Yelowsoft is a leading taxi app development company which aims to develop the most advanced taxi booking and management software. We are constantly looking to improve our solution so that our clients can manage their taxi business more efficiently than ever.


Recently we worked to make our map view better and came up with some updates about the same. We found out that the previous map section had few drawbacks and we decided to address them with these updates.

For that we have to carry out a deep study first understand those drawbacks and then come up with the possible solutions which eventually became the new updates of the map view section. So, in this article we will talk about all those update one by one and see how it helps the admin to manage his taxi business.

Monitor booking demand in various regions with heatmap

Heatmap or demand map is a crucial feature that helps the taxi businesses and start-ups to identify the demand in a particular region. With this feature, the admin can identify which regions have the maximum demand and at what time.


The demand is shown in the form of various colours and shades. You can determine the magnitude of demand from the intensity of the shade. Dark shade means high demand and light shade means low demand.

Track real-time locations of all your drivers

This is again a crucial feature which allows the admin to view all its drivers whether they are on a trip or idle. This feature is important as it gives the admin a key insight as to where his drivers are operational at that time.


The combination of both the above features offers key benefits to a taxi business. Let’s see how. The admin can maximize his bookings by viewing the heatmap to determine which region has the maximum demand.

Meanwhile the admin can also view the location of all his online drivers at that time. With this key information, the admin can divert all his drivers to the region that has high demand. The combination of these features helps the admin to optimize its taxi service to gain maximum profits.

View pick up & destination points of all on-going rides

As the name suggests, the pick-up & destination feature shows the pick-up & destination points of all the current rides that are taking place at that instant. The different coloration helps in distinguishing the pick-up points from the destination points.

View the driver path of all the current rides

This feature shows the driver path of all the current rides that are taking place at that instant. It shows the path taken by the driver from pick-up point to the destination.


Now the above mentioned features also provide you with vital insights and benefits if used in tandem. Let’s see how.

With these both features, the admin can determine the busiest route for taxi booking. They can find out the locations where most of the people are travelling.

For example, if the Pick-up & destination feature shows that in the time range of 5pm-7pm, the number of rides rapidly increases from the town hall to the airport. That means that the town hall and the airport are the busiest regions. Moreover, with the help of driver path feature, the admin can find out the route used by most of the drivers.

With the insights from both these features, the admin can create a zone pricing in both airport and town hall. It means that any ride request that has these two locations as their pick-up and drop off location will have a fixed rate. The fixed rate decided by the admin is usually higher than normal to leverage the high demand.

Not only this, these two features also tell us the time at which the demand increases. In this case it was 5pm – 7pm. By using this information, the admin can impose surge pricing during these hours to make the most of the increased demand.

View your driver’s availability status

This feature of maps shows all the drivers which are online and offline in real-time. Now, the question arises that why this feature is important? The information gained from this feature provides the admin with some key insights. He can get to know the time slot in which most of his drivers are active or inactive.

Not only this, the admin can also know which areas has the most number of active and inactive drivers. The reports & analytics put all these data in a graphical form which makes it easy for the admin to understand the trends and patterns. These reports and analytics help the admin to take insight-driven business decisions.

These were the updated features in the Yelowsoft’s admin panel. To know more about the upcoming updates keep reading this space.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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