Features to build effective customer relationship

Give your customers an unforgettable ordering experience and make them lifelong customers with our intuitive customer app armed with rich features.


Simple order booking

This feature allows customers to easily select the food, grocery, or any item they want to purchase and place an order with just a few taps. It simplifies the process of purchasing without any complications.


Real time order tracking

Customers can track the status of their order from the moment they place it until it is delivered to their doorstep. They can stay updated on each stage of the delivery process, such as order confirmation, packaging, transit, and delivery.


Multiple & secure payment options

Give your customers flexibility and convenience in making payments. They can choose from various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, or cash on delivery.


Ratings to store, products, and drivers

Customers can provide ratings and feedback for the store, individual products, and delivery drivers. This helps other customers make informed decisions and also provides valuable insights to the company for improving their services.


Order history and receipts

Your customers can view their order history, including details of past purchases, and access digital receipts for their transactions. This feature helps them keep track of their previous orders and easily access proof of purchase.


Generate multiple orders

Allows your customers to place multiple orders, purchase different items or even make separate transactions without any hassle. It gives them the feeling of “my life, my rule”.


Inbuilt wallet

Enable your customers to store funds within the app, which they can use for future purchases. It provides a convenient and secure way for customers to make transactions without having to enter their payment details repeatedly.


Offer more, apart from just ordering

A customer app designed to make all local businesses offer UberEats like online ordering and drive direct digital sales.

In app communication

Offer your customers to chat with you or the driver directly within the app. You can also send personalized messages, provide real-time support through chat features, and keep customers updated with important notifications

Multi-lingual support

Cater to a diverse customer base by offering them the ordering functionality in multiple languages. This way, you can make your app more accessible and inclusive. It also leads to a more globally appealing and user-friendly experience.

Increase customer retention:

Keep your loyal customers coming back for more by offering personalized experiences based on their behavior, implementing loyalty programs to reward their continued business, and providing proactive support to keep them satisfied.

Competitive advantage:

Through personalized experiences and exceptional customer service, you can create a distinct identity for your business and stand out from your competition.

Seamless ordering and payment:

Simplify the purchasing process for your customers. Reduce the friction from your customer's buying journey by allowing them to place orders and make payments within the app. This way your customers complete their purchases.

Push notifications:

Utilize personalized push notifications to deliver targeted and relevant messages to your users. By sending tailored updates, promotions, or reminders, you can effectively re-engage users and drive app interactions.


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Yelowsoft helps its Mexican client – Click To Go with an advanced Super App. Watch the below video where our client shares his experience of working with us.

Arturo Reveles

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Frequently asked question

Very easy! They just have to download the app from the App Store if they have an iPhone and from the Play Store if they are using an Android phone. Then they just have to sign up, save their info, and place their first order in minutes.

Our app boosts order sizes by suggesting add-ons, offering discounts for contactless delivery, and simplifying the re-ordering process.

Yes, our customer app does help you to gather customer ordering data. The back-end analytics and reporting provide rich insights into menu performance, popular customizations, customer demographics and order patterns, letting you optimize accordingly.

We provide 24/7 multi-channel customer support for the app via live chat, email, FAQs and tutorial documentation so your staff isn't burdened with app issues.

No problem - your customers can easily access all your locations' menus in a single app and change locations as needed with their customer accounts.

Our system auto-scales with demand spikes seamlessly so customers have a smooth ordering experience even during their busiest rushes.

Absolutely - we ensure tight integration with all major POS systems for a streamlined order flow into your existing systems with no manual entry required.

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