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Revolutionize Your dispatch Business with Our Taxi solutions: Yelowtaxi

Explore how you can turn your dispatch business weaknesses into strengths with YelowTaxi.

Revolutionize Your dispatch Business with Our Taxi solutions: Yelowtaxi

Updated on December 27, 2023
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Whether you are a single dispatcher or run a dispatch business with numerous fleets, the job is stressful in either case. Answering your passengers' calls, maintaining radio communication with drivers and other issues are incredibly challenging to maintain them all promptly. In this blog, you will explore YelowTaxi - a reliable taxi dispatch software designed to help you easily manage your entire dispatch business at your fingertips for free. And offer services the way giants like Uber, Lyft, etc do.

You might be offering your taxi transfer services from the Airport and hotels to the desired location of your passengers. You might also be offering a fixed route service like corporate transfers. You can also be into a ride-hailing business.

And if you are offering all these services with manual management or with poor taxi dispatch management software, you know what you are going through - stress, frustration, and anger altogether.

It ultimately steals your productive time that you can use to grow your business. You stay at the same place every morning you start offering your service.

If you can relate to these scenarios, this blog is for you.

Remember, according to a recent study, the global taxi cab dispatch software market was valued at $332 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $1,961.4 million by 2031, with a CAGR of 17.5%.

It means it's time for you to get digital. And digital smart with better taxi management software.

Keep reading this blog, as you will uncover all the daily hassles you face with your routine operations and how you can revolutionize your dispatch business by solving them with YelowTaxi.

Challenges you face and their solutions with YelowTaxi


There are numerous challenges in your daily life of taxi dispatching. And you know these are speed breakers and sometimes, there even comes a time when you have to put a hand brake to save yourself from a big loss.

Below you will explore the majority of them along with their solutions.

Inefficient manual taxi dispatching

Imagine you are at the airport or your driver is at the airport. You get a ride request. You dispatch your taxis by radio or phone, which ultimately limits your growth. You might struggle to coordinate with your drivers and passengers over outdated technology.

You may be using paper manifests or shouting over a CB radio to keep track of your driver's availability and locations. This often leads to overwhelming situations, long customer wait times, and missed ride opportunities.

Yelowtaxi Solution:

Yelowtaxi offers a revolution in automated, algorithm-optimized dispatch. With our airport taxi management solution white-label software, the days of manual taxi dispatching are over and so are your problems.

You can automate your dispatching via mobile apps

Yelowtaxi’s airport taxi management software provides you with an automated dispatch right to your drivers' mobile devices. As you get the ride requests, our advanced algorithms will identify the nearby driver positioned in the requested passenger area to minimize wait times.

Your drivers can simply accept the fare on their app and are routed within seconds. This automation massively increases booking capacity and convenience with little effort.

Advanced algorithms to optimize your efficiency

YelowTaxi takes care of the entire optimization process so you can handle 4X more rides without adding any staff. The predictive capabilities of our taxi booking app help you to prepare your drivers for busy events by prepositioning to high-demand areas.

Smart tools for real-time fleet oversight

In addition to automated dispatch, you get an aerial view of your entire fleet from our real-time oversight tools. From the desktop dashboard, you can quickly see every vehicle's location, status, and metrics.

The added advantage of this smart feature is, you get the 360-degree visibility metrics of your fleets. And with these metrics, you can make informed decisions to maximize your efficiency.

Difficulty in managing your drivers

When you own a massive taxi fleet and have a large number of drivers, it becomes essential for you to keep track of your drivers within the fleet.

You might be juggling with setting your driver shifts, locations, and downtimes via manual methods, which leads to headaches for you. Without real-time coordination, your cars sit idle while your ride requests go unfulfilled. This turns directly into lost revenue.

Well, no more now. Check out the Yelowtaxi solution.

Yelowtaxi Solution:

Our cab dispatch system helps you optimize your driver management from end to end so you don't leave money on the table. See how you can leverage its features to manage your drivers effortlessly.

Shift planning and route optimization

Our small fleet taxi dispatch software allows you to strategically plan your driver shifts and set dynamic routes based on demand forecasts. By using this feature, you can maximize your driver utilization for higher yields by aligning your driver supply to rider demand.

For example, planning your shifts to provide extra fleet availability during a stadium event will eliminate missed ride opportunities.

Track drivers and performance analytics

With our tracking feature, you can track every driver in real time so you understand who is where and when.

With performance analytics for each driver, you can identify top performers to replicate success as well as underperformers who need coaching. You get a manager dashboard with 360-degree visibility to optimize fleet coordination.

Increase your driver utilization

Yelowtaxi increases total rides completed by 15-20% through data-driven driver management.

That goes straight to your bottom line as when you elevate your driver utilization, it results in more revenue with the same overhead costs. With our driver management tools, you can execute a highly productive workforce.

Limited Visibility & Data Analysis

When you have no centralized ride data, it becomes extremely challenging for you to analyze your business performance. Trying to analyze your taxi performance with scattered manual records or handwritten ride information is difficult, time-consuming, and inaccurate.

