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Change your company’s fortunes with Yelowsoft’s taxi dispatch software

Accomplish excellence with our taxi dispatch software

Increase your profits, booking, drivers, customers, and brand value at an exponential rate with the help of Yelowsoft’s cloud-based and automated taxi dispatch software.

Centralized admin panel

Manage all operations on customer’s side as well as on the driver’s side with a highly interactive and easy-to-access admin panel acting as a central system to your taxi business.

A passenger app for flawless ride experience

Rejoice your customers with a flawless, swift, and stress-free riding experience with an easy-to-access passenger app.

  • Multiple payment options

    Pay via multiple payment options such as cash, card, and wallet.

  • Live tracking

    Track cabs in real-time along with receiving accurate ETAs.

  • Quick booking

    Book cabs in the matter of seconds with an intuitive passenger app UI

  • Review & ratings

    Give ratings and review based on your experience after every trip.

A companion app for your drivers

Empower your drivers with a feature-packed driver app that facilitates them with an impeccable cab-driving experience.

  • Real-time requests

    Send real-time requests to all your drivers and provide a lightning fast cab service.

  • Availability status

    Drivers can switch their availability status between online and offline at any time.

  • Real-time navigation

    Real-time navigation powered by Maps for optimal routes and accurate directions.

  • Earnings

    Drivers can track their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings on their companion app.

Be data driven

Take insight-driven business decisions with powerful reports and analytics. Get comprehensive data of your all your drivers, bookings, and transactions to identify your strong and weak business areas and to take required course of action.

Manage demand

Identify crucial hotspot areas with maximum demand at any given time of instant. Manage those high demands by diverting your fleets to exploit the full business potential of those hotspots.

Bird’s eye view

Get a bird's eye view to identify the areas which needs the maximum focus. Become future proof by driving your business in accordance to the insights rendered by reports and analytics.

Seamless website booking

Introduce website taxi booking to expand your business beyond the realm of mobile application. Integrate our application’s API in your existing website to provide an effective alternative to mobile application by performing all operations pertaining to the taxi booking straight from the websites.

Self-operating kiosks

Enhance total number of bookings by setting up self-operating kiosks in public places. Self-operating kiosks are automated computer terminal that features specialized hardware and software. These kiosks allow the customers to book cabs themselves without any external help. They can be set up in any public places that has high demands like metros, airports, malls, hotels, and many others.

Dispatcher app

Efficiently manage your manual taxi booking operations along with automatic booking with a robust taxi dispatcher application. Don’t miss out any ride requests that you receive via phone calls or in person. Instantly book the rides by entering all the essential details pertaining to the rides in the app to confirm the booking.

IVR & phone booking

Achieve enhanced customer satisfaction and cost reduction with a swift and simple booking process powered by IVR. Yelowsoft’s IVR navigates your customers via an advanced speech recognition software which effectively simulates a conversation. Automate about 8% of your total call centers with IVR to cut manpower cost and booking hold time.

Maintenance and support services that we offer

Our team believes in providing seamless maintenance & support services to all our clients. Below are mentioned few of the major services.

Bug removal

Developers at Yelowsoft are extremely careful of bugs and are ever ready to hunt them down in such a way that it doesn’t affect the system.


Our developers at Yelowsoft are totally dedicated to our clients and are available 24*7 to resolve any type of issue.


We keep on improving the system working on cloud by integrating new features which increase its overall efficiency.


Our eyes are always on how the system is working. By this way we find possible errors and scope of improvement.

Frequently Asked Question

1What is Dispatch?

Dispatch is a whitelabel dispatch software designed and developed as a comprehensive solution inclusive of mobile apps by YelowSoft.

2What are the various pieces of software the dispatch solution includes?

Dispatch includes a dispatch dashboard, a web app or mobile/ tablet app, to be operated by a taxi handler and a mobile app for drivers to notify them of a fresh booking along with pick up and drop off location on an interactive map.

3What are the all types of fleet vehicles does the solution supports?

Taxi, Limousines, Private cars, Chauffeur-driven, Luxury vehicles, and Service vehicles

4What is the minimum and maximum fleet size does the solution support?

As such there is no minimum and maximum size that the dashboard supports. The maximum size is bounded by the hosting server’s maximum carrying capacity. The minimum fleet size is more of a decision taken around RoI.

Our satisfied clients

Yelowsoft revamped its Malaysia-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

Yelowsoft guided its France-based client CPUT to emerge as a leading e-hailing service by delivering our robust e-hailing platform. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

Yelowsoft delivered a robust solution to its Thailand based clients Navigo which enabled them to offer taxi booking, parcel delivery, and food delivery on the same application. Listen to what they have to say about us here.

Yelowsoft helped its Saudi-based client Take Me to run their taxi, rental, and outstation services on the same platform. Listen to what they have to say about us here.

Yelowsoft’s global footprints

Yelowsoft has provided top-notch on-demand solutions to clients that come from all the corners of the world. Our global footprint is growing each day.

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