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How YelowXpress Customized Features Give More Control Over Your Brand

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How YelowXpress Customized Features Give More Control Over Your Brand

Updated on November 22, 2023
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Quick Summary

Having complete control over your business ensures you lead the market, are popular among your customers and make good money. But not every business has total control. Be it small, medium or large-scale businesses - they lack control due to no proper software solution or a solution with less customized features or a one-size-fits-all solution. Here, we have mentioned how YelowXpress’ white label software solution can help you get more control over your brand with its customized features.

Running a restaurant, store, or other business in this modern age comes with no shortage of challenges. From managing customer expectations to optimizing operations, even the most seasoned owners and managers can find themselves overwhelmed. This is especially true when it comes to providing delivery and digital ordering capabilities.

After years of research and real-world experience rolling out online ordering and delivery systems, I've seen firsthand the frustrations faced on all sides of the transaction - customers, businesses, drivers, and admins alike. But the good news is that there are demand delivery management systems out there to resolve these common pain points. That's where a platform like YelowXpress comes in.

In this blog post, you will explore the features that can help you overcome daily expected and unexpected problems and give you more control over your brand.

Meeting Modern Customer's Expectations


For your customers today, technology is an expectation and not an option. No matter if you run a restaurant or grocery store, your customers want the convenience of ordering ahead and getting items delivered with just a few taps on their smartphones.

But if you lack in providing a modern shopping experience or your digital experience is giving a bad experience to your customers or lacks key features, you risk losing business.

Below, you will find the problems your customers usually face along with the proven solution YelowXpress ensures.

Let’s have a walkthrough of each of them one by one.

Problem 1: Difficult Registration and Onboarding

When your customers sign up with your delivery app or online ordering platform, your customers expect a quick and seamless process. Right?

I know, you just said “Yes!”

But, clunky flows with overly complex steps make your customers abandon sign-ups.

Solution: Simplified Signup and Profile Management

YelowXpress offers an online ordering app and also turns your existing website into an order-taking platform.

Your customers can register easily through their Gmail / Facebook account or phone number. No lengthy forms are required.

The customer profile dashboard is intuitive too. We make it simple for your users to update info or reset passwords.

Note: If you have a website but don’t know how to make use of it to take online orders, reach out to us. We can help you transform your website into an online order-taking platform.

  • You can then drive direct traffic and digital sales
  • This will help you rely less on third-party vendors
  • Pay less commission
  • Save more money
  • And increase revenue

Do you need more information on the order receiving platform?

Get in Touch

Problem 2: No Rewards or Promotions

Today's consumers expect perks for their loyalty. However, not all online ordering and delivery apps provide bonus programs or exclusive deals to keep your customers engaged.

And if you are using any third-party app that does not offer perks, this may result in losing customers for you.

Solution: Referrals, Deals, and Loyalty Programs

When you decide to go with on demand delivery app development services from YelowXpress, you can create customized promotions and referral programs to incentivize your customers. Progress bars and points systems let users track reward activity.

You can also encourage your customers to refer their friends and family to your business by offering rewards to both parties.

Problem 3: Wallet and Payment Pain Points

To complete the order, the checkout process should be easy. Entering payment info and managing account balances should be a cinch.

When it's not, your customers bail on your orders or hesitate to reorder. This leads to a loss of customers and a cut in sales.

Solution: Intuitive Wallet Management

The customer app from YelowXpress comes with an inbuilt wallet system. Your customers just have to enter their payment information once and can save it for future transactions.

The wallet also offers multiple payment options. It makes your customers feel smart to use your app. At the back of the curtain, this functionality helps you increase sales as you have provided your customers with almost every payment option to which they cannot deny paying online.

Moreover, your users can also check their wallet balances instantly and enjoy seamless one-click payments.

Simplifying Business Management Struggles


Consider you run a restaurant. In that case, you and your managers need the best restaurant management software that provides enhanced functionality - not just bare basics. And the lack of key features leads to headaches for you and your managers trying to adapt.

Problem 1: One-size-fits-all platforms don’t work

Look, every business is different. A bakery has different needs than a restaurant. And in the case of Restaurants - cookie-cutter software with rigid settings just doesn't make sense!

But that's what most food delivery software do - they limit you to set hours, fees, and order options that they think work for everyone.

News flash: every business is unique. In the same way your restaurant is too different from the other ones running around you. Your hours, ideal order sizes, and fees depend on your specific operations.

Don't let some rigid one-size-fits-all delivery platform force you into a box with fixed specifications. You need the best restaurant management software that bends to your business needs, not the other way around.

Solution: Tailored Platform Settings for Your Business

The great thing about YelowXpress’ food delivery software for restaurants is you can ask for the customization as per your business needs to their experts.

Do you want to take orders from 11 AM -2 PM or 5 PM to 10 PM? Do you want to keep the minimum order amount of $10 for delivery? Or do you wish to define a specific packaging fee based on order sizes? All can be done by leveraging the key features restaurant food delivery software offers.

You're in the driver's seat with full control. YelowXpress doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all. With it, you can:

  • Customize hours of operation
  • Set minimum/maximum order values
  • Define delivery fees
  • And more to match your unique operations

The software comes with the ultimate flexibility to customize core settings so they fit your delivery operation like a glove.

Problem 2: Lack of Cross-Location Control

Consider you own a grocery store. Operating multiple grocery store locations for you introduces all kinds of challenges without the proper tools.

From my experience, managing different menus, hours, and inventory manually or across several sites becomes a logistical nightmare. You may be relating it to the pain. You might even be going through it.

Mismatched information results in confused customers, wasted products, and hours of manual work patching things together. It's a recipe for frustration.

