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Top 6 Reasons Why School Bus Tracking System Is A Must-Have For Academic Institutes

Top 6 Reasons Why School Bus Tracking System Is A Must-Have For Academic Institutes

Updated on July 13, 2022
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With the increasing traffic, accidents and unfortunate events, the parents and school administration are often distressed about a school child’s journey from their pick-up point to the school and vice-versa.

The stress grows by manifolds when schools cannot guarantee the safe and reliable transportation because they are unaware where the school bus is, which route drivers are following, speeding issue or if any unforeseen event occurs. That’s embarrassing!

In the absence of a robust tracking system, systematically maintaining and managing school vehicles, constantly monitoring the driver’s activity and giving a peace of mind to the parents is implausible. What’s the solution? The answer is in the question itself- it’s employing GPS and RFID-based bus tracking system.

Yes, GPS- the global positioning system when embedded in vehicles, tracking the whereabouts of school buses in the real-time, becomes easier.

Similar to taxi apps, the school bus tracking apps enable the parents and school administrators to track the bus location in the real-time or get alerts in case of any contingencies, and drivers can also be informed about any emergency in the most simple way.

It’s gearing up the schools to embrace the tracking system innovation to gain the parents’ confidence and adds value to the school transportation. What’s more? Take a look at the benefits that school management will enjoy by making an investment in GPS and RFID-based system:

Get Every Minute Detail Of Children Travel

Well, being a parent, you could say that checking where the children are, is a matter of a few clicks on a smartphone. But, it’s impossible to track whether the child is on the right bus or not, or finding the previous travel detail, even for half an hour ago as there is no recorded version of the child’s trip.

Here, integrating the RFID technology in the student’s ID card and then integrating with GPS-based transportation software would help. As the student gets on the right bus, the child information is automatically entered in student tracking database and all the events get recorded that includes- route traveled, bus speed, and stop time, which parents can check anytime.

Exact Where Your Child Is

Across the globe, a little delay in the bus arrival at the stop, or whether child reaches the home or school safely or not, has become the biggest trauma for every parent nowadays as they are up to their neck in to track the same. The inability to monitor the child’s location leads to a lot of atrocities.

With School Bus tracking app development, the parents can be relieved as information about when children get on or off the school bus through RFID tag can be retrieved anytime.

Additionally, the real-time position of the child could be known, which helps in tracing that child reached the home or school or not.

Ensure The Safe Transportation With Speeding Restrictions

According to a study, the biggest reason for school bus accidents or fatal crash is speeding that brings school administration and parents under tremendous pressure as it puts the life of the students at risk and uplifts the insurance premium as well. Placing a limit on the bus speed is essential to ensure the safe school bus trip.

It’s possible with a GPS tracking solution that detects school bus speed and immediately alerts the management about the bus that’s exceeding the limit. Afterwards, the drivers can be called to drive the bus at the right speed and even if they repeat it again, they can be reprimanded.

Analyze How Much Time Is Spent On Every Stop

The traffic jam is not the only reason behind the school buses getting late while the drivers sitting idle or spending more time at the stops have also become the cause of delays. The long waiting infuriates the parents, consume more fuel that impacts the school economy and increase the carbon footprints, which can be kept under control with GPS technology integrated into the mobile app development.

The application track for how long the bus stands at the planned stops and it’s recorded in the database which can be later viewed or analyzed through intelligent reports for the depiction of true events. The detailed reporting and quick action for the comparatively higher time spent at the stops would minimize the bus awaits.

Provide Emergency Alerts Instantly

Contingencies happen! These are completely out of the human hands. But, prevention is better than cure. It sounds true in the case of the school bus as well.

During an emergency, natural hazards or traffic jams, if the parents and school administration are pre-informed by the drivers that there may be a delay in the bus arrival, then they are a bit relaxed and right decisions can be taken to drop the students at home or school safely.

Additionally, the cutting-edge technology integration warns the drivers about School Bus Break Down or vehicle maintenance in advance, which keeps drivers distraction-free.

Know where the School Bus is

Thanks to GPS technology, exacting the location of the school bus is now plausible. The school management or parents can easily find out where the bus is or which route it’s following at the fingertips.

With precise tracking of the school bus, the administration can better check and manage the vehicle routes, schedules, distance covered, and fuel consumption off the bat, replacing the manual approach that may be erroneous sometimes.

The digital solution makes the vehicle management better, streamline the processes, enhance the efficiency and productivity of school transportation, and help in significant savings.


The investment in the school bus tracking system not only dig a hole in your pocket, while it becomes another means of cost-cutting and ensuring students’ safety.

The RFID and GPS integrated system in the bus makes the parents worry no longer and feel a lot safer when the students’ trip to the school. The popularity of the tracking system is on the rise. Do you also want to incorporate the technology in your school bus? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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