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YelowXpress — A powerful solution for all your delivery needs

YelowXpress — A powerful solution for all your delivery needs

Updated on May 27, 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted all the businesses around the world. However, there are few businesses that have directly benefitted due to pandemic-driven social distancing, lockdowns, and curfews.


These businesses are on-demand delivery businesses. People across the world have started to use these services to buy their daily essentials. This is the reason why on-demand delivery businesses seeing unprecedented growth.

Many entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity to start their own on-demand delivery business. And they have only one wish. They wish for a ready-made and robust on-demand delivery solution that can allow them to start their business in a jiffy. And guess what? People at Yelowsoft heard that wish and decided to grant it with their on-demand delivery solution – YelowXpress.

YelowXpress is an advanced on-demand delivery platform that helps delivery startups and enterprises to realize their dream of becoming a leading on-demand delivery service. Its advanced features and cutting-edge technology enables businesses to execute complex on-demand deliveries across their operational areas.

What does YelowXpress offer?

YelowXpress is a complete on-demand delivery platform that can support not one but for types of on-demand businesses. These on-demand delivery businesses are as follows:

Food delivery

With YelowXpress, you can become the leading food delivery service in your region. Our top feature enables you to deliver the food packages seamlessly to your customers. The driver application makes it easy for the driver to reach the destination with the GPS tracking feature. The customer can also track the real-time location of their food package through the app itself.

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Grocery delivery

With YelowXpress, grocery stores can also enter into the on-demand delivery business model. Our solution helps grocery stores to offer on-demand delivery of their fresh grocery items to their customers in a jiffy. With our solution, grocery store owners can now manage their inventory, drivers, and customers all at once.

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Medicine delivery

In times of pandemics when getting out of the house is risky, on-demand medicine delivery services have seen a huge boost. YelowXpress’s platform helps these medicine delivery businesses to fulfill their customer’s demand for medicine delivery with its robust technology and features.

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Parcel delivery

YelowXpress is also a great platform if you have a parcel delivery business. YelowXpress digitalizes the entire parcel delivery making it faster, simpler, and more convenient for all the users. Now, users can deliver their packages from one place to another in no time. Furthermore, the proof of delivery features ensures 100% safety of the package by eliminating the chances of it getting lost or misplaced.

Why choose YelowXpress?

Yelowsoft has been delivering taxi dispatch solutions for over three years now. In this period, we have encountered a number of challenges and have come up with innovative ways to resolve all of them. This experience has helped us to gain expertise which we utilized to develop robust on-demand delivery solutions.

We developed our on-demand delivery solution by putting all our on-demand expertise, experience, and skills. As a result, we got a YelowXpress which is a technological marvel for the on-demand delivery business.

Now, let’s have a look at why delivery businesses must go for YelowXpress.

Used taxi’s logic in delivery solution

As we mentioned earlier, Yelowsoft has immense experience in delivering taxi dispatch solutions. And we utilized this experience in developing YelowXpress too. Below are the ways by which we used top taxi features in YelowXpress.

Smart algorithm

We used the smart algorithm feature of our taxi solution into YelowXpress. This feature is responsible for assigning the delivery task to the most suitable delivery agent. YelowXpress’s smart algorithm considers a few parameters and takes the cumulative average of all of them. A few of the parameters are mentioned below:

Distance: The smart algorithm considers the distance between the delivery agent and the vendor’s location (sender’s location in case of parcel delivery). The delivery agent with the shortest distance has more chances to receive the delivery request.

Idle period: Smart algorithm also considers the idle time of all the delivery agents. For example, if a delivery agent A is 1 km away with 5 minutes of idle time and delivery agent B is at 1.5 km away with 30 minutes of idle time, then, in this case, delivery agent B will have more chances of receiving the delivery request.

Thus, a smart algorithm ensures that none of your delivery agents are stranded without any requests for a long period.

Reward delivery agents with high acceptance ratio: – Acceptance ratio is the total number of requests accepted by the delivery agent to the total number of requests received. The delivery agent with a higher acceptance ratio will have more chances of getting requests as compared to a delivery agent with a lower acceptance ratio.

This factor is essential as it motivates all the delivery agents to accept maximum delivery requests. It also discourages mindless rejection of delivery requests.

