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Dispatch System

Dispatch System

To book a ride go to the ride menu and click on “Add Booking”.

You have to choose a tab among Normal, rental, and corporate.


In this you first have to choose the vehicle type.

Then there’s a option of “ride now?”. Once you choose that option then there will be another option called “auto dispatch” which will appear.

In auto dispatch the driver will be selected automatically. However, the admin the can manually select the driver by disabling that option.

Now, if you don’t select the “ride now?” option then you have to fill the date and time of the ride.

After filling the above information, the admin will enter the “pick-up” and “drop-off” location.

Now, you can fill the passenger’s information viz. first name, last name, contact number, email, and etc.

The admin can give some extra discount by entering the amount in “Additional discount” section.

Once you enter all the details you’ll get an estimated fare price. After confirming with the rider you can finally book the ride by clicking on “Book ride”.


All the processes in booking a rental cab would be the same except a few points.

  • The admin has to select the package for the ride.
  • The rider will have to pay the extra charge if they surpass the kilometres in distance or minutes in time as mentioned in the package.