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Yelowsoft’s ride hailing solution: Shaping the finest ride hailing startups in the world



Our ride-hailing solution fast tracks your taxi business with automation by efficiently managing all the repetitive tasks.


Analyze your performance on a periodic basis with reports and analytics to identify the areas which needs improvement.


Expand your business with our highly scalable ride hailing system that can integrate various services with 99% reliability.

Be a leading ride-hailing service with Yelowsoft

Emerging as a leader in the taxi industry is not easy and we understand that very well. That’s why we have come up with a ride hailing solution that has the capability to catalyze your success by transforming your taxi booking service into a top class service.

Automate operations to achieve increased efficiency

Get rid of the manual system by running your taxi business in an automation mode which enables you to cut costs, save time and make more bookings & profits at foolproof security.

Swift and smooth driver onboarding

Achieve swift on-boarding by replacing all the manual and tedious tasks of documentation with automation. Make documentation process easy and manage driver subscriptions without any hassles.

Get instant updates with reports & analytics

Evaluate your driver’s performance by viewing stats like driver’s balance, earnings, and bookings. Identify any weak spots in your overall performance by comparing stats and taking the correct course of action to enhance the overall performance.

Manage high demand

Manage high demand at peak hours by ensuring that none of the booking request goes missing or unattended by your bus staff with the help of an automated ride hailing solution.

Charge driver commission with automated driver billing

Charge and procure your commission from all the drivers with automated driver billing. This system takes all the factors like driver’s balance, commission, incentives, penalties, and taxes into account to settle the entire driver’s payment.

Automated dispatch

Run your taxi business on an auto-pilot mode with automated dispatch system which dispatches the cab automatically as soon as it receives a request from the rider. Save time and energy by executing hassle-free dispatching.

Expand your business seamlessly

Do you have 5 – 10,000+ vehicles? Don’t worry! Our ride-hailing system will manage it all. Our highly scalable ride-hailing app has the capability to handle an increasing number of riders and drivers effortlessly which allows you to expand your business without any hassles.

Take insight-driven business decisions

Be data-driven with our reports & analytics that shows which are the areas where you’re performing well and poor respectively. Our reports & analytics also render you with vital in the form of graphs and stats that help you in taking better business decisions.

Manage finances

The analytics provide revenue stats that show you the earnings made your company and your drivers. This comparison helps you to maintain the suitable ratio between the two.

Evaluate driver’s performance

Keep your drivers in check by awarding them rewards and penalties after assessing their performances from the data received from the analytics.

Maximize booking

Identify your crucial hotspot areas where your maximum business profit potential lies. Divert your drivers in those hotspots to obtain maximum bookings.

Reduce cost

Identify and single out the areas with excessive expenditure. Analyze those areas and make necessary amendments to reduce your overall cost.

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