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Setting Up Vehicle

Setting Up Vehicle

Vehicle Type Price

To add any vehicle type in the system you first have to define its price.

You can set Vehicle type price from Setting menu.

Here you can add information such as base price, charge/km, cancellation charges and many more.

Vehicle Type

Click on submit after setting up the price on the system.

You can always make modifications by clicking on “action” tab.

Vehicle Type

Add Vehicle Type

Once you have defined the price, you can now define the vehicle type.

Simply go to settings and click on “Vehicle Type”.

Where you have to fill important data such as:

  • Capacity : It’s the maximum number of passengers that a car can accommodate in a single ride.
  • Price Calculation : Select a mode of price calculation i.e. Auto or Fixed.
    • Auto : Fare will be calculated at the end of trip on the basis of total distance covered.
    • Fixed : Fare will be determined before the ride and won’t change in any circumstances.
  • Vehicle Price Type : The price which you assigned earlier will appear in the dropdown list. Select the price and assign it to the vehicle type.
  • Vehicle Type Display Order : Select the order in which the vehicle type would appear on the app screen.
  • Check Priority : You can switch ON the “check priority” option to display the vehicle type in the “configuration” section.
  • Service Type : Select what kind of service would the vehicle type receive. You can select any one type or all three at once.

What does priority means?

It’s a hierarchical order in which a vehicle type can replace any other type which is placed below it. However, a vehicle type with lower priority cannot replace a vehicle type of higher priority.

Vehicle Type

Once you fill all the information, click on submit. You will be redirected towards a page which will show all the vehicle types with their characteristics.

Vehicle Type