Managing real-time events

Apart from the smart algorithm, the other thing which we Yelowsoft utilized from their taxi dispatch system to YelowXpress was the management of real-time events. Like the taxi business, the on-demand delivery business also has a lot of real-time events which need to be managed properly. These events include the online/offline status of the delivery agent, real-time tracking of the delivery agent, and many more.

To ensure this, we implemented real-time servers along with MQTT. MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport. It’s a lightweight messaging transport that facilitates the connection of remote devices that have a small code footprint and minimal network bandwidth.

Along with this, we also used the tracking module used to track the drivers’ real-time location in the dispatch solution. In the on-demand delivery solution, this module tracks the real-time location of the delivery agents.

Advanced reports & analytics

YelowXpress also comes with advanced reports and analytics section which provides crucial data to the admin. This data helps them to make insight-driven business decisions. Let’s have a look at the data & insights which these reports provide:

Request analytics

This data shows how the requests made by the customers were dealt with? In simple words, it shows the responses recorded for each request. A request made by the customer can any of the following responses:

  • No delivery agent
  • Canceled
  • Rejected
  • Completed

These data are crucial as it provides you with vital insights about the customers’ requests. For example, if the percentage of requests not getting a delivery agent is more, then it means that you need more delivery agents to accept the requests.

Online and idle hours

Reports also show the breakdown of the total number of online hours and idle hours for each delivery agent in a graphical form. This helps you to identify which delivery agents that are having more online hours or which ones are having more idle hours.

Finance and revenue statistics

This shows all the finances and revenue in a graphical form. Here the admin can have a look at the total revenue generated, commissions paid, total discount, tax, and many more.

Enter into delivery business with your existing taxi business platform

It’s now no surprise that ride-hailing businesses have been majorly affected across the world. Even the giants like Uber and Lyft had to suffer the pandemic’s wrath, so one can only imagine how much the smaller ride-hailing businesses might have been affected.

YelowXpress has emerged as a savior for these ride-hailing businesses in these tough times. It’s because YelowXpress enables these ride-hailing businesses to start their own on-demand delivery business with extreme ease. Let me explain how.

If you’re a ride-hailing business that goes to a solution provider to start your own on-demand delivery business, then you start from zero. However, if you choose Yelowsoft, then you can start your on-demand delivery business with your existing drivers, customer base, and infrastructure.

It’s because Yelowsoft is an on-demand solution provider which has a ride-hailing solution YelowTaxi and an on-demand delivery solution – YelowXpress. This means you can run your ride-hailing business and on-demand delivery business on the same system. This is quite rare since generally, businesses have to run two systems in parallel to run both ride-hailing and on-demand delivery businesses.

Flexibility in system

YelowXpress exhibits top-notch flexibility for not only admin but also for vendors. YelowXpress comes with a flexible pricing schema that enables vendors to add various prices such as packaging charges, taxes, and other multiple charges.

Similarly, our flexible pricing schema enables admins to create multiple delivery plans as per their requirements. For an instance, an admin can define delivery charge such that the customer gets charged $5 for purchases made under $50 and $2 for purchases made over $50.

Similarly, the admin can set delivery charges on the basis of distance. For example, the delivery charge for a request coming within the 10 KM radius is $2, and outside of that radius the delivery charge is $5.

Admins can also create various subscription plans for delivery agents such as platinum, gold, and silver plans. Delivery agents will get commissions on the basis of their subscription plan.

Admins can also define operational areas for delivery agents. For an instance, they can define that a delivery agent can receive requests only from certain geographical areas.


YelowXpress has emerged as a one-stop solution for all the on-demand delivery startups and enterprises whether they are food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, or parcel delivery. YelowXpress is a perfect solution for all those entrepreneurs who want to leverage the current boost in the on-demand delivery business.

YelowXpress is also the right solution for those ride-hailing businesses which are looking to make up their losses by entering into on-demand delivery businesses.

It’s also the right solution for those businesses who are looking to diversify their offerings since Yelowsoft is also a Super App.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who is looking for a reliable, reputed, and technologically advanced solution for their on-demand delivery business then you must go for YelowXpress.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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