Corporate Taxi Software & Solution, Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System

Manage all your corporate operation with our dynamic taxi dispatch software

Our dynamic dispatch solution is developed in such a way that it provides you with seamless taxi services to fulfill all the corporate needs.

How can our taxi dispatch solution meet your corporate needs?

Our taxi booking solution comes with many features that makes the corporate transportation and commutation easy.

Creating Multiple Corporate Accounts

Manage multiple corporates at once

If you’re looking to provide your services to corporates, then our white-label taxi solution is the best. It is a multi-faceted taxi management system that has all the required features to meet and fulfill any corporate needs. Moreover, if you’re looking to provide your services to more than one corporate, then our taxi dispatch system has you covered there as well. With our taxi booking system you can create multiple corporate accounts and manage all their taxi activities with utmost convenience and ease.

Managing Employees for Corporate

Employee management simplified

With our taxi dispatch system in place it becomes easy for a corporate to manage all their employees.The employees don’t have to register in the app. They can directly login the app by using their existing employee ID. Moreover, the main admin of the solution can appoint an corporate admin that can look after all the taxi activities for that particular corporate. This corporate admin can further create credentials for few selected employees that can book cab of their own.

Different Pricing for Corporate

Set different price for corporates

It’s obvious that the requirement of cab by corporate is different than that of a common passenger. Corporates needs cabs in large number and that too on urgent basis. In such scenario, to provide a cab service at the usual rates is quite difficult and unfair for any taxi business. Keeping this in mind we came up with a feature that allows you to define different pricing for corporates. There won’t be any change in the driver’s commission. The difference in total bill amount can be adjusted later during the invoice.

Corporate Invoicing

Detailed and easy corporate invoicing

Invoices for corporates is an essential element and usually differs from the normal invoices. With our dynamic taxi management system, you can create corporate invoices with utmost ease. The invoice generated by our system has all the information presented in a detailed manner. The invoice has information such as vehicle type, service type, total number of trips, discount, total amount, wallet balance, and net balance. You can generate the invoice manually or you can simply send auto-generated invoices.

Tracing record for each corporate ride

Corporates can keep an eye on all the activities

Our corporate taxi dispatch solution allows you to have full authority to monitor all the taxi dispatch activities. You can view the total number of rides booked in a day, week, or a year. You can check which employees booked rides and for how many times. You can also view the details of passengers who accompanied your employees. Our solution allows you such access this information so that you can keep a close eye on all your employees’ activities. Such constant monitoring discourages the employees to use the corporate taxi for their personal use.

Separate Corporate Panel for operations

Take full control

Our taxi dispatch system works fine for all the corporates due to its inbuilt features. Moreover, you can give more powers to the corporates as our taxi system has a separate corporate panel for them to do various operations. A corporate can appoint an admin from their side who can have the access to the admin panel. This admin can perform various functions like booking rides, tracking current rides, looking after the total expenditure, adding & deleting client name, employee name, and destination.

Corporate Wallet system for advance payment

Pay via corporate wallet

Our taxi dispatch solution has a wallet system which allows the corporate to keep a specific amount of money in it. The wallet system is like that of a prepaid mobile balance in which the customer must pay for the services first. Afterwards the money is deducted whenever the service is used. In this case, the deduction takes place when a ride is completed. If the amount of money in the wallet is less than the total invoice then the corporate has to pay the surplus amount. The wallet system makes the payment simple and fast.

Benefits of our taxi dispatch system for corporate bookings

Our taxi booking application works like a wonder for any corporate. It has all the advance features that assists in seamless cab service for all the corporates.

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