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Driver Wallet

Driver Wallet

All the drivers are provided with a wallet which they must recharge on timely basis.

The money from the wallet will get automatically deducted according to the commision rate that has been assigned to the driver.

The driver must maintain a minimum balance in the wallet. The driver would get notified once his/her balance comes close to the minimum limit.

Mobile App

The driver can add money in his/her wallet from its mobile app.

All he/she needs to do is to fill the amount and choose the mode of payment viz. Cash or card.

If the driver chooses cash payment then a request will be sent to the admin for approval. And the money would be added only when the admin approves it.

Admin’s App

The admin just need to go to driver menu and select “wallet history”.

Here the admin can see the wallet balance of all its drivers.

To add the money in the wallet you just need to click on “Add wallet”.

After that fill out all the information like Driver’s name, amount, payment type, topup date, and transaction ID.