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Personalized Plans, Competitive Edge

Tired of losing corporate clients to competitors with more flexible pricing? Yelowsoft empowers you to attract and retain more customers. Our corporate cab booking software allows you to collaborate with clients to configure personalized pricing based on ride volume, vehicle type, route distance and other variables—helping strengthen partnerships.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Increased customer retention
  • Revenue growth
  • Volume discounts for frequent riders
  • Maximize profitability with specialized packages

Transparent Pricing, Happy Clients

Frustrated by corporate clients demanding transparent pricing? Our corporate cab management software enables you to transform confusing rate structures into clear, defined pricing for every vehicle type. With Yelowsoft, provide the rate clarity corporates want while gaining back control of forecasting, optimization and management.

  • Transparent vehicle-tiered rates
  • Accurate upfront cost estimates
  • Optimized budgets with defined pricing
  • Informed fleet decisions based on cost
  • Enhanced reporting and forecasting

Automate Invoicing, Eliminate Headaches

Struggling with invoice errors under a mountain of paperwork? Yelowsoft automates billing, sending precise invoices to corporate clients after the ride. Our taxi booking software streamlines your finances, boosts payment speed, reduces errors, and enhances client satisfaction.

  • Auto-create accurate invoices
  • Email invoices directly to clients
  • Accelerate payments with prompt billing
  • Eliminate time wasted on manual billing
  • Minimize errors that delay payments

Manage Employees Transportation Stress-Free

Managing employee transportation is a major headache. Lost records. Misused budgets. But our corporate taxi booking platform fixes it. The employee management dashboard in the corporate cab booking system gives you total oversight. Optimize your budget by tracking all employee ride history and expenses.

  • Track employee ride history and expenses
  • Ensure employee compliance with transportation policies
  • Automated ride expense reporting
  • Streamlined reimbursement
  • Budget optimization

Cost with Trip Authorization

Employees booking unnecessary rides quickly drains budgets. Without pre-approval, fraudulent requests go undetected. With the trip authorization feature in corporate taxi dispatch software, you can review every employee's ride request. Managers can track who requested trips, where they are going, and why - having the power to approve or deny each trip.

  • The manager reviews trip requests to prevent fraud
  • Unnecessary rides are rejected, saving costs
  • Track who, when, and where employees ride for auditing
  • Ensure compliance with corporate policies
  • Added accountability improves efficiency

Manage Rides from Anywhere

Tracking employee rides manually is inefficient. The admin app in the corporate taxi management solution centralizes all your transportation management needs in one place. Gain data-driven insights to optimize operations. With enhanced insights and control, the admin app improves efficiency so you can provide the best transportation experience.

  • View and manage all trip requests remotely
  • Customizable to match corporate policies
  • Data-driven insights to optimize operations
  • Efficient oversight improves user experience
  • Enhanced control over employee transportation

Why Choose Yelowsoft?

Choose it because you get more and not less than what we commit.

  • Same-day turnkey solution available
  • Get reliable uptime and support
  • Real-time analytics for taxi tracking
  • Mobile-friendly white label solution
  • Unlock More Features with Comprehensive API
  • Maximum Resource Utilization

Success stories

Discover why YelowTaxi's SaaS-based taxi software is the top choice for taxi businesses in 30+ countries. Check our client reviews and see how our user-friendly platform and robust features set us apart.

It was a pleasure working with a team of expert developers to create a taxi app for my business. The team was professional, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable about the latest trends in the industry.

Arturo Reveles

CEO, Click To Go

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We are really impressed with them because they created an app beyond my expectations. It has helped me to streamline my taxi business while also providing a more convenient and enjoyable experience for my customers.

Abdullah Halim

Managing Director, SK Taxi

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It was a great pleasure working with Yelowsoft team as they built a smart taxi app, and I must say, it was an incredible experience. The team was extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and they paid attention to every detail.

Mohamad Amirul Shafiq

CEO, Smart Taxi

I couldn't be happier with the results. From the very beginning, the team was professional, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable about the latest technology trends and user needs.

Ploy Rahong

CEO, Navigo

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I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and skilled team of developers to help them create a taxi app.

Makesi Peter

CEO, Travee

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Frequently asked question

Yes, the corporate module in our system is for all business trips done by corporates and their employees.

We have multiple options for that. You can create bookings for your customers in the panel. Moreover, the dispatcher app is handy, user friendly and there is a mobile version for creating bookings on behalf of the customer. You can create as many dispatches as you want.

We provide live attention in the panel for all scheduled bookings. You can assign any driver of your choice to the booking with a single tap. Moreover, we allow all drivers to also see the unassigned scheduled requests for them to accept at their convenience. We call it job broadcasting.

The payment gateway supports the “Save Card Details” option. We take the necessary card details before requesting the trip. Many payment gateways handle the storing card option on their system without API. Here we can just redirect you to the payment gateway for payment.

The zone pricing feature enables you to set fixed pricing for any routes, regardless of distance or time.

Mobile versions for the dispatcher app and KIOSK are the best way to do this kind of tie-ups.

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