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Why buying clone scripts could damage your business?

There are several reasons why you should not buy clone scripts:


Legal issues

Clone scripts are illegal and can result in legal consequences.


Lack of originality

The codes are generic and lack creativity. You can not differentiate your service from your competitors.


Limited customization

The script has NO or limited customization options. Your customers will face problems in using the app.


Performance issues

The clone scripts often come with unnecessary or outdated codes which can slow down your ride bookings.


Lack of scalability

Due to one-time outdated coding, the script lacks scalability. You cannot add new features, address increasing traffic, or adapt to new market demands.


Security concerns

99.9% of scripts do not pass the security test. It means your taxi app is always at risk. You may face financial losses, reputation damage, & customer data breach.


Lack of support and updates

It may not come with reliable support and updates. This will put your taxi booking app at potential vulnerabilities and issues that may go unresolved.


Damage reputation and branding

The lack of innovations and no expert support – your users may perceive app as less reliable. It will harm your reputation and branding.


FeatureYS SaaS SoftwareCustom BuildScript Purchase
Launch in days/weeks
Months or years
Custom branding/UX
Matching algorithms
In-app chat
Custom developmentSometimes
In-app chat
Custom developmentSometimes
Payments integration
Custom development
Real-time analytics
Custom developmentRarely
Scaling capabilities
Need architecture revampsLimited
Ongoing feature updates
Ask the team to doNo
Ongoing bug fixes/support
Ask the team to doNo
Upfront costsLow (starts with just $99)$$$ Dev team ($20k to 100k)Script fees ($10k to 20k)
Future costsSubscription (Pay as you go)High fixed (Support and maintenance + infrastructure + development team)Custom development cost to add a new feature.

Why YelowSoft


Easily customize our app as per your brand needs: logo, color, name, and more.

Highly configurable

Set your own rules for dispatching such as pricing, vehicle type, and more.


Iron-shield security to protect your sensitive data. It's security-compliant.


Faster time to market

Launch your branded app in days with our ready-made white-label solution.


You can integrate payment gateways and other 3rd party software easily.


Tailored to address more bookings and grow with your business.

Grace Wandia (Wasili Cabs, Kenya) sharing their experience with YelowSoft

Wasili Cabs from Kenya partnered with Yelowsoft for their mobility and logistic app after trying & failing with several taxi dispatch solutions providers.

Growth consistency

YelowSoft helped Wasili to run & scale its business by

Reducing operating costs by approx 40%

Constant improvement with every new release

Providing high performance compared to the previous system

Excellent support to help Wasili address their driver’s & passenger's concern quickly


Your business success = Yelowsoft

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