Solution: Centralized Control for All Locations

YelowXpress gives you the power to manage multiple locations from a single centralized dashboard. Using reliable grocery delivery software from YelowXpress, you can build tailored menus for each of your stores/locations and sync inventory in real-time across all stores.

With just a few clicks, you have the control needed to customize options per location while eliminating mismatches and confusion. The grocery delivery platform brings you the simplicity of multisite or multi-store management.

Problem 3: Generic Delivery Options Don't Work

Predict you are a grocery store owner. Getting delivery right means having the ability to define service areas and driver assignments tailored specifically to your business.

But generic one-size-fits-all options simply don't allow the flexibility most operations really need. Without customization, you can struggle to provide the delivery experience your customers expect.

Solution: Custom Zones, Radius, and Policies

YelowXpress enables you to set up the perfect delivery solution for your specific needs. With on-demand grocery delivery solutions, you can easily map out precise delivery zones by radius around each of your store locations.

The grocery delivery software will allow you to create customized driver dispatch rules, minimum order values, and delivery time policies.

With these configurable options, you can dial in delivery strategies that maximize your service and customer satisfaction.

Optimizing Your Fleet for Success


Your fleet of drivers is critical for providing the speedy and reliable delivery that your consumers expect. However unhappy, disengaged drivers lead to delays and poor customer experiences that damage your business.

Maintaining a motivated cohort of delivery workers should be your top priority.

Problem 1: Flat Commissions Demotivate Your Workers

Your drivers want pay structures tailored to their needs. However flat generic commission rates fail to motivate your workers and often result in a high turnover as your workers leave for better options.

Solution: Personalized Compensation Packages

YelowXpress’ on demand delivery software lets you create customized driver pay models including base salaries, hourly guarantees, surge pricing bonuses, and performance incentives.

Instead of a flat rate, you can craft targeted compensation packages that keep your fleet engaged over the long term.

In the same way, you can do it for your other workers or staff members too. As you know, a happy employee results in happy customers.

Problem 2: Slow Response Times Upset Customers

Think you are a pharmacy owner. And when your drivers take too long to respond to your medicine orders, it frustrates your patients. However generic policies rarely improve response times.

Instead, they further disengage your drivers by limiting flexibility without accountability. Poor service is the result.

Solution: Set Response Limits, Cancellation Rules

With YelowXpress’ on demand medicine delivery software, you can define customized time limits for your drivers to respond to your medicine orders.

You can define different response and cancellation rules for each product or driver type. Your drivers will have clarity on expectations, and you can prevent drama by not imposing one-size-fits-all mandates.

It's about finding the sweet spot that encourages your drivers to deliver fast service - but still on their own terms. The right rules drive speed without sacrificing driver satisfaction.

Problem 3: Rigid Delivery Areas Restrict Your Driver Potential

When drivers are forced into defined dispatches and areas without any flexibility, it severely restricts their potential to take on orders and make money.

Solution: Assign Zones, Limit Radius

YelowXpress’ on-demand delivery app lets you balance flexibility and structure in your delivery areas.

Your drivers can indicate preferred zones for automatic dispatching while radius limits maintain operational control.

The driver app from YelowXpress lets your drivers select areas near their homes for dispatch priority. But you could still limit the max delivery radius to 5 miles around each store.

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Admin Overwhelmed, Optimized


As the owner or admin, you oversee the entire business operation. Without automation and insights, bottlenecks in your workflows are inevitable. Trying to manually manage everything across multiple locations means you're destined for frustration.

Problem 1: No Bulk Management

Imagine you have multiple dark stores. Making account changes or menu updates one by one severely cripples productivity. The inability to make global edits across your business kills your efficiency. Hours of potential strategy time are wasted on grunt work.

Solution: Multi-Edit Stores, Products, Drivers

YelowXpress’ dark store management system lets you access and edit all store locations, product listings, and driver accounts from a single dashboard.

With robust bulk editing capabilities, you can apply massive changes instantly across your entire operation with just a few clicks.

Problem 2: Reporting and Analytics Gaps

Key metrics on sales, peak orders, and driver performance are essential for you to make smart management decisions. But without reporting tools, you're operating blind - unable to identify issues or opportunities.

Solution: Custom Reports and Business Intelligence

YelowXpress’ dark store software admin panel equips you with customizable reporting and analytics so you can spot trends and areas for optimization at a glance. You can easily configure the data dashboards you need to gain visibility into what drives your success.

Problem 3: No Automation

Handling administrative tasks like scheduling and alerts manually takes away your productive hours. Whereas you can use these valuable hours on making strategy and innovation. Trying to scale without automation cripples top-line thinking.

Solution: Scheduling, Alerts, and Workflow Rules

With YelowXpress’ dark management app, you can set up intelligent rules and workflows that run like clockwork in the background so you don't have to.

Configure an automated scheduler that taps into availability data and sales trends to create optimal weekly shift patterns.

You can customize rules to send real-time alerts only for order anomalies that require your eye - no more unnecessary notifications bogging you down.

Take Control with YelowXpress!

In today's digital-first world, restaurants, stores, and any other businesses can no longer afford delivery and ordering platforms that deliver more headaches than help. Your customers expect exceptional digital experiences, managers need robust functionality and customization, drivers require flexibility and incentive, and admins can't afford inefficiency.

After the feedbacks by numerous clients across the globe - I can confidently say YelowXpress provides the best online ordering and delivery solutions to these common pitfalls that hinder success. Their combination of customizable features, automation, and powerful analytics help various businesses take back control - keeping customers happy, operations streamlined, drivers engaged, and admin dashboard optimized.

The result? Brands that adapt and evolve using platforms like YelowXpress are poised to thrive rather than barely survive. There's never been a better time to step up your digital ordering and delivery capabilities. YelowXpress empowers you to build the custom branded experiences today's users demand - at your fingertips.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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