Benefits of hiring YelowSoft for On Demand Solution

Expert Professionals

Our team of expert developers possesses in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the field. We offer valuable insights and recommendations to help you build a successful system that meets your business needs. We constantly strive to advance our platform so that you remain ahead of the competition.

Faster time to market

By launching your app faster than your competitors, you can gain a competitive advantage in the market. You can start monetizing your app and generating profits, which can help you to reinvest in your business and grow your customer base.


Technical Expertise

We possess the right knowledge and technical skills to adapt the latest technologies and deliver a future-ready system for your business. Our team of expert developers keep an eye on the latest tools and techniques to deliver the best apps to our clients.

Whitelabel app

Our white-label software is a readymade platform that saves you from the hassle of developing an app from scratch. We help you rebrand the platform with your own logo and UI/UX design to match your brand's vision. Launch your app or software instantly without investing a significant amount of time and resources into development.


You can scale up or down your app as and when required to meet the exact business requirements. Our team ensures that your app is capable of handling potential scalability issues and can help for better planning of the future.

Control all your deliveries like a PRO

Track your drivers, their locations, the number of orders & deliveries, and detailed information using YelowXpress. You can also monitor the payment modes used and analyze statistics to gain a better understanding of your entire business operations.

With YelowSoft
Without YelowSoft

Your wish list features, now a reality

Centralized admin panel to manage all your operations

Effortless management of all your business operations with our tech-based panel that comes with advanced features.

Explore our admin

Popular features:

User Management

It allows the app administrator to manage users, view user profiles, and monitor their activities.

Driver Management

The administrator can easily manage drivers, including their profiles, vehicle information, and ride history.

Payment Management

Enables the administrator to manage payment methods, transaction history, and refunds.

Analytics and Reporting

Provides analytical tools to generate reports on user activity, driver performance, and other relevant metrics.

Customer Support

The panel enables the app administrator to provide customer support, including the ability to communicate with users, track support requests, and resolve issues.

Settings and Configuration

The admin panel allows the administrator to customize the app settings, configure features, and manage app updates.

Security and Privacy

Ensures a way to manage app security and privacy settings, including user data protection, authentication, and authorization.

A powerful app for your vendors

Make all your offerings easily accessible to the customers by managing your products and services through the vendor app and panel.

Discover our vendors

Popular features:

Service Management

It allows businesses to manage their services, including pricing, availability, and service areas. It also allows them to add or remove services based on demand.

Customer Management

Enables businesses to manage their customers, view customer profiles, and monitor their activities. It also provides a way to communicate with customers through the app.

Order Management

With this platform businesses can manage their orders, view order details, and track the progress of each order.

Payment Management

Provides a way to manage payments, including payment methods, transaction history, and refunds.

Analytics and Reporting

Offers analytical tools to generate reports on customer activity, order history, and other relevant metrics.

Customer Support

The vendor platform enables businesses to provide customer support, including the ability to communicate with customers, track support requests, and resolve issues.

Advanced companion app for efficient deliveries

All your delivery partners get an advanced application to make all deliveries at the right time to the right place.

Explore driver app

Popular features:

Registration and verification

Drivers can easily register with the app and provide all necessary documentation for verification, such as their driver's license and insurance information.

Real-time ride requests

It helps drivers to receive real-time ride requests from customers via the app, including information about the pickup location, destination, and estimated fare.

Order Acceptance

Allows drivers to accept or decline ride requests from customers based on their availability and convenience.

In-app messaging

The app’s messaging feature allows drivers to communicate with customers directly, either to clarify pickup instructions or to provide updates about the ride.

Ratings and reviews

Both drivers and customers can rate and review each other after the ride is complete, which helps to build trust and accountability within the platform.


Drivers have access to the app's navigation system to help them reach the customer's location and the final destination.

Payment processing

The app should handle all payment processing for the ride, including collecting payment from the customer and transferring funds to the driver's account.

Driver earnings and reports

Drivers should be able to view their earnings, including details about each ride, and generate reports for tax purposes.

