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Parcel delivery made easy with YelowXpress

Customized parcel delivery app development for all

YelowXpress is a customized white-label parcel delivery solution that consists of advanced features which makes it possible for anyone to start or strengthen their on-demand parcel delivery business.

A control center for all your operations

Our feature-rich admin panel makes an admin’s job easy as it enables them to efficiently manage every aspect of their parcel delivery business from a control center via actionable insights which empowers them to achieve continuous optimization.

Companion app for express parcel delivery

With YelowXpress’ on-demand courier delivery app, the delivery agents can deliver packages at their destinations at a lightning speed.

  • Manage availability

    Delivery agents can manage their availability for accepting parcel orders with a simple online/offline toggle.

  • In-app navigation

    The real-time navigation provides accurate directions and better route suggestions to delivery agents.

  • Proof of delivery

    Delivery agents click the pictures of the item along with signatures of sender and receiver to eliminate frauds.

  • Complete delivery information

    All information like the item’s description, weight, and sender’s & receiver’s address is provided to the delivery agent at one place.

Customer app for seamless parcel booking & delivery experience

Our feature-rich parcel delivery app for customers delivers a top-notch parcel booking and delivery experience to your customers.

  • Track order

    Customers can exactly know when their package would reach by tracking the location of the delivery agent in real-time.

  • Book for friends and family

    YelowXpress’ customer app enables your customers to make parcel delivery bookings for their friends and family.

  • Verify package

    Customers can verify their package by seeing the picture clicked by the delivery agent during the package collection.

  • Multiple payment modes

    Customers can make payments via multiple modes such as cash, card, and wallet.

Kick start your on-demand parcel delivery business with YelowXpress.

Offer exemplary parcel delivery experience to your users with an advanced and next-gen on-demand parcel delivery solution – YelowXpress.

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Key differentiators that make YelowXpress stand apart

There are many factors that make YelowXpress a superior on-demand courier delivery app from the rest. Few of these factors are mentioned below:

Our satisfied clients

Yelowsoft revamped its Malaysia-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

Yelowsoft guided its France-based client CPUT to emerge as a leading e-hailing service by delivering our robust e-hailing platform. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

Yelowsoft delivered a robust solution to its Thailand based clients Navigo which enabled them to offer taxi booking, parcel delivery, and food delivery on the same application. Listen to what they have to say about us here.

Yelowsoft helped its Saudi-based client Take Me to run their taxi, rental, and outstation services on the same platform. Listen to what they have to say about us here.

Yelowsoft’s global footprints

Yelowsoft has provided top-notch on-demand solutions to clients that come from all the corners of the world. Our global footprint is growing each day.

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