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5 Taxi apps to make your morning commute smoother

5 Taxi apps to make your morning commute smoother

Updated on November 01, 2017
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According to the American community survey (ACS), “More than 76% of the Americans take the most important trip of the day that’s- to the work alone and 9% of the commuters prefer to carpool with others.”

This is the major reason why congestion is so inescapable and commuting on the roads of the USA, especially during morning rush hours is extremely taxing. The soul-crushing traffic, the off-scheduled public transit, and freak snowstorm are the unexpected obstacles, which has fed up the people traveling to and from the office.

With passing days, the commuters frustration is growing with increasing traffic congestion have made the commuting life in the urban areas painful. The uncomfortable journey and high inconvenience impact the productivity at work as well.

Furthermore, reading the ‘Times’ during morning commute has become a thing of the past as getting a small space in the public transport is a great deal. That’s why you may have found the people burying their face in the phone to stay informed and get entertained.

How about if the same smartphone technology makes your commute plain-sailing by facilitating the cab booking services app development, and enabling seat reservation at the flick of the switch at the affordable rates. Yes, the Yelowtaxi apps have become a boon for the morning commuters which helps them have a better time while reaching their destination. You really deserve it. Right?

Here, we have rounded up top 5 taxi mobility solution that promises to make the commuting easier, safer, and economical:

1. Curb

The taxi app is ranked as #1 taxi service provider in the USA which connects over 50,000 taxis in the 65 USA cities at the push of a button. The app allows the commuters to book the taxi for immediate pickup when they stuck somewhere. Also, it ends the hassle of booking the taxi daily for the daily commuters with an option of booking the taxi on a regular basis. Although the option is available in the limited cities.

Another surprise, in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Las Vegas, the commuters can hail the cab and can later pay using curb app. There are multiple options to pay the taxi fare that is- credit card, PayPal or cash. Besides, the app sharing lets the commuters win free curb rides.

2. Citymapper

The trip planner and transport navigator app make its inroads into the transport service app by tying up with another taxi app to launch shared taxi commuter route in London.

The bb1 line that will operate during morning and evening peak hours picked up the shortest routes and side streets to avoid jams and get the benefits of the bus lane. The passengers can share the same cab at the fixed price of three Euros.

The experiment is aimed to reduce the urban congestion problem, foster taxi sharing rides, pooled routes and reduce carbon footprint. Nevertheless to say, but this step is advantageous for the office goers.

3. Uber

To optimize the transport industry and make the travel more efficient, the uber app has integrated some algorithms for shared rides that promise to save 40% of time and dollars with quickest and shortest routes. The effort of promoting the corporate ridesharing market has turned out to be favorable for the daily commuters.

When a passenger opt-in for the ride, the app shows up the fastest route and then select the passengers whose pickup point and destination also lies on the same route. It’s a great saving on time and budget.

4. Grab Taxi

To kill the commuter’s woes, grab taxi is a brilliant app. Not to exaggerate about the punctuality, but it’s true, the cab will be at your place before its actual pickup time.

To let the passengers rest assured about safety, the app allows the passengers to declare the world where I am by sending a message to the friend on Facebook or Twitter wherein the message contains a link and car license number, using which the friend can easily track the journey in the real-time.

5. Cab2ride

In the new era of transportation, cab2ride app has taken the commute experience to a new level in the Brooklyn with the latest selection of cars. Just a single tap and the sedan will be your way to pick up and lets you reach the destination daily. Either for a morning commute or a meeting, the sedan can accommodate maximum 4 people.


Taxi booking at the fingertips has become a viral trend. The apps that have started from zero are now earning million dollars in revenue as they are making the commuters lives hassle-free with easier, comfortable and affordable commute. The rapid success of taxi dispatch software has given a push to the custom taxi app development.

Don’t hang fire! Get associated with the on-demand taxi app development company and get the taxi app developed in a couple of days.


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Shahid Mansuri Co-founder of Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking software development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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