Your customers’ time is precious.
don’t make them wait.

A key to our success is that we always value our customer’s time. We provide fast cab services and ensure that there is minimal or no wastage of time.

User-friendly admin panel

Our Admin Panel provides numerous options to manage Cabs, Drivers, Customers, and Dispatch. It helps to monitor progress and to track ride reports. Thus, helping in taking suitable actions.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboard

Fast, efficient and real-time dashboard which shows online drivers and business heat maps.

Manage Drivers

Manage drivers

Register, remove, update or block your drivers’ profiles. Manage profiles efficiently with the help of the panel.

Track Drivers

Track drivers

Track real-time locations of your drivers and allocate them to places of high demand.

Manage Customers

Manage customers

Offer great deals to attract new customers and provide some extra benefits to retain your existing ones.

Manage Vehicles

Manage vehicles

Add new cabs as per need, analyze overall performance and ensure its maintenance periodically.

Payment Management

Payment management

Examine all the transactions details and execute the payments and payment methods from the panel.

Make commute easier for users

Our main aim is to provide comfortable, convenient and fast cab services. We make commutation smooth for users by following ways:

Multiple payment options

Your users can pay from the various payment options available on the passenger app

Multifaceted operations

Help your users safe cost of daily commute by adding carpooling as option into passenger app

One-click booking

Your customers will have an easy time booking. They just have to enter the destination to book

Estimated time of arrival

The ETA functionality lets users know at what time a driver will arrive with their ride

Transparency worth mentioning

Total fare, duration and distance of travel and mode of payment on a single app screen

Save some precious time

Customers hate entering the same location over and again. The app lets them pin locations

Motivation around the corner

A top-notch service and app quality ensure your customers always gives you a thumbs-up

Swift addressal of emergencies

Your customer can seek help in the case of an emergency from within the app, at a tap

Give your drivers a better life

Drivers are our allies, and we ensure that we provide all kind of facilities and, help them. We have drafted the following policies for the efficient working of drivers.

Transparent billing

With greater transparency in billing, you and your drivers will forge healthy business relationships

Merit-based incentives

With greater transparency, it is easier to reward hard-working drivers and penalize slacking drivers

Freedom to work

No work pressure, lure drivers to your platform by promising a work-life balance they deserve

Ease of use

The driver app is intuitive and sports many useful features to make the life of your drivers simpler

Freedom at your ease

No draconian rules, your drivers can accept a trip or let it go at their own discretion and ease

Simplicity at its best

One tap to accept a trip and one swipe to start and complete a trip. Your driver will love it.

History, not mystery

A single app screen for your drivers to check trips they last took, over the day, week, or month.

Make money, not war

Your drivers will make more money than their Yellow Cab counterparts and so will you!.

A central place to manage operations

We receive vital data and insights from our Analytics data. It helps us to a great extent to identify areas of potential profits and regions where we need to work.

Our cloud-based solution brings various benefits to your business

Our Cloud-based solutions help you to be a step ahead of all your rivals. We help in nurturing your business with our expertise and our solutions which are unparalleled.

Application maintenance, sustenance, and support services

We work on our services all day all night. We keep on searching for the loopholes and fix it as soon as possible with the help of our accomplished maintenance & support service.

Bug Removal

Bug removal

We are constantly on a hunt to track down bugs and fix them in a non-intrusive and obstructive way



A change in the backend can make your abandoned web or mobile apps inoperable to your customers



Once the solution is running in a cloud server setting, we work on adding new features and commands



We monitor the configuration for higher accessibility and performance of applications in any scenario.

Frequently asked question

1What exactly is YelowTaxi?

YelowTaxi is a white label taxi software solution that includes fleet management, dispatch and booking solution designed and developed by Peerbits. It is meant for businesses of all sizes and shapes that must manage a fleet of vehicles. The solution is delivered in the form of various mobile and web apps.

2What are the various types of fleets YelowTaxi will find relevance in?

While the list is virtually endless. As I mentioned, any business that manages a fleet as a core part of their business operations or as an extended part of their business operations, will find solutions provided by YelowTaxi relevant.

For example,

  1. School Bus Tracking
  2. Limo Software
  3. Fleet Rental Solution
  4. Concierge Solution
  5. Trucking & Logistic App
  6. Ride Sharing & Pooling
3What are the various modules YelowTaxi is delivered to its clients?

YelowTaxi at this stage is delivered in three ways:

  1. Taxi Booking System
  2. Dispatcher Module
  3. Fleet Management System

A client can purchase a combination, all three or either of the three based on their business requirement.

4How customizable is YelowTaxi?

As a white label taxi and fleet management solution, YelowTaxi is fully customizable to your branding requirements and business rules. Moreover, you’ll have the admin access that is can override rules, make exceptions to the fleet operation. Our specialist will help you customize the app.

5In which form, the solution is delivered to the customers?

As a mobile-first taxi solution, depending upon the module the clients opted for, we may deliver a couple of native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. In addition, some of the solutions might delivered in the form of responsive web app.

For example, in YelowTaxi’s Taxi Booking System, two mobility solutions: one for the driver, another for the passenger are delivered in the form of mobile applications and work very much like any on-demand taxi service in the market.

6My fleet is less than 10 vehicles but I am adding more vehicles, is the solution for me?

Yes, regardless the size of your fleet, YelowTaxi dispatch solution is just right for you. We made the solution to be scalable and should work as it is no matter how many new vehicles you add in the fleet.

Theoretically, YelowTaxi has no limit on the number of vehicles in a fleet it can manage. In fact, it can be made to manage more than one fleet at a time.

7I am interested in YelowTaxi, what’s next?

Talk to our sales team. Fill this form up. We will arrange you a callback, where we will discuss the requirement in detail. In addition, you can always email your requirements to with date and time you expect a callback.

  • turbo-client
    Their products are exceptional. You can surely find what you need with them. I am really out of words when it comes to their products because it’s just perfect. The team, the workforce, and the platform all functions of an organisation are integrated well and that is what makes Yelowsoft special.
    Mohamed Patel
    Turbo Cabs
  • manngo client
    With Yelowtaxi, going into business is faster as all the functionalities are there. The team is helpful and expert in their field. The ease of customization in accordance to local requirements. Having no issues communicating what is needed to the support team.
    Tengku Shahputra
  • emmanuel
    "Working with Yelowsoft has been very rewarding. Initially, I was afraid that you would not be able to deliver on my project, but your team work tirelessly and got it done. You are very patient in handling my observations and concerns, your response time is also very good. I will always choose you. Keep it up."
    Time Drive
  • yfclient
    Everything is going fine. Great work!! I would never regret doing business with Yelowsoft. Keep up the good work.I always got quick response from Mushahid and Shehezad. I would definitely refer you to my friends for future businesses.
    Mohammad Daoud

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