Discover the features that make your deliveries smart

Manage all your inventory and delivery operations at your fingertips. Also, increase your drivers' productivity and efficiency with our driver app’s modern features.


Real-time navigation

Never let your drivers get lost on delivery routes again. Our app guides your drivers every step of the way, ensuring timely deliveries and happy customers. Say goodbye to wrong turns and hello to smoother, more efficient deliveries!


Order management

As orders get placed, our intelligent algorithms assign and batch jobs based on drivers’ real-time locations. Drivers can review order and delivery details, customer information and instructions right within the app. They also can confirm order pickup and dropoff and capture signatures, digitally.


In app communication

Your drivers can stay connected with your customers with our in-app communication feature. Chat in real-time, provide updates on order status, and address any concerns or questions instantly. Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your operations with seamless in-app communication.


Ratings and reviews

Build trust and credibility with your customers through ratings and reviews. Collect valuable feedback, showcase your excellent service, and attract new customers with positive reviews. With our app, you can leverage the power of customer feedback to grow your business and reputation.


Earning tracking

Your drivers can keep track of their earnings. They can effortlessly access detailed trip reports, track income, and gain insights into their financial performance. This empowers your drivers to manage their finances effectively.


Multi-language support

Your drivers can serve customers from diverse backgrounds with our multilingual support feature. It allows them to enhance their communication skill as our driver app supports multiple languages, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience for all passengers.


Run your business smartly with these advanced features

Along with automating deliveries, make your inventory management easy and deliveries smart, improved, and before time with these advanced features.


SOS and safety feature

The SOS (Emergency) and safety feature enables your drivers to signal for help in the event of an emergency, such as an accident or a medical emergency, while delivering orders. The driver can activate this feature through the app, which will alert you and notify emergency services.


Document management

At the time of delivery, drivers can upload the order, delivery, and signature pads documents to streamline the pickup and delivery process. This feature will help to ensure that the driver completed all required steps and tasks correctly. This improves your overall customer experience.


Report and analytics

The driver app gives you actionable reports and insights on fleet KPIs through intuitive dashboards. It tracks metrics like delivery times, acceptance rates, peak hours utilization and earnings heatmaps. Filter data, detect trends, compare KPIs across geographies - make data-driven optimization decisions to maximize fleet productivity.


Customer satisfaction

The app empowers drivers to improve the post-delivery customer experience. Drivers can enable contactless deliveries to reassure customers. Customers can easily view driver locations, call them through masked numbers and rate deliveries - building trust and loyalty. We also capture customer feedback and monitor ratings to coach low-rated drivers.


Increased earnings

Boosts per-trip earnings through features like digital wallet, promotions integration, sponsor advertisements and tips management. Drivers can collect instant earnings after each trip. They can easily track tips and utilize tools to get more tips - keeping your drivers happy and loyal. Our dynamic payout systems help increase their hourly income through incentives.


Success stories

Step into the shoes of our satisfied customers as they share their stories and experiences.

Yelowsoft helps its Mexican client – Click To Go with an advanced Super App. Watch the below video where our client shares his experience of working with us.


Arturo Reveles

Click To Go

Yelowsoft helps its taxi client from Caribbean – Travee with a robust taxi dispatch system. Listen what Travee has to say about their experience.


Makesi Peter


YelowSoft revamped its Malaysia-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch our client share their experience in the video below!


Amirul Shafiq Sudin


YelowSoft guided its France-based client Bookmi to emerge as a leading taxi booking solution by delivering our robust platform. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.


Christiane Auffray



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Frequently asked question

Very easy! They just have to download the app from the App Store if they have an iPhone and from the Play Store if they are using an Android phone. Then they just have to sign up, save their info, and place their first order in minutes.

Yes, in-app messaging and calling means drivers never have to switch apps to connect with dispatch or customers, improving delivery coordination.

The app provides complete visibility into drivers' delivery fees, tips and incentive payments. You can easily process payouts to their integrated wallet after verification.

Our intelligent analytics dashboard tracks key metrics like utilization rates, acceptance rates and more to help managers identify areas for optimization.

Our routing algorithms process real-time traffic, weather conditions and delivery density to guide drivers along the most time and fuel-efficient routes.

Yes, the driver app facilitates contactless deliveries. Your drivers can confirm contactless deliveries with customers through in-app chat and calls, increasing safety. Electronic signatures also eliminate physical contact.

The driver app captures the customer feedback after every trip which compiles into driver profiles. You can quickly identify high vs low-rated performers to coach them on safety.

Yes, it has 40+ language translations so multinational fleets can seamlessly use it across geographies and communicate effectively.

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