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Boost Your Parcel Delivery Business With Yelowsend

Make your parcel delivery business smarter, more efficient to run, and convenient for your customer by transforming it with our white-labeled parcel delivery solution.

Enhanced Ordering Experience From Customer App

Deliver not just parcels but a top-notch ordering experience to all your customers with an easy-to-use, smart app.

  • Smart & Simple UI

    A smart app that is easy-to-use for your customers to smoothly order and get their parcels delivered.

  • Live Tracking Of Orders

    You can provide real-time tracking of all the orders from the pick up to the drop-off location on the in-app navigation.

  • E-sign Verification

    In every order, before and after delivering the parcel, the driver will verify the order by taking an e-sign from the respective parties.

  • Doorstep Delivery Of All Orders

    Drivers are provided with instructions and navigation to deliver anything you need, right at your doorstep.

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Give More To Your Drivers

Leverage the power of our intelligent algorithm and keep all your drivers engaged by a fair distribution of orders to each and every available driver. Manage all orders and ensure quick and efficient delivery.

Quick Driver Assignment

If any driver is busy, the delivery request is automatically sent to another driver who is available in the proximity. This way, our smart algorithm quickly assigns drivers to the orders.

Efficient Utilization Of Resources

If any driver is free, he gets the order requests on priority. This way, all orders are assigned equally to all drivers, and no driver is then left sitting idle or waiting for a new order request.

Get Your Parcels Delivered In The Blink Of A Second

A quick assignment time of orders means reduced waiting time for the customers. Get all the parcels delivered in the blink of a second by increasing the efficiency of your operations.

A Powerful System For Your Business

With an advanced, parcel delivery software solution, efficiently manage all your business operations, track orders, do an analysis of business performance or generate driver commission and payout reports.

Effortless Driver Onboarding

Give an easy sign-up and onboarding experience to your drivers through our cutting-edge tech solution and make it easier to upload the driver documents and completing their KYC.

Manage Rates & Pricing

Manage your driver rates with different pricing models such as flexible or fixed based on your decisions through our tech solution. Charge prices efficiently using different factors such as timing or high demand.

Order Broadcasting To All Drivers

All pending orders are broadcasted to all the drivers in and out of the proximity. If any driver is busy, another driver can select from the pending orders based on their preference.

Commission and Payout For Drivers

The system automatically charges commission from drivers and manages payout. Driver balance, incentives, penalties, and taxes, all accounts can be settled through the system.

Scalable, Secure & Reliable Tech Solution

Parcel delivery becomes easy-to-manage and smooth with our top-notch delivery solution. Make your business fully automated with our secure and scalable tech solution.

Become Leaders Of The Market With Our Solution

Digitize and launch your parcel delivery service with our intelligent, tech solutions and offer the best services to your customers to rule the market of on-demand parcel delivery businesses.

Customize based on your brand

Localization for your business

Give multiple payment options

Offer multiple deliveries at a time

Provide incentives and rewards

Referral program for your customers

Give your customers an excellent parcel delivery experience with YelowSend

Boost your parcel delivery business and make it smarter and faster with a digital transformation.

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