Give your drivers a better life


You can integrate the driver app with the payment gateway of your choice while cash is always an option.


Much like your customers, your driver can rate a rider at the end of the trip on scale of 1 to 5 and write a comments.


Set the pricing as per the vehicle type, city, time of the day, demand, or as per personalized offers to customers.


No need to call the passenger, the app can navigate to his location with the help of your favorite mapping application.


In addition to push notification, the driver also receives a text message in case the former fails to deliver.


Is there a feature or two that you don’t want your driver to have access of? Don’t worry you can enable or disable a feature.

A driver app developed around simplicity


Trip history and fare

The driver can check trips he took and fare he collected within the app

Check which trip you last took or those you took over the day or a month along with how much fare you collected, both in individual trips or all over the time or in a particular month or week within the app.

  • Driver can check trip history
  • Fare from each trip
  • Total fare collected till today
  • Sort according to weeks or months

One-tap trip start

With a single tap on the app screen, a driver can start or end a trip

When the passenger is on-board, start the trip with the tap of a button and the app will start calculating fare. No complicated procedures, he just have to tap the button on his app screen and proceed to drop the passenger

  • Single tap to start a trip
  • Fare calculation upon trip start
  • Destination displays on the app
  • Keep things simpler for everyone

Complete trip in seconds

The fare is auto-collected as soon as a driver ends the trip from the app

Once a driver has dropped off the passenger to his destination, the driver can complete the trip with a single tap and the fare amount gets displayed on the both the apps. The customers has the option to make the payment in cash or digitally.

  • To complete a trip, a driver must tap ‘end trip’ button
  • The fare to be collected is shown at the end of the trip
  • Make payment in cash or with your card
  • Passenger app too displays the fare post a trip

Fare, time, and distance

The driver app displays essential information at the end of each trip

Upon completing the trip, the driver app displays duration of the trip, distance travelled, and the fare the driver must receive in the form of trip summary. He can tap the individual details in the summary to learn more about the trip he took.

  • The app calculates fare, not driver
  • Driver can receive payment in cash
  • Driver can report a disprecrancy
  • The fare is collected is displayed too

Trip details

The app displays every piece of information the driver cares about

Get summary of the trip you last took including how much time you took, taxes, distance, and a trip map. Likewise, the app gives driver the summary of every trip he ever took for his reference or in case a dispute arises.

  • Summary of the last trip
  • On screen access to ride history
  • Fewer disputes and conflicts
  • Fine details of trips made

Digital payments

Drivers can stop worrying about keeping change

With app transactions happening digitally, you driver would spend more time making money than looking for change after each trip. That means he can more trips in a day, and he don’t have to struggle when out of change

  • Digital payment options
  • Less time between trips
  • Transparency
  • Accept all major cards

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