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Yelowsoft introduces YelowXpress – An on-demand parcel delivery solution

Yelowsoft introduces YelowXpress – An on-demand parcel delivery solution

Updated on July 16, 2020
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The delivery businesses are booming all across the world thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and tools that are enabling these businesses to offer rich customer experience along with pushing the delivery standards higher and higher. But delivery businesses are of different types.


Most of you might have heard of on-demand deliveries. The food delivery businesses that satiate your hunger with instant delivery of your desired cuisines are an example of an on-demand delivery business where the food is delivered on your demand.

Similarly, there are on-demand taxi booking services like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and many more which enables you to book a cab on your demand. In these businesses, the delivery person gets money for each delivery. These were the prime examples of on-demand deliveries.

Then there few delivery businesses which don’t work on-demand business model. Ecommerce delivery is the best example of this type. In eCommerce, the customer orders an item online. That item is then shipped from the merchant’s store to the hub. From the hub, it goes to the customers’ city’s hub. And then lastly it gets delivered to the customer from the hub to his doorsteps.

These types of deliveries are not on-demand and take a long time depending on various factors. One more important thing to notice here is the delivery person usually works on a pre-defined salary and he doesn’t earn money for every delivery that he makes.

Yelowsoft recently introduced its new offering YelowXpress, which will cater to a different type of on-demand delivery business which is of parcel delivery. Now, it’s important to understand what on-demand parcel delivery businesses are and how they are different from the other type of delivery businesses that we discussed above.

What a parcel delivery actually is?

Parcel delivery is very similar to on-demand delivery businesses like food-delivery barring one major difference. That major difference is the absence of a vendor entity in parcel delivery. We all know that in food-delivery there are four actors viz. Customer, admin, delivery person, and the vendor (restaurant). However, in parcel delivery, there’s no vendor.

There’s only admin, customer, and the delivery person. One more way to understand the working of parcel delivery is to compare it with the on-demand taxi business. These two businesses are almost identical. In the taxi business, the customer books a cab after entering the destination and pickup location. The driver reaches the pickup location and rides the customer to his destination.

Similarly, in parcel delivery too, the customer orders for parcel delivery after entering the pickup and destination location. The delivery person then comes and takes the parcel and delivers it to the receiver’s address. In both the businesses there’s a delivery from one point to another. In the taxi, people get from one point to another and in parcel delivery parcels get delivered from one point to another.

Now, let’s see how parcel delivery actually works.

How does parcel delivery work?

As the name suggests,parcel delivery service is used to deliver parcels from one place to another. The items delivered in the parcels can be different. They can be either an electronic item like a laptop, microwave, or any important document. The admin will define what range of items he wants to deliver. But for sake of understanding, we can safely assume that every essential item which is not very large and heavy can be delivered via the parcel delivery.

To understand how parcel delivery works. We need to look at the various components that are involved in it which are:

Item: Item is the thing which has to be delivered from one place to another. As discussed earlier, an item can be a variety of things. The admin can define various parameters for what can be considered as an item.

Sender’s address: This the address of the person who wants to send the item to a different point. The delivery person reaches at this address to collect the item to be delivered.

Verification by the delivery person: Once the delivery collects the item, he clicks the picture of it and takes the signature of the sender.

Receiver’s address: This is the address of the person who would receive the item. The delivery person after collecting the item from the sender’s address delivers it here.

Proof of delivery: After delivering the item to the required person, the delivery person once again clicks the picture of the item and takes the signature of the receiver as proof of delivery.

These were the basic components of the parcel delivery. Now, let’s take an example to clearly understand how it really works. Let’s assume that you’re in the office and you suddenly realize that you forgot your work laptop at home. And you need it urgently within an hour.

And your home is really far so you can’t make it in an hour even if you leave right now. Parcel delivery can be the saviour for you in such situations. You can quickly open the parcel delivery app and enter the pick-up location and destination which would be your home and office respectively.

You would also need to enter the item to be delivered which would be your laptop. Once you finish will these steps, a parcel delivery request will be sent to a delivery person. On acceptance that delivery person will reach at your pick-up location to collect your item.

It’s important to note that while collecting the item, the delivery person also clicks the picture of the item along with getting an e-signature of the person from whom he collected the item. These procedures are a part of the safety measures. The photo clicked by the delivery person can be viewed by you on the app. Once collected, the delivery person then delivers the item to you at your destination which is the office.

On completion of delivery, the delivery person once again clicks the picture of the item and takes the e-signature of you to confirm and conclude the delivery.

Why go for YelowXpress’ parcel delivery solution in times of COVID-19?

COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the world economy. Apart from being a health catastrophe, it has also proved to be an economic catastrophe. Many businesses have been shut down temporarily or in some case permanently due to it. Businesses like taxi businesses have suffered a lot due to lockdown.

Moreover, taxi businesses don’t seem to recover even after the lockdown ends, as people would prefer to use personal vehicles rather than booking cabs to ensure social distancing.

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In such scenarios, a parcel delivery business can emerge as a saviour for all the taxi businesses. It’s no secret that on-demand delivery businesses have drastically surged in times of COVID-19 whether it be food delivery, grocery delivery, or parcel delivery. Due to this many taxi companies have already started using their fleet and drivers for food deliveries in order to make up for their taxi businesses losses. You can also do the same.

Or you can go for a parcel delivery business. If you already own a taxi business then it’s extremely easy and convenient to start your on-demand parcel delivery business with your existing resources. It’s because the taxi business and parcel delivery businesses are almost identical.

Most of the major aspects like the business model, pricing schema, and many more are same for both the businesses. This similarity will facilitate you to easily switch your business from taxi to parcel delivery.

Moreover, YelowXpress comes with advanced features that help you to satisfy your customers with lightning-fast parcel deliver services. Our high-end technology like GPS-tracking helps you to track all your delivery persons, helps the customers to track their delivery person with ETAs, and helps the delivery person to reach at the pick-up and destination location with accurate route suggestions.

Other than that, you can receive crucial customer feedback in real-time and along with optimizing your business operations which will improve your overall business operation performance. Not only this, with YelowXpress you can achieve:

Reduced turnaround time

Increase the number of parcel deliveries by reducing the turnaround time with YelowXpress’ parcel delivery solution.

Reduce extra costs associated with resources

With YelowXpress, you would require fewer delivery persons which would reduce your extra resource costs.

Improved customer experience

Enhance your customer experience with a feature-rich parcel delivery solution from YelowXpress.

Increase first attempt delivery rate

Increase first attempt delivery rate by up to 90% with YelowXpress’ parcel delivery solution.

Enhanced efficiency

Increase your efficiency by introducing automation in your delivery operations with YelowXpress.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly contact us to know more about YelowXpress and how it can help your existing parcel delivery business to drive towards prosperity. Moreover, if you own a taxi business which is bearing a lot of losses due to COVID-19 and are looking to for some solution, then YelowXpress is the best pick for you which facilitate you to easily switch your resources to start a parcel delivery business.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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