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The most comprehensive Mobility Solution for a taxi business

The most comprehensive Mobility Solution for a taxi business

Updated on July 06, 2022
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On-demands mobile apps are on the verge of revolutionizing every industry vertical from healthcare to food delivery, from logistics to entertainment. A subset of logistics industry—taxi operators—were among the first benefactors that gave rise to the revolution led by a $69 billion startup, we call today, Uber.


What are on-demand apps?

When you want to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, either you rush to switch on the satellite TV in your living room at exactly 9 PM every Sunday and tune into HBO or you open HBO Go app on your phone post dinner and watch it, no rush, no worries. The latter gives rise to on-demand apps development you demand the content you wish to consume.

Likewise, when you want to hail a cab after drinking, white and blue, at a bar, the bartender won’t let you drive. That moment, either you stand on the causeway outside the bar, wait for an empty taxi to arrive and drop you home, or you take out your phone and let it book a taxi for you at the tap of a button. You did not go to the taxi; the taxi came for you.

How does on-demand app taxi apps work?

Modern on-demand taxi apps are based on the functionality of taxi dispatcher software that is delivered as white label mobility solution to startups, taxi and fleet business, government and enterprises, or whomsoever wants to manage a fleet.

A white label app is customized to a business’s needs while the dispatcher software complements the ‘on-demand’ part of the app.

Dispatcher software like Yelow Taxi essentially manages the allocation of a ride to a person demanding it. That ride could be anything from a bike to a motorbike, from a station wagon to a limousine.

What is Yelow Taxi?

Yelow Taxi is among the most comprehensive mobility solutions for a taxi business in the market. Yelow Taxi is designed and developed by Peerbits as a white label taxi dispatcher software that can interface with taxi mobility solutions, for example an Android and iOS App.

A business purchasing the solution gains the admin right to the app and thus can customize to business needs. As a white label app, Yelow Taxi is easy to brand with.

The admin defines the dispatching rules. He authorizes a set of users, who receive credentials to the dispatcher app, to authorize the dispatch. He can either allocate a particular ride to a particular rider or let the app decide for itself.

Dispatcher app in real-life scenario

A hotel is hosting a 10-day long event with 100 or so attendees. At the end of each day, the hotel must send each attendee secure home. The hotel has hired many taxis for the course of the event. However, sending five people home is drastically different from sending 100 people home.

Relying on a person to keep a track of how many cabs are occupied, which of them are available, home many people have reached home, how many are on the way, which taxi is returning, types of car available, is somebody stuck?… will lead to utter chaos and attendees’ backlash.


Suppose you are the manager and such events are a common place in your hotel. You’re a smart manager. So rather than relying upon a human or team to manage the fleet and let the inevitable happen, you purchase Peerbits’ Yelow Taxi, which addresses all aforesaid concerns of fleet management and automates your rides with minimum to nil human intervention.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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