistency of a website. That’s why we enable admins to choose the colour theme of the web-booking window as per their company’s website theme. We offer a wide range of colours for the admin to choose from.

Window alignment

As mentioned earlier, we give prime importance to the design consistency and the UI of a website. Keeping that in mind we offer our admins to choose their desired window alignment. The admin has three options available for the window alignment. He can keep the web-booking window aligned to left or right; moreover, he can also keep it right at the center.

Payment gateway integration is coming soon

As I earlier mentioned that perfection is always our goal and we are constantly looking to improve our solution. Keeping that in mind, we are coming with one more feature in the web-booking window, which is of the online payment.

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The work is under process and soon all our web-booking windows will have the option of payment gateway integration that will allow the users to make payments via their cards and wallets.

This was all about the web-booking window update. For further updates keep reading this space.


Shahid Mansuri

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder of Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking software development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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