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USPs of our taxi dispatch system that stand us apart

There are many reasons as to why you must choose Yelowsoft.
If that doesn’t suffice you, then surely our taxi dispatch solution’s USPs will.


A smart way to manage your taxi business

Yelowsoft’s taxi dispatch solution aims at holistic streamlining of your taxi business. It automates in such a way that all process work in an auto-pilot mode. Hence, it saves time which you can invest on other important business aspects.

Our solution is compatible taxis, truck, limos, private hiring, bus, and many more. Our white-label solution can be customized for you to offer various services like taxi booking, rental, corporate, and outstations.

Our white-label system is one-stop solution to all your taxi business needs. It gives admin a lot of authority and flexibility to manage all the operations with minimum effort. It helps your drivers to reach destination with inbuilt map and facilitates easy passenger onboarding. It offers your customer a great mean to travel and commute anytime anywhere with just a few taps on their phone. To know about more benefits, have a glimpse of our solution USP.

USPs of our taxi dispatch system

Have a look at some of the USPs of our taxi dispatch solution that makes it superior of all other taxi dispatch systems.

  • emmanuel
    "Working with Yelowsoft has been very rewarding. Initially, I was afraid that you would not be able to deliver on my project, but your team work tirelessly and got it done. You are very patient in handling my observations and concerns, your response time is also very good. I will always choose you. Keep it up."
    Time Drive
  • yfclient
    Everything is going fine. Great work!! I would never regret doing business with Yelowsoft. Keep up the good work.I always got quick response from Mushahid and Shehezad. I would definitely refer you to my friends for future businesses.
    Mohammad Daoud

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