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Our corporate travel booking solution where you get a fully functional taxi dispatch system for all your corporate clients.

Manage all tasks from a single portal

Instead of the traditional booking, your client gets an automated system for managing corporate bookings. Their employees can easily request rides for their daily commute through a phone call, through the app, or in-person, and corporate can manage every ride, every employee, and staff with just a single click.

Transparency in transactions

Corporate gets the entire panel to themselves to monitor, manage and analyze every ride booked or dispatched through the corporate taxi booking solution. They can keep track of the number of rides, and every employees’ ride information.

Advanced Invoicing and Billing Process

This system allows the corporate to keep track of all invoices and payments. According to each business’s needs, they can choose the billing cycle. They can see the pending invoices and accordingly manage their finances.

Offer hassle-free ride experience to your client’s employees

Provide hassle-free rides to all your client’s employees with our smart & automated taxi dispatch solution for corporates.

  • Instant booking

    Empower your client’s employees by allowing them to book a corporate ride with just a few taps on the phone.

  • Charge less booking

    Directly charge your clients and spare their employees from making payments for cab booking.

Save your clients’ money

By having complete transparency and access to the admin panel, corporates can keep track of each and every work-related ride booked and save money on extra losses.

An Authorizer filters and authenticates all requests

Our corporate taxi dispatch solution gives access of the entire panel to the employer where they can appoint an authorizer. The authorizer filters and approves each and every ride before it is booked for authentication. This way they can keep track of every employee booking done through the service and authorize after confirming the trip.

Flexible Pricing for Different Clients

The custom taxi booking app allows you the freedom of keeping different pricing for different corporate clients. You can decide on cheaper or higher prices or discounts as per the business terms decided.

Data-Driven Insights

Monitor and Analyze your whole operation through the corporate dashboard by tracking drivers, their locations, number of rides, every employees’ ride information, payment modes used, and statistics.

Frequently Asked Question

1Can your system be used for corporate and employee travel management?

Yes, the corporate module in our system is for all business trips done by corporates and their employees.

2How can I manage my bookings manually?

We have multiple options for that. You can create bookings for your customers in the panel. Moreover, the dispatcher app is handy, user friendly and there is a mobile version for creating bookings on behalf of the customer. You can create as many dispatches as you want.

3How will the system handle my scheduled bookings?

We provide live attention in the panel for all scheduled bookings. You can assign any driver of your choice to the booking with a single tap. Moreover, we allow all drivers to also see the unassigned scheduled requests for them to accept at their convenience. We call it job broadcasting.

4Does your system have the option to add card details while creating the trip?

The payment gateway supports the “Save Card Details” option. We take the necessary card details before requesting the trip. Many payment gateways handle the storing card option on their system without API. Here we can just redirect you to the payment gateway for payment.

5Is there an option to manage fixed prices for zones?

The zone pricing feature enables you to set fixed pricing for any routes, regardless of distance or time.

6How do you connect with multiple restaurants & hotels if we have tie-ups with them?

Mobile versions for the dispatcher app and KIOSK are the best way to do this kind of tie-ups.

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