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YelowXpress: Your on-demand delivery specialist


On-demand delivery made easy with YelowXpress

YelowXpress is a next-generation on-demand delivery solution that comes with advanced features and cutting-edge technology that solve all the delivery business challenges. YelowXpress is also an extremely versatile on-demand delivery software as it can be deployed for various delivery businesses from food delivery, medicine delivery, laundry delivery, grocery delivery, and many more.

Leverage automation

The top-notch automated features of YelowXpress streamline all your operations thus making your business more productive and profitable.

Advanced analytics

Receive valuable and crucial insights about your business from a wide range of advanced analytics techniques.

Seamless management

Our advanced on demand delivery system comes with robust features that make it easy for you to monitor and manage your business seamlessly.

A control center for all your delivery operations

The admin panel of our on-demand delivery software comes with a set of robust features and tools that makes it easy for you to manage delivery persons, vendors, and customers.

Reports & analytics

Get vital data like delivery person’s performance, commission, profits, number of orders, etc. to and take insight-driven business decisions.

Manage customers

Manage all your customers by resolving their grievances. Also, provide attractive offers to retain and attract existing and new customers.

Manage payments

Manage payments by setting up commission rates for various vendors and delivery persons from a single place.

Delivery management

Add, remove, and modify your different vendors and delivery boys as per your desire.

A perfect companion app for your delivery agent

A perfect companion app for delivery agents that enables them to deliver the order at the right place and at the right time.

Profile management

Delivery persons can create and customize their profile by adding information about them.

Set availability

This feature allows the delivery agents to set their availability for accepting an order.

In-app navigation

The in-app navigation feature enables the delivery agents to reach their destination without any hassles.

View earnings

The delivery agents can easily track and view their earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

An easy-to-access customer app

Rejoice your customers with an easy-to-access customer app that enables them to make orders within a few taps on their phone.

Track your order

With this feature in place, the customers can track the location of their order in real-time.

Multiple modes of payment

Customers can make secure and seamless payments via multiple modes viz. cash, card, and wallet.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow your customers to give feedback about their delivery experience in the form of ratings and reviews.

Manage profile

Enable your customers to manage basic information like payment details, addresses, favourites, etc.

A powerful app for all your vendors

Make all your vendors’ life easy by allowing them to receive, approve, and dispatch all the orders straight from the vendor’s app.

List items

The vendor can list his various items including its price, quantity, and other important information.

Manage orders

Manage all the orders seamlessly by accepting, rejecting, and viewing valuable insights of orders from reports and analytics.

Why choose YelowXpress as your on-demand delivery solution?

YelowXpress is a leading on-demand delivery system that has turned around the fortunes of several on-demand delivery businesses. Below are some of the reasons as to why you must go for YelowXpress.

Highly customizable

YelowXpress is a highly customizable solution as it can accommodate new features, integrations, and enhancements.

Profound on-demand expertise

Over the years, we have gained key insights and developed our expertise in the matters of on-demand delivery app development.

Highly scalable solution

Our on-demand delivery solution auto-scales itself with an increasing number of orders, delivery agents, and vendors.

Dedicated support

Our team of highly skilled and proficient professionals is dedicated to providing you with 24x7 support and maintenance services.

YelowXpress: Shaping on-demand delivery businesses across the globe

Offer a great deal of convenience and ease to your customers by taking your on-demand delivery business on mobile with YelowXpress.

One solution for many businesses

YelowXpress is an extremely versatile on-demand delivery software as it can be used by various delivery businesses that fall into different industry verticals.

Food delivery

No matter if you own a restaurant, chain of restaurants, or a food delivery startup. All these businesses can leverage YelowXpress’ food delivery solution to boost their profits.

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Parcel delivery

Emerge as a leading parcel delivery company by making fast and smooth delivery of cargo and packages with YelowXpress’ parcel delivery software.

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Grocery delivery

Offer swift, smooth, and convenient grocery delivery to all your customers’ doorsteps with the help of YelowXpress’ on-demand grocery app.

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Medicine delivery

Deliver all types of medicines and pharmacy supplies at minimum time and margin of error with YelowXpress’ medicine delivery software.

Laundry delivery

Transform your laundry and dry cleaning business to the top-notch level with YelowXpress’ on-demand laundry booking solution.

Gas delivery

YelowXpress is the perfect gas-delivery solution that enables you to offer rich customer experience by delivering cooking-gas cylinders in a swift, simple, and convenient manner.

Water delivery

Grow your water delivery business at an exponential rate by increasing your customers, deliveries, and profits with YelowXpress.

Frequently Asked Question

1What are the different modules that your delivery app consists of?

Our solution comprises three applications viz. Customers, Partners(Driver), Vendors application. It also comes with a Web Panel for Vendors and an Admin Panel.

2In how many cities can I operate the app?

As per your business model, you can operate the application in as many cities as you want.

3I also have a taxi business. Do you have a common app for both taxi and delivery?

Yes, we do have a common application in which you can start both the taxi and delivery services.

4In how many days will you develop my app?

We will develop your application in a maximum three weeks.

5Is it possible to get a Super App?

Yes, it’s possible. We have a Super App that can have different services of taxi and delivery business in the same app.

6What kind of support do you provide?

We have a 24/7 ticket system where you can create the ticket for each query and our team will respond to it as soon as possible.

  • turbo-client
    Their products are exceptional. You can surely find what you need with them. I am really out of words when it comes to their products because it’s just perfect. The team, the workforce, and the platform all functions of an organisation are integrated well and that is what makes Yelowsoft special.
    Mohamed Patel
    Turbo Cabs
  • manngo client
    With Yelowtaxi, going into business is faster as all the functionalities are there. The team is helpful and expert in their field. The ease of customization in accordance to local requirements. Having no issues communicating what is needed to the support team.
    Tengku Shahputra
  • emmanuel
    "Working with Yelowsoft has been very rewarding. Initially, I was afraid that you would not be able to deliver on my project, but your team work tirelessly and got it done. You are very patient in handling my observations and concerns, your response time is also very good. I will always choose you. Keep it up."
    Time Drive
  • yfclient
    Everything is going fine. Great work!! I would never regret doing business with Yelowsoft. Keep up the good work.I always got quick response from Mushahid and Shehezad. I would definitely refer you to my friends for future businesses.
    Mohammad Daoud

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