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With all-in-one advance dispatch software you can

Take your taxi business to the next level by adding value to your daily operations with Yelowtaxi's well crafted and advanced all-in-one taxi dispatch software.

Keep an eye on your operations

Monitor your taxi business operations by tracking your drivers and customers. Know the bookings, earnings, preferable payment mode and locations with high demand.

A passenger app for flawless ride experience

Rejoice your customers with a flawless, swift, and stress-free riding experience with an easy-to-access passenger app.

  • Multiple payment options

    Pay via multiple payment options such as cash, card, and wallet.

  • Live tracking

    Track cabs in real-time along with receiving accurate ETAs.

  • Quick booking

    Book cabs in the matter of seconds with an intuitive passenger app UI

  • Review & ratings

    Give ratings and review based on your experience after every trip.

A companion app for your drivers

Empower your drivers with a feature-packed driver app that facilitates them with an impeccable cab-driving experience.

  • Never miss a ride

    With YelowTaxi’s techno friendly dispatch solution, you can pass on the pending ride request to the nearby driver. So, any ride cannot be missed.

  • Track the earnings effortlessly

    Now your drivers can easily keep a detailed record of their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings with a tech savvy companion app.

  • Open for more vehicle types

    Now you can easily accept a minicar request whether, fulfil any ride request with YelowTaxi’s tech savvy taxi dispatch solution.

  • One tap street pickup

    Make effortless street pickups irrespective of a taxi booking app. Get accurate fare estimate with YelowTaxi’s automated dispatch solution.

Access multiple booking channels

Booking a cab becomes more comfortable and faster with our taxi dispatch solution. Just select your desired booking mode and get a taxi on the spot.

Seamless website booking

Introduce website taxi booking to expand your business beyond the realm of mobile application. Integrate our application’s API in your existing website to provide an effective alternative to mobile application by performing all operations pertaining to the taxi booking straight from the websites.

Self-operating kiosks

Enhance total number of bookings by setting up self-operating kiosks in public places. Self-operating kiosks are automated computer terminal that features specialized hardware and software. These kiosks allow the customers to book cabs themselves without any external help. They can be set up in any public places that has high demands like metros, airports, malls, hotels, and many others.

Dispatcher app

Efficiently manage your manual taxi booking operations along with automatic booking with a robust taxi dispatcher application. Don’t miss out any ride requests that you receive via phone calls or in person. Instantly book the rides by entering all the essential details pertaining to the rides in the app to confirm the booking.

Go digital with Yelowtaxi’s automated taxi dispatch solution

Operate your taxi business without the heavy piles of papers through innovation and technology with an automated taxi dispatch solution.

Vehicle Management

Customer Management

Dynamic Pricing

Corporate Business


Dispatcher App

Our satisfied clients

Yelowsoft helps its taxi client from Caribbean – Travee with a robust taxi dispatch system. Listen what Travee has to say about their experience.

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Someday - Europe

Yelowsoft helps its Mexican client – Click To Go with an advanced Super App. Watch the below video where our client shares his experience of working with us.

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Someday - Europe

Yelowsoft revamped its France-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

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Someday - Europe

Yelowsoft guided its Malaysia-based client CPUT to emerge as a leading e-hailing service by delivering our robust e-hailing platform. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

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Someday - Europe

Yelowsoft’s global footprints

Yelowsoft has provided top-notch on-demand solutions to clients that come from all the corners of the world. Our global footprint is growing each day.


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Yelowsoft strengthens Poland’s Free Taxi with an advanced Taxi Dispatch System

Free Taxi is a leading taxi company based in Tri-City. Apart from Tri-City, its taxi services are also available in Warsaw, Krakow, Zielona Góra, Łódź, and many other Polish cities.
May 27, 2021

YelowXpress — A powerful solution for all your delivery needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted all the businesses around the world. However, there are few businesses that have directly benefitted due to pandemic-driven social distancing, lockdowns, and curfews.

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