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The app allows vendors to manage their businesses on the go and makes their success journey easy. Unleash the potential of the vendor app.


Strengthen Partnerships with Simplify Vendor Operations

No more struggle and wasting time managing vendor relationships across disjointed tools. Yelowsoft consolidates vendor management into one streamlined platform. With vendor tasks and insights accessible from a unified dashboard, you can optimize performance, resolve issues quickly, and build the transparency and collaboration needed for long-term business growth.

  • Streamline onboarding and communication
  • Maintain organized vendor profiles and docs
  • Monitor performance from one dashboard
  • Enable self-service for vendors
  • Mobile access for vendors on-the-go

Kill Order Chaos with Effortless Order Management

You can effortlessly oversee active orders, track rejected, and canceled orders. And get real-time visibility status updates so you can resolve issues, and optimize routes and inventory to deliver consistent customer experience. No more order chaos, just streamlined efficiency.

  • Track orders from receipt to delivery
  • Real-time status visibility across teams
  • Proactive issue resolution
  • Optimized routes and inventory
  • Driver and dispatch coordination

Avoid Lost Sales with Efficient Inventory Control

Get total control of your inventory with Yelowsoft. Our software centralizes your product catalog and manages availability through real-time inventory tracking. With full visibility into your catalog and supply, you can delight customers, avoid lost sales, and increase revenue through better inventory and order management.

  • Centralized product catalog
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Out-of-stock alerts and reports
  • Prevent overselling
  • Optimize stock levels

Know Your Financial Health with Earnings Navigator Pro

Get 100% visibility over your financial insights. Track earnings in real-time with data on orders, sales, revenue, peak times, and more. With clear visibility into your financial status, you can make smart decisions to optimize operations, boost profitability, accurately forecast, and drive data-backed growth.

  • Monitor daily, weekly, and monthly earnings
  • Track orders, sales, and revenue
  • Identify peak earning periods
  • Optimize operations to boost profit
  • Forecast and set financial goals

Uncover Profitable Insights with Order History and Analytics

Dive into your Order History and Analytics and transform chaotic order information into actionable data. Make smart decisions to optimize routes, adjust marketing, increase conversions, improve service, and boost revenue. By unlocking the intelligence hidden in your order data, Yelowsoft empowers you to continuously refine operations and drive growth.

  • Granular data from each order
  • Identify best-selling items
  • Optimize inventory and offerings
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Continuously refine operations

Eliminate Delivery Confusion Via Real-Time Notifications

Our Notification feature keeps both you and your customers informed, always. Get instant status alerts at every stage - from order received to driver assigned to order delivered. Streamline operations, boost satisfaction, and deliver with ease using Yelowsoft's intelligent order notifications.

  • Updates for order received, assigned, and delivered
  • Proactive communication and issue resolution
  • Increased efficiency through automation
  • Greater transparency into operations
  • Streamlined order management

It works smoother. Here’s how!

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how an app for dispatchers works:


Login and Dashboard

Dispatchers log in to the app using their credentials and are greeted with a user-friendly dashboard that provides an overview of ongoing activities, including pending bookings, active drivers, and real-time updates.


Booking Management

Dispatchers receive booking requests from customers through the app or other channels. They review the details of each booking, including pickup location, drop-off location, and customer preferences.


Driver Availability

Dispatchers check the availability and proximity of drivers in the system, considering factors like their current location, availability status, and vehicle type. They assess which driver is best suited for each booking.


Driver Assignment

Dispatchers assign the selected driver to the booking, ensuring a smooth match based on various criteria, such as driver ratings, customer preferences, and trip compatibility.


Driver Notification

The app sends a notification to the assigned driver, providing them with all relevant trip details, including pickup location, customer contact information, and any special instructions.


Communication and Updates

Dispatchers and drivers can communicate through the app using messaging or calling features. Dispatchers can provide updates to drivers regarding any changes or additional instructions related to the trip.


Real-time Tracking

Dispatchers can track the location of assigned drivers in real-time on a map within the app. This feature helps monitor their progress, estimate arrival times, and address any potential delays or issues.


Trip Monitoring

Dispatchers keep an eye on the progress of ongoing trips, ensuring that drivers are following the designated routes, providing efficient service, and resolving any customer concerns or queries that may arise.


Trip Completion and Feedback

Once a trip is completed, dispatchers mark it as finished in the app. They may request feedback from customers to assess the quality of service provided by the driver and gather valuable insights for continuous improvement.


Analytics and Reporting

The app generates reports and analytics based on various performance metrics, such as trip volume, driver efficiency, customer satisfaction ratings, and revenue analysis. Dispatchers can utilize this data to make informed decisions and optimize operations.


Admin Controls

The app provides dispatchers with administrative controls, allowing them to manage user access, set dispatching rules, configure settings, and perform other administrative tasks to maintain smooth operations.


Integration with External Systems

The app may integrate with external systems or APIs, such as payment gateways or CRM platforms, to streamline processes, ensure secure transactions, and enhance overall efficiency.

Exceptional benefits, all under one roof!

Especially designed for vendors. It helps you stay organized, scale as you grow and grow better. Get a quick overview!

Increased Efficiency

Vendor app streamlines and automates processes, such as order management, inventory tracking, and communication, improving operational efficiency and saving time and effort for vendors.

Improved Order Management

It provides a centralized platform for vendors to receive and manage orders, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Visibility

Vendors gain exposure to a larger customer base as they can showcase their products or services to a wider audience, increasing their visibility and potential sales.

Simplified Payments

Multiple options to integrate payment processing systems, making it easier for vendors to receive payments from customers.

Real-time Communication

Vendor app facilitates seamless communication between vendors, delivery personnel, and customers leading to smoother operations.

Data Insights

Analytics and reporting features, allowing vendors to gain valuable insights into their performance enabling data-driven decision-making.

Growth Opportunities

The vendor app ecosystem opens doors to collaboration and partnerships with other businesses leading to exceptional growth opportunities for vendors.


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