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How Improving Customer Experience can Impact Your Taxi Business

How Improving Customer Experience can Impact Your Taxi Business

Updated on April 28, 2022
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Making an ‘extraordinary client benefit’ guarantee to clients is just the same old thing new – it’s been imprinted on private contract taxi organization flyers and business cards for a long time – yet with the coming of the web, and all the more as of late iPhone and Android versatile applications, the nature of the administration you, and fundamentally your drivers, offer to clients has never been more critical – or open.


It began with internet business sites and consumers leaving input for the items they purchased on the web, at that point, lodging visitors could leave surveys about their stay – making and breaking the notoriety of visitor houses. To be precise, according to a report, before Uber’s presence in the market, no one knew that it would be so easy to get a taxi at the doorstep. When Uber first started, there were fewer than 1000 drivers in the year 2013 January. But by the end of 2014 December, 40,000 new drivers have joined the Uber platform.


Presently consumers can leave reviews and ratings for totally everything, including their cabbie – which impacts you and your business. You can never again tell clients you’re really great firm with the best drivers… riders let you know, and every other person, what they think about your administration.

Currently, there are too many taxi apps. Whether it is to take a ride around the city or even commute to work, the taxi apps are booming, lately. Be that as it may, the greater part of them disregard a taxi organization as a go between and associate traveler with the driver specifically.

That is not very useful for the administration level and from a managerial viewpoint, all things considered, drivers are intended to get individuals from A to B, not to deal with office assignments – that is the thing that taxi organization stuff is for. So the organizations are not going anyplace, however now they would need to remain focused more than ever!

Now, let’s see how you can offer the best customer experience while improving your taxi business.

Hire committed drivers

Your objective as a business owner is to keep the administration level high. Which implies your dispatchers ought to be lovely and accommodating, yet above all your drivers should take the best care of your customers. How would you ensure they are dealt with the most ideal way? It’s a similar story with any representative, aside from the way that drivers are working sort of remotely. What’s more, starting at an office work, a pay rise isn’t a decent inspiration device.

Exchanging that on to your drivers, you would state that a man working just for cash is most likely not that propelled. So the key is to really work with folks who adore what they do and wouldn’t fret to get paid for it.

A source says across India there are about 1.6 million licensed cabs but there aren’t as many good drivers. Taxi is an administration business and there are loads of individuals who are happy to please other individuals, to be of an assistance to others.

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Better communication between drivers and operators

A standout amongst the most prevalent travelers’ objections we hear frequently is that they’ve been told a taxi will be there in 5 minutes, where in reality it comes in just around 15. Whether it is a bad communication between your driver and operator or your driver is rushing for more orders, which will be a good thing especially when your goal is to provide the best customer service. For scenarios like these, an efficient taxi booking solution plays an essential role. It makes sure that it communicates the right ETA and restricts your drivers from entering wrong arrival time.

Make yourself available online

Nowadays we travel a great deal. We go inside the nation, we go outside. Also, the way you swing us to your clients is having your impressions online since we will google for a taxi. In this way, ensure you have a website page with your telephone and a probability to arrange online since we loathe meandering costs!

Other than that, push your dispatch telephone number to any accomplice site you can. Get your Facebook and Twitter profiles to remain social and get some Google positioning. Indeed, your promoting folks should definitely think about it. In addition, you can also consider being connected with a global taxi booking app. So that no matter where people come from, they can utilize their home taxi apps to get a taxi anywhere, anytime.

It all lies in marketing, at the end

Taxi is a neighborhood business, the majority of the circumstances restricted by a specific city. So all your returning client base is from one area and you should battle for it locally. Normally we tend to stay with one taxi benefit in the event that we like it, so you will likely connect your clients. Give them the motivation to return. Discounts work without fail. Place stickers in your taxicabs offering a rebate for the following ride.

Taxi business is all about customer experience. So encourage your customers to give a feedback every time they take a ride. You are providing a taxi service for your customers and if in any way, you lack providing the best customer service then you should know what and how to address those shortages.

By encouraging your customers to provide them a feedback shows how you care about their journey along with the level of transparency you want to maintain with your customer. In addition to that, having an effective fleet tracking solution can assist you in monitoring your vehicle along with the driver performance to reduce fuel expenses by enhancing productivity and customer service.

Times have changed how customers choose their services. Loyalty is a big card and can make your customers shift from taxi a service to taxi B service. So provide them the best services and give yourself the competitive advantage.


Shahid Mansuri

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder of Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking software development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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