In-app support

The app provides drivers with access to customer support in case they encounter any issues or have questions about the platform.

Order placing made easy and delightful

An easy-to-use app that offers an exclusive ordering experience to all your customers.

Discover user app

Popular features:

User registration and verification

Users can easily register with the app and provide necessary details for verification, such as their name, phone number, and payment information.

Service selection

Allows users to choose the service they require, such as transportation, food delivery, or house cleaning.

Real-time service requests

Helps users to request services in real-time, with the ability to provide details such as the pickup or delivery location, type of service, and any specific instructions or requests.

Service provider matching

The app matches the user with the nearest available service provider based on their location and availability.

Service tracking

With this app the users can track the progress of their service request, such as the location of their driver or the estimated time of arrival.

In-app messaging

With the app's messaging feature users can communicate with service providers directly, either to clarify instructions or to provide updates about the service.

Payment processing

It becomes easy to handle all payment processing for the service, including collecting payment from the user and transferring funds to the service provider's account with the app.

Ratings and reviews

Enables users to rate and review the service provider after the service is complete, which helps to build trust and accountability within the platform.

History and record-keeping

Gives a comprehensive view of their service history, including details about each service they have used and their associated costs.

In-app support

Provides users with access to customer support in case they encounter any issues or have questions about the platform.

Why partner with YelowXpress?

Choose YelowXpress for hassle-free deliveries that exceed customer expectations. Our real-time tracking system, route optimization algorithms, and efficient delivery management reduce costs, save time, and enhance brand reputation.

Increase number of deliveries

Our tech-powered platform enables faster deliveries with route optimization algorithms for increased efficiency.


Enhance route planning accuracy

Our platform uses algorithms to optimize delivery routes, reducing costs, time, and environmental impact.


Improve delivery agent’s efficiency

Real-time tracking and communication tools empower delivery agents, enabling quick adaptation to changes, avoiding delays, and accurate deliveries.


Ensure tracking accuracy in real-time

Our advanced tracking system provides real-time updates, enhancing delivery tracking accuracy, and enabling prompt problem resolution.


Decrease overall deliveries delay

Efficiently manage deliveries with YelowXpress, reducing delays, enhancing customer experience, and improving loyalty.


Cut down wrong deliveries

Our advanced tracking and verification systems ensure zero wrong deliveries, minimizing cost and customer frustrations.


Making deliveries seamless, for all

Whether you run a grocery, pharmacy, food business, cosmetics, or pet store, we offer a tailored on-demand delivery platform that perfectly fits your business needs.

Food delivery

Our on-demand food delivery platform is designed to revolutionize the complete food experience. Perfect software to automate your restaurant online ordering system and enjoy better ROI.

Build Your Dream Food Delivery App with Our Top-notch Development Solutions

Grocery delivery

Looking to build an on-demand grocery delivery app? YelowXpress can streamline your operations and improve efficiency, allowing you to manage orders and deliveries more effectively.

Transform your vision into a cutting-edge app with our expert Grocery delivery app development services

  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket store
  • Grocery chain

Medicine Delivery

Are you planning to build an on-demand pharmacy delivery system? Delight your customers with pharmacy delivery apps for efficient and hassle-free medicine ordering and delivery for greater convenience.

Transform your Pharmacy Business with our Custom App Development Services.

  • Single store
  • Medicine Delivery aggregator
  • Direct to consumer

Materials Delivery

Streamline materials delivery with our innovative platform. Connect suppliers, logistics partners, and recipients for efficient and seamless delivery of materials.

Simplify and accelerate your materials delivery process with our platform.

  • Construction
  • Packages
  • Household utilities
  • Medical Supplies
  • Raw materials for manufacturing


If you are searching for a cost effective on demand cosmetic delivery platform, you’ve come to the right place. We provide modern-day features to give your business a competitive edge.

Pet Delivery

Start a personalized on demand pet delivery platform and deliver pets and pet-care products at the customers’ doorstep. Pet toys, food, accessories, clothes and more to make pet owners life easier and simpler.

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