Assist your delivery business during the COVID-19 crisis with YelowXpress

Sustain your delivery business during the COVID-19 crisis with YelowXpress

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly affected all our lives. It has compelled all the businesses to reassess on how to continue operations during the crisis.

Yelowsoft understands that this is a situation of crisis and that’s why it has come up with a solution that can benefit all its clients as well as other businesses across the globe.

Yelowsoft brings YelowXpress to help its customers in this time of crisis

We understand it very well that currently, we are facing an unprecedented predicament. That’s why as a responsible organization we have come up with a solution that can help many taxi and delivery businesses to sustain in these hard times.

YelowXpress is an on-demand delivery solution that is designed by our highly skilled team that can streamline operations, increase the number of orders, and deliver orders seamlessly for all the delivery businesses. We have also included features like contactless delivery and many other keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind.

On-demand delivery made easy with YelowXpress

YelowXpress is a next-generation and versatile on-demand delivery solution that comes with advanced features and cutting-edge technology that can resolve delivery challenges of all businesses across the globe.

Manage all your delivery operations from an admin panel

With our shuttle dispatch services in place, it becomes easy to optimize all your routes and the services. You can simple supplement or replace all the fixed-route service areas on an instant. Moreover, this would also help you to solve the frequency-coverage puzzle without any need to increase the fleet size.

  • Easily increase the operating time.
  • Access route-level data
  • Access usage reports
  • Easily understand the trends and growth opportunities.

An ideal companion app for your delivery agents

An ideal companion app for your delivery agents which enable them to make quick deliveries by using route optimization and GPS tracking technology. This technology suggests them the shortest route for delivering the package in the minimum possible time.

  • Delivery agents can create and customize their profiles
  • Set availability for accepting delivery orders
  • Reach destination with in-app navigation
  • View earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

An easy-to-use customer application

Delight your customers with an easy-to-access customer application that allows them to make orders straight from their phone with just a few taps. Enable your customers to track the delivery agents in real-time. Moreover, allow them to make payments with their phone via cards and e-wallets.

  • Communicate with the delivery agent via call or text
  • Make payments via multiple modes
  • Give feedback through ratings and reviews
  • Track all past orders and invoices

Make your vendor’s life easy with a powerful Vendor application

YelowXpress provides you with an application that makes your vendor’s life simple. This application allows them to receive, approve, and dispatch all the orders directly from their vendor’s application. Apart from that this app also allows them to manage orders and list items.

  • Manage all the orders from the vendor application
  • Enlist new items
  • View valuable insights from reports and analytics
  • Manage price, quantity, and type using the vendor app

YelowXpress: Pioneers of modern on-demand delivery

Add a new dimension to your delivery business with a next-generation and advanced on-demand delivery solution –YelowXpress.

Why YelowXpress is ideal for your on-demand delivery solution?

YelowXpress is an ideal choice for all the delivery businesses along with many taxi businesses that are looking to make up their taxi losses by introducing a delivery business. This solution is made in such a way that it fulfils all your business requirements. Below are a few more reasons as to why you must go for YelowXpress.

Highly customizable

YelowXpress has a great capability to accommodate new integrations, features, and enhancements. This makes YelowXpress highly customizable.

Vast on-demand expertise

Over the past many years, we have gained a lot of experience and insights on the matters of on-demand delivery application.

Highly scalable solution

YelowXpress is a highly scalable solution as it auto-scales itself with the increasing number of vendors, delivery agents, and delivery orders.

Dedicated support

YelowXpress’ highly proficient and skilled professionals are dedicated to providing you with 24x7 maintenance and support services.

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  • turbo-client
    Their products are exceptional. You can surely find what you need with them. I am really out of words when it comes to their products because it’s just perfect. The team, the workforce, and the platform all functions of an organisation are integrated well and that is what makes Yelowsoft special.
    Mohamed Patel
    Turbo Cabs
  • manngo client
    With Yelowtaxi, going into business is faster as all the functionalities are there. The team is helpful and expert in their field. The ease of customization in accordance to local requirements. Having no issues communicating what is needed to the support team.
    Tengku Shahputra
  • emmanuel
    "Working with Yelowsoft has been very rewarding. Initially, I was afraid that you would not be able to deliver on my project, but your team work tirelessly and got it done. You are very patient in handling my observations and concerns, your response time is also very good. I will always choose you. Keep it up."
    Time Drive
  • yfclient
    Everything is going fine. Great work!! I would never regret doing business with Yelowsoft. Keep up the good work.I always got quick response from Mushahid and Shehezad. I would definitely refer you to my friends for future businesses.
    Mohammad Daoud

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