There’s simply no way to easily access your business metrics which is needed for data-driven decision making without digitized dispatch technology.

Yelowtaxi Solution:

Our ride-hailing software is built around a centralized database that captures every ride detail such as driver assigned, distance travelled, time, and payment info. It seamlessly helps you to digitize your taxi business operations so you gain vital visibility.

Digitize your data and report for every ride

With integrated reporting in the taxi booking app, you can export performance summaries for your entire fleet or individual drivers with just a click. Plus, you can also easily track trends over time or dive deeper into specifics on the interactive dashboards.

For example, you can quickly identify your top-grossing drivers over any period.

Get business intelligence and analytics dashboards

On top of reporting, Yelowtaxi helps you unlock your holistic business analytics through advanced tech-enabled dashboards surrounding your fleet efficiency, financial performance, and more.

With these occupied key metrics and data visualizations, you can clearly understand your success and growth areas.

The Yelowtaxi platform revolutionizes operations


Yelowtaxi takes taxi dispatch into the 21st century with a feature-packed cloud-based taxi dispatch software that centralizes and upgrades all your operations. The potential of integrations, customization, and continual innovation set your business up for scalable success.

Benefits: Access cloud-based software from anywhere

  • Yelowtaxi runs on cloud technology to make your browser and mobile access easy
  • You can use it virtually from anywhere and at any time
  • Easily manage your fleets on a desktop or tablet in the office
  • Drivers can access their mobile app on the road

There's no need for onsite servers or equipment with our hosted platform. Automatic updates roll out new features to your users seamlessly.

An2 Cabs, a Yelowtaxi client, appreciates round-the-clock oversight by logging in from home to monitor late-night drivers after ending his office shift.

Integration with payments, accounting, and more

We built Yelowtaxi as an open platform so you can easily connect any third-party payment gateways, accounting software, booking platform, or any other critical system.

Digital payments solution built-in

We have an inbuilt digital wallet which you can use to get fares from your passengers easily. The system is also capable of allowing your customers to pay fares with their choice of payment. It could be PayPal, stripe, or any other.

This feature also helps you apply the automatic trip charges without driver intervention for a seamless experience.

Syncs booking data with accounting software

The booking and financial data generated from rides also flow directly into popular accounting platforms like QuickBooks. This helps you keep your books updated in real time without manual entry.

Customization and innovation-focused

Future-proof your taxi business with SAAS-based software designed to grow and evolve alongside your customer needs and mobility tech breakthroughs.

An adaptable platform that grows with your taxi business needs

Yelowtaxi's adaptable infrastructure ensures the solution flexes to match your operational requirements over time. You can easily tailor facets like dashboards, reporting, and integrations as your service offerings expand.

For example, you can address versatile passenger needs. It could be an executive sedan or healthcare transport or anything else based on the situation, you can assist him with the availability of your vehicle without juggling manually.

  • Adaptable platform grows with your taxi business needs
  • Continually enhancing the platform with the newest technology


In essence, revolutionizing your business is not difficult. Choosing Yelowtaxi for your white-label taxi booking app development will help you streamline your dispatch, optimize drivers, and get data insights. With Yelowtaxi, you can propel your taxi business into the future.

Our smart cloud-based taxi dispatch software leverages automation and real-time fleet coordination to simplify your operations and maximize revenue. You can scale confidently while delivering next-gen mobility experiences with Yelowtaxi innovation.

Your competitors are modernizing their dispatch business. Whereas, you are still thinking. Don't let your competitors grab market share with new technology while you rely on outdated systems. Revolutionize your dispatch productivity and profitability today by partnering with Yelowtaxi - the ultimate taxi management solution for the digital age.



Yelowtaxi revolutionizes the dispatch business by employing cutting-edge technologies such as smart dispatch algorithms, real-time GPS tracking, and automated communication systems. This results in unparalleled efficiency, reduced wait times, and an overall enhanced experience for both you and your customers.

Yelowtaxi stands out as the preferred choice for your taxi business due to its intuitive user interface, white-label solution, and seamless integration capabilities, designed to solve taxi business problems and is free to start.

The Yelowtaxi platform is designed by keeping all the users in mind including drivers, passengers, and admin. You get an intuitive interface to efficiently manage fleets and for drivers to easily navigate routes. There is no training required to use our taxi dispatch platform. Even a 5th-grade kid can use it.

Yelowtaxi leverages state-of-the-art technology, including advanced GPS tracking, predictive analytics, and real-time communication tools. The core infrastructure is built on the cloud, which means you can offer your service uninterruptedly. The system will automatically scale based on your traffic size.

Yes, Yelowtaxi offers 4 different solutions ride-hailing software, airport taxi booking software, corporate transfer management software, and taxi dispatch system. We have a separate solution that meets your specific business needs. And yes, you can always rebrand our solution with your brand name. You can replace our logo with yours, change color, replace our brand name with yours and launch it as your product in days.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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