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Cutting-edge taxi booking system

We have developed a smart and automated taxi solution which has all the necessary features to boost any kind taxi business.

Manage your drivers efficiently with these features

We have developed our taxi dispatch system keeping everything in mind. We have in-built features in the system that makes it easier and more efficient to manage all your drivers through our dynamic taxi booking system.

Earn profits with various types of tariff rates

We understand it very well that earning profits by imposing a static pricing or tariff rate is difficult. Hence, we came up with various types of tariff rates which you can impose as per your requirements to gain larger profits.

Highly configurable admin panel

Our taxi booking system provides you with an interactive and cloud-based admin panel with which you can control all your assets with automated dispatch, real-time fleet tracking, managing driver’s and customer’s queries and many more.

Take insight-driven business decisions

Our reports & analytics provide you with all critical data like total no. of rides, requests, earnings, cancellations, online drivers, and many more in a graphical form. These crucial data enable you to take insight-driven business decisions.

Empower your customers with multiple payment options

We understand that every customer has their own preferred mode of payment. That’s why our taxi dispatch system provides your customers with the option of multiple payments. They can do payment by cash, card, or wallet.

Motivate your drivers with lucrative incentives

It’s obvious that you would want to reward your hard-working drivers. Thus, we have included an incentive structure in our taxi dispatch system. To avail the incentive amount, the driver must fulfill all the parameters or criteria of the incentive.

More advanced

Apart from the basic features we have included some advanced and next-gen features that can take your taxi business to sky-highs.

Real-time tracking

With real-time tracking system you can keep an eye on every activity of your drivers.


Earn extra profits by imposing surge pricing on specific zones and even time slots.

Heat map

View the frequency of cab requests across all the regions in various colors to make better Decisions.

Dispatch app

We provide dispatch app for all the dispatchers stationed at various places for instant booking.


Grow your business by providing referral bonuses and redeemable points to drivers and customers.

Multi Language

We understand the importance of language and thus provide our solution in all the languages.

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