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Why every taxi business needs dispatch software?

Why every taxi business needs dispatch software?

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Not just in one country or city, taxi service has indeed become an essential mean of transportation around the globe. The ease of booking a taxi instantly has greatly complemented to the demand in hailing a taxi. As a result, taxi business is one of the emerging industries across the world.


With the increasing booking of the online taxi, the conventional taxi businesses are facing a tough time to keep their customers engaged. Uber and Ola are the perfect instances of how a taxi dispatch software can make a great difference in handling a taxi business in today’s highly competitive world. But the quick question that crosses our mind when we think of a transportation dispatch solution or software is that "Are they really worth investing and what sort of blessing are they truly for a taxi business."

What went wrong with Uber?

Uber, it is the name that revolutionized the taxi business across the globe. Not only did it make hailing the taxis easy but also offered a kind of part-time jobs to many millennials. However, Uber did make some of the horrible mistakes and has put a lot at stake. It is professed of failing to ensure the security and safety of its customers and when something terrible happened during the journey, they failed to report the incident of sexual assault on its female customer.

Providing full-time and part-time jobs as taxi drivers to millennials around the globe is good. But it is also equally important for the taxi business to guarantee the security of its customers by keeping an eye on the activities of its drivers.

Just like game applications, clones of taxi applications have also been released into the market with the intention of hitting a small jackpot. However, they did not do very well in the market because they obviously lacked certain important features such as location tracker, secure payment gateways, a payment module, etc. Just like any other industry, taxi businesses should too learn to learn and execute online taxi booking solution in order to handle and control the challenging and customer-driven industry.

Now, let’s take a quick peek at the pivotal benefits of adopting a transportation dispatch software:

Fast dispatch; Lot’s of business

One of the greatest and complex hurdles that any taxi business encounters is that the inefficiency and incapability which occur during the manual dispatch process. On a frequent note, the transmission of the customer location and the details are misconstrued over telephonic conversations and that often leads to a lot of inconvenience to both the drivers and customers. In addition, keeping up the ever-increasing demands of the expanding taxi business and its tens of hundreds of day to day requests for your immense fleet of cabs is not less than a world war.

In order to eliminate all this, an efficient taxi dispatch system will eliminate all the above-mentioned by offering the perfect solution which is capable enough to provide the dispatchers an intact control by assigning taxis to every customer. Right from canceling the booking to rescheduling, taxi businesses can seamlessly run their day to day operations with the help of a dispatch solution.

Increasing customer experience and satisfaction

Without customers, there is no taxi business. So providing an effortless experience to customers is just as important as any other. By offering a taxi booking service online, you are making it easy and convenient for your customers to hail a taxi anywhere, anytime.

And that is why it is essential to provide a mobile application which enables your customers to book a nearby taxi, driver details, and the estimated time of arrival of the taxi. This sort of enhanced customer satisfaction and experience will greatly assist your taxi business in offering better services in the long run and retain the existing customers without any hassle and million dollar advertising.

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Handling business routines

This is going to be simple you must find licensed, commercial, experienced drivers in your locality and convince them to join your taxi agency. This includes making them understand your business plan, building trust and giving them a long-term commitment. You must have the draft of your incentive plan for drivers ready to lure them to drive for your taxi company.

It's convenient

Transportation dispatch software is a cloud-based solution. And this means that your taxi business investment would be less. These solutions effectively run on PCs, smartphones, and tablets so that the information comes in handy.

Earlier, people used to wait for hours after booking a taxi and wave hand to let the driver know they are the customers. But now, everything’s changed. Right from the way driver and customer communicate to the arriving of the taxi at the customer’s location right on time, a lot of things have changed. Whether customers intend to book a taxi for an immediate ride or later one, they can pay in advance via credit card, debit card, or any other payment gateway solution.

As the number of smartphone usage is increasing day by day, it is essential and complex to meet the ever-increasing demands of the customers. People want to book a cab with just a single touch on their smartphone. If you own a taxi booking mobile application or a website that works well even on smartphones then your business has surely got what it takes to survive in the competitive taxi industry.

After reading all this, you surely would want to take a look at all the efficient transport dispatch solutions. Yelowsoft provides an effective transport dispatch and booking solution with dedicated GPS tracking. Not only does our transport dispatch solution enhance productivity and maximize efficiency, but also improves customer satisfaction.


Shahid Mansuri

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder of Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking software development company in 2017. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software of unmatched quality. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.

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