Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch System, Taxi Booking App, Taxi Management Software

A taxi booking and dispatch
application solution

Dispatch made easy with cloud technology

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the Dispatch system in such a way that you can execute all your Dispatch actions at lightning speed.

Auto or manual dispatch

The person handling the dispatcher when unavailable for the upcoming booking requests can switch the dispatcher to auto dispatch mode.

Simple dispatch Interface

The dispatch interface is minimalistic so that an inexpert too can operate it. Dispatching is as simple as clicking the ‘dispatch’ against an available driver.

Track your business

Be omnipresent! Cloud-Based Taxi Dispatch system allows you to track every action. Track your business with the help of analytic tools and custom reports.

Better resource allocation

Cloud enhances the resource allocation for Taxi Dispatch. The automatic cloud dispatch effectively cuts 95% of phone booking time.

Most significant features of our taxi booking app

Our Taxi Booking App comes with plethora of features which will totally transform your business. Some of the major features have been described below.

Manage user’s app

Our Taxi Booking Solution helps to manage all the activities of User’s App.

Manage driver’s app

The Taxi Management Software assists in administrating all the activities of Driver’s App.


Get valuable insights which will help you to take crucial decisions to grow your business.

Multiple payments

Customers can make payments in multiple modes such as cash, cards, and wallets.

USPs of our dispatch system

Our Dispatch System comes with unique features that will transform your Taxi Business and help it to grow at exponential rate.

How our dispatch system will benefit your business

Our Dispatch System has the potential to be a complete game changer. Below is how it can impact your business.

Increase Growth

Our Dispatch System Will Boost Your Business Growth

“Our White Label Taxi App with cloud based dispatch system will help in increasing the growth of your taxi business. The Dispatch System will assist in organising your fleet which would save your time. Moreover, you can recruit more cabs and increase your workforce.”

Increase Automation

Overcome All the Hassles of Manual Dispatching with Automated Dispatching

“Our Taxi Dispatch Solution comes with the automation feature which enhances efficiency and reduces cost & time. Automation performs all the cumbersome tasks and saves your time to concentrate on the other aspects.”

Insights from Analytics

Get Vital Insights Which Drive You to Take Crucial Decisions

“The Reports & Analytics of your Dispatch System provide you with valuable insights on your business. These insights help you to identify the weak links in your business so that you can work on it and eventually increase your productivity.”

Security in the Cloud

Enjoy Full Proof Security of Your Crucial Business Data on the Cloud

“The Admin or the Dispatcher enjoys fool proof security with our Cloud-Based Dispatch System. Apart from the security he can access the data from anywhere. Thus, the Cloud technology adds security and flexibility to the Dispatch system.”

Companies that we have worked with

Countries that YelowTaxi dispatch system has conquered

  • emmanuel
    "Working with Yelowsoft has been very rewarding. Initially, I was afraid that you would not be able to deliver on my project, but your team work tirelessly and got it done. You are very patient in handling my observations and concerns, your response time is also very good. I will always choose you. Keep it up."
    Time Drive
  • yfclient
    Everything is going fine. Great work!! I would never regret doing business with Yelowsoft. Keep up the good work.I always got quick response from Mushahid and Shehezad. I would definitely refer you to my friends for future businesses.
    Mohammad Daoud

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