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Corporate client management made effortless with Yelowsoft’s latest updates

Corporate client management made effortless with Yelowsoft’s latest updates

Updated on November 29, 2019
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Yelowsoft is a leading taxi booking and dispatch app development company that has delivered numerous solutions for its clients over the years. Yelowsoft takes pride in its solution which is feature-rich, reliable, scalable and full of other perks.

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Being an industry leader, Yelowsoft is always looking for further improvements in its solutions that are aimed at taxi business. And it does this by introducing new updates. Recently, we identified few areas in the taxi corporate solution, where there was a scope of improvement.

We analysed it in detail and then came up with few major updates. In this blog, we are going to discuss about all those major updates.

Enhanced UI/UX for better management of corporate client operations

Invoices are critical for any taxi business owner and the customers. And we ensured that the admin can view all the invoices without any hassles. We made changes in the UI so that the navigation to the invoice is seamless.


In the corporate section, the admin gets the list of its corporate clients. In case, if the admin has forgotten to set the pricing for a client, then a symbol will be displayed against its name to remind the admin set pricing.

The admin can click on any corporate client to view more details. After clicking, the admin can see four tabs which are details, vehicle types, employee, and payments.

View comprehensive corporate client details

In this tab, the admin can view all the basic details of its corporate client like the company name, account ID, email, phone, etc.

The admin can also click on the invoice number to see more details like the invoice breakdown structure. Here the admin can also send send the copy of invoice to the corporate client via email by simply clicking on the send option.

Set different pricing for different corporate clients

In this section, the admin can view the type of vehicles that are assigned to that particular client. It also shows information like the minimum fare, base fare, charge/km, ride time charge, etc.

View and add employees of a corporate

This tab shows the list of all the employees with information such as name, corporate name, email, and status.

View and add invoice payments

This tab shows the list of all the invoices of that particular corporate client with details such as invoice number, invoice date, due date, amount, and status.


Earlier, there were no such tabs available for separate clients. Moreover, all the invoices of different clients were displayed on a single list which caused a lot of chaos and confusion in the calculation.

Simplified corporate report

We saw how changing the UI of invoice made a huge difference in the user experience of the admin. Similarly, we also gave a thought to make similar changes in the report section as well.

Like invoice, report is also an important section which helps the admin to keep track of all their corporate client’s activity.

With the new update, there will three tabs under the corporate section which are:

Get report of all your corporate clients

In this section, the admin can view a list of all its corporate clients along with details like no. of employees, no. of rides, and total ride amount. The admin can also set the time span of reports like one day, two, day, week, month, and even a year.

View employee rides of all corporate clients

In this section, the admin can view details of employees that have completed rides. The admin can view the employee with the most and the least number of rides completed. This list also provides information such as employee name, corporate name, email, phone number, total number of rides completed, and the time of last ride completed.

View comprehensive invoice statistics

In this section, you can see the invoice statistic like the total amount, pending, open, and paid.

Make life easy for your corporate client admin with an easy to access corporate panel

We have also added new features to the corporate panel that makes the corporate admin’s life easy. Under the’ manage’ tab we have added three sections which are Invoice, Employee, and authorizer.


View complete invoice details

Similar to that of Admin’s section, corporate admin can also all the details of the invoices in this section. The corporate admin can view the invoice date, due date, total amount, and status. Moreover, the tabs like open, paid, and cancelled make the invoice management easy.

Track employee activities

Under this section, the corporate admin can view a list of all its employees along with details like their name, contact number, email, and status. Moreover, in this section the admin can also add, modify details, or remove its employees.

View authorizer’s actions

In this section, the corporate admin can see the list of all the authorizer. We have already explained the role of authorizer above. The corporate admin here can view details like authorizer’s name, contact number, email, status, etc. Admin can add, modify details, or remove the authorizer.


Future updates

The updates that we mentioned above are not all of it. Yelowsoft which is a leading taxi app development company is still in the process of introducing some new updates and features that will make an admin’s job easier. One of these updates that is in under process is of the payment gateway for corporate.

Earlier Yelowsoft had a payment gateway for only the driver application which was used for driver payouts and driver wallet system. However, the transactions between the corporate client and the taxi company service were not supported by any payment gateway. Thus, there was no scope for cashless transactions.

But with this future update, there will be payment gateway for all your corporate clients which will make transactions cashless, seamless, fast, and secure.

I hope you liked this article, to know more about our future updates, keep reading this space.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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