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Emerging as a leader in the taxi industry is not easy and we understand that very well. That’s why we have come up with a ride hailing solution that has the capability to catalyze your success by transforming your taxi booking service into a top class service.

A passenger app for flawless ride experience

Rejoice your customers with a flawless, swift, and stress-free riding experience with an easy-to-access passenger app.

  • Multiple payment options

    Pay via multiple payment options such as cash, card, and wallet.

  • Live tracking

    Track cabs in real-time along with receiving accurate ETAs.

  • Quick booking

    Book cabs in the matter of seconds with an intuitive passenger app UI

  • Review & ratings

    Give ratings and review based on your experience after every trip.

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Never let your driver idle

Free up your drivers from idle times by managing your rides with YelowRide tech savvy algorithms. Harness the power of an intelligent algorithm that keeps all drivers engaged.

Reduce driver assignment time drastically

Our smart algorithm puts the most suitable driver for the ride on the top. If that rejects the ride, then it automatically passes on to another driver in the sequence.

Get a ride to your customer in the blink of a second

Our advanced ride hailing system matches the drivers in such a way that it minimises the waiting time for the rider, which gradually improves your service.

Smart algorithm to match the rides with a suitable driver

Our smart algorithm provides an opportunity by considering the shortest ride to match the request with a driver with the shortest distance.

Smart Algorithm

Harness the power of automation

Efficiently orchestrate your ride-hailing operations. Manage your rates and driver commissions as per the predicted demand with YelowTaxi's well crafted and advanced ride hailing software.

On-Boarding Drivers Becomes Effortless

Get free from the lengthy and complicated onboarding process with YelowRide's cutting-edge ride-hailing solution. Automating your driver onboarding with an easy sign up and document uploading process.

Seamless Queue Management

Keep your drivers engaged with our unique queue management feature. Create and manage the order queue of drivers efficiently based on wait times, distance, and driver rating.

Efficient Rate Management

Manage your driver rates instantly with our flexible, tech-savvy and easy-to-use ride hailing system. Change the rates as you want to earn high profits by efficiently using peak hour demands.

Broadcast The Ride Requests For Better Fulfilment

Now you can efficiently broadcast the real-time ride visibility to your drivers. So if they cannot accept the ride request then the algorithm assigns the ride to another driver.

Stay updated with accurate reports and analytics

Keep a tab on your business by getting a record of the driver details, earnings, and bookings. Employ this data to identify weak spots and take the right course of action to enhance your overall performance.

Driver Commission & Payout

Charge commission from all the drivers with automated driver billing. This system considers the factors like driver’s balance, commission, incentives, penalties, and taxes into account to settle the entire driver’s payment.

Scalable, secure and reliable ride hailing tech

Ride hailing becomes super-easy with a top-notch automatic taxi hailing solution. Digitize your taxi business with a secure and scalable ride hailing system.

Everything you need to become a market leader

Rule the taxi market in your region by surpassing the increasing demands of your customers. Launch your ride-hailing and sharing service according to your needs with YelowRide’s tailor-made booking, dispatching and marketplace technology.

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Incentives & Rewards


Self-Operating Kiosks

Offer five star ride-hailing experience with YelowRide

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Go an extra mile with robust setup and consultation

A great app is far more than just a random set of features. It helps you to build a great identity for your brand. At YelowRide, we will help you share your success story across the world by providing you with customized services and branding consultation.

Now you do not have to worry about commitment, just contact us any time, and we will provide you with prompt assistance whenever you need it, even after the completion of your project.

Frequently Asked Question

1How is the trip assigned to the drivers? (What is the Algorithm)?

Request algorithm is our core part. We maintain the status of drivers in real-time based on their location, occupancy, and services. We match the best driver to reach the pickup location at the earliest.

2How many bookings can the system handle at a time?

Our system is auto-scalable and can handle an N number of bookings at a time.

3Can I manage multi-city rides through one system? Also, can I keep different pricing as per the cities?

Of course, we can set up different operations for you with specific regions. You can manage them with one panel and also give individual access to the operational area manager. Each operational area will work on its own separate configuration.

4Does your system have local language support eg. Spanish?

We have a ticketing system where you can write your message in the local language as well. Our team will interpret it and provide you with answers in your local language along with the English language.

5Do you provide help and support once we go live?

Yes, we provide ticketing support after we go live. It is lifetime support which is included in the monthly subscription.

6I already have my app live and I don't want to lose those users. How can YelowSoft handle that?

Yes, we provide migration from your old system, keeping in consideration that you have access to the existing system data and resources.

You are in a good company

YelowSoft revamped its Malaysia-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch our client share their experience in the video below!


Amirul Shafiq Sudin


We don't speak about our success, our client testimonial says it all. Check out what our client Abduall Aziz, CEO of Saudi Arabia's Take Me Taxi App has to say about his experience with Yelowsoft's advanced ride-hailing solution.


Abduall Aziz

Take me

Our success is driven by your passion towards a thriving ride-hailing business. Watch this testimonial where Cesar Blasco, CEO, Bigo Lite - Costa Rica has shared his experience of working with Yelowsoft.


Cesar Blasco


A happy customer is the key to great business success. Checkout this testimonial to know what our client Branislav Jergovic of Zimi Zoom, Serbia has to say about his experience of working with Yelowsoft.


Branislav Jergovic

Zimi Zoom

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