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How essential is an automated taxi solution for your business?

How essential is an automated taxi solution for your business?

Updated on May 03, 2022
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In case you are still utilizing the conventional approach where your clients or passengers need to give you a call for a ride, you confirm the booking and send your taxi, you might not see it, but you just started losing clients. Taxi-hailing service has turned into the most important means of transportation in various urban cities. A huge chunk of the general population started using taxi hailing services as their everyday means of transportation, hence taxi business is definitely growing as one of the focused businesses across the globe.


In this 21st century, rivalry from ridesharing and taxi booking applications like Uber and Lyft have thrown troublesome difficulties for the customary taxi organizations. While the emergence of technological advances has opened up numerous new doors for taxi organizations, however, it has additionally changed clients’ choices and their preferences. We live in an extensively competitive world. Clients today expect proficiency and versatility. Your taxi booking and affirmation process, consequently, must not take over a moment.

To put it plainly, ‘Call a taxi’ has now transformed into ‘Book a taxi’. Uber was the first to get this opportunity and transformed the whole taxi industry. After Uber, the conventional taxi organizations are subsequently confronting the cruel brunt as the travelers are moving towards these application-based services which offer a greatly improved taxi booking customer experience.

Dispatching the real world

Indeed, Uber finished 2 Billion rides in a year ago, which produced $20 Billion in income. This has made numerous business owners to enter this on-demand economy and build up demand taxi-booking applications. What’s more, this is the reason it has turned out to be vital for taxi organizations to grasp most recent innovations to remain focused and develop their business in the meantime. Reportedly, drivers choose Uber because of better income and work-day flexibility


You, as a taxi business, can develop your own specific taxi dispatch application with the additional advantage of branding and customization by banding together with an accomplished mobile application development company. Additionally, putting resources into a taxi booking application would take your clients’ experience to the following level. It can assist your customers in various ways.

How about we push ahead and investigate the advantages of a taxi dispatch application.

Why is it important to have an automated taxi solution for your taxi business?

1. Real-time tracking

As you most of you already know, whoever your driver is going to pick up must know about his/her correct location, for example, pizza joint, airport, and so forth. With real-time tracking in your taxi dispatch application, both your drivers and customers can know about each other’s correct location and make the pickup easy for each other.

In addition, how will you know whether your driver has gotten the customer or not? You can track every one of your drivers and see whether they’re coming to the exact pickup location or not. This could help you to improve your services over your rivals. In fact, Uber has gotten numerous complaints with respect to the driver not picking the customers from the location they requested.

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Nevertheless, with real-time tracking, not only do your drivers will get the exact location of their customers but also can you track your drivers’ location and their activities.

2. Ratings and reviews

No one can tell you how good your services are other than your customers and it is, in fact, the best feature in any taxi dispatch application. Earlier, taxi companies used to get the feedback from their repeated customers. It leaves the taxi companies with zero knowledge of what happened to others who only took their service once. Hence, no matter how good your services are if you are not capable of knowing how to improve them.

Also, there will be so much at stake as your driver will be representing your company. A cloud-based dispatch solution, however leaves no space for such aspects. Whether it is a pickup problem or any other issue, as a matter of fact, your customers can directly report their problem to you which can help you in taking the appropriate action.

3. Improve drivers’ efficiency

For a good fleet management system, you should always measure and manage your drivers’ efficiency and productivity. Just in case your customer had a bad ride, the issue with taxi fare, or any other problem, you should be aware of otherwise there is no way you can improve either your drivers’ efficiency or your taxi business. With a taxi solution, you can manage and monitor your drivers’ performance and productivity.

Know what’s at stake if you don’t have a taxi dispatch app

Well, when it comes to not having a taxi dispatch solution then you are losing so much. Let’s see what those are:

1. No or less visibility

How do you think your customers will find you or even book a taxi if they don’t even know that you exist? More visibility comes when your customers leave a feedback about your business.

2. Jumbled business operations

It ain’t an easy task to run business operations, especially for a taxi company. Functions like which driver picks which customer, maintaining a complete record of how many taxis and which ones are available, etc. need to be done manually in a traditional software.

3. Takes ages to book a taxi

Let’s imagine, a customer has to go to the airport and calls you for the same. You check which taxis are available at the customers’ pickup location. Once you confirm to the customer that the nearest driver and taxi are available, then you get in touch with your driver via radio and let him know the customer details and then he/she goes to pick the passenger. Now, this whole process at least takes a good 20 minutes.

Now, the above bridges between you and your customer can be completely removed by having a taxi dispatch solution. In fact, all your customer needs a good internet connection and then their taxi just a couple of clicks away.


Shahid Mansuri

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder of Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking software development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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