Corporate Taxi Software & Solution, Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System

One stop solution for all your corporate travel needs

Manage all your employee travel with our dynamic taxi dispatch system specialized for corporates

A single portal for all the corporate travel needs

Add employees and incorporate your company’s policies with our taxi dispatch system’s business account and offer seamless rides to all your employees.

Control and monitor all your employee rides

Since, there is a chance that an employee might take advantage of free corporate ride for personal use. With our system in place you have the authority to approve and reject any of the rides.

Unlock a hassle-free experience for employees

Provide hassle-free rides to all your employees of your company with our smart & automated taxi dispatch solution for corporates.

Instant booking

Empower your employees by allowing them to book a corporate ride with just a few taps on the phone.

Charge less booking

Our corporate solution deals directly with the clients and spares their employees from cab booking payment.

The ultimate corporate admin panel

Our taxi dispatch system comes with a separate admin panel for the corporates. In this the corporate admin can manage all his/her employee rides by taking appropriate actions.

Additional features of our corporate taxi dispatch solution

Our corporate solution is enriched with plethora of features which makes it a must have solution for any taxi company.


With our corporate taxi dispatch solution, you can generate invoices for all your corporate clients with high speed and accuracy.


Our corporate solution allows you to keep different pricing models for your clients. For example, you can set a higher tariff rate for corporates.


The wallet system in place allows you to receive money from all your corporate clients before you deliver them the services.

Reports & analytics

The reports & analytics provide you with all the data in a graphical form which helps you to take insight-driven business decisions.

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