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How Incentives works ?

How Incentives works ?

Incentive system offers the Drivers to get the most by encouraging them to driver more with the system.

It increases the availability of the nearby cabs by inviting more drivers to do much rides and to have it for Passengers in most of the time.

Basically, it is win win for both Driver and System itself.

Incentives can be created from System Administration and can be configured for different service types targeting certain group of people.

Incentives are of weekly bases Considering Monday as start of the week, that means Driver can have time of week to achieve particular incentive. During that time, He can check the progress of the incentives from Mobile application.

Incentives 1

There are 4 criteria that are effecting on Incentives.

  • Minimum Rides : It is the number of rides to be successfully completed by driver to claim the incentive
  • Acceptance Rate : It is Percentage of the Number of Rides Request Driver Accept from the Total. It makes sure that Driver keeps his Acceptance Ratio always high
  • User Rating : Not only accepting rides are enough, it is more important that how you serve your customer. Based on that user will be Rating the drives and that effects on incentives.
  • Cancellation Rate : It is obvious that Driver cancel minimum number of Rides once he accepts it. Based on that Cancellation Rate is calculated and that will lead him to get his Incentive

Incentives 2

Incentives can be created from Admin panel and Admin can decide all of above 4 criteria for Incentive for any particular Service Type.

To claim the weekly incentive Driver must be qualifying above creteria decided for perticular incentive. At the end of the week successfully claimed incentive’s amount will be transffered to Driver automatically.

Incentive system is an organic way to attract Driver to do more ride with better service. It works night and day with no action needed.