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Configure Settings

Configure Settings

The configure settings menu involves three tabs.

Configure Settings


In this tab you need to assign several functions such as:

  • Search radius in km : The value that you select here will be maximum distance upto which a driver will receive a request from the passenger.
    For ex. If you select the radius of 5 km then a driver will only receive requests within its 5 km radius.
  • Distance Calculation (Km/Mile) : Select the unit in which the distance would be calculated.
  • Max. Time to Accept Requests (In Sec) : Select the time limit in seconds upto which the driver can accept a given request.
  • Amount in round figure : Select whether you want to round-off the final amount or not.

Minimum Wallet Balance

Select a minimum wallet balance, below which a driver can’t operate.

Once the driver’s wallet balance reaches close to the minimum limit, he/she would receive a warning to add money in its wallet.

Notification Events

Select the type of notification event for each event.

Select whether you would like to send an SMS, Email, or both.

Click on “action” to add the content of the SMS and Email.