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YelowSoft Product Update - July 2021

YelowSoft Product Update - July 2021

Updated on July 16, 2021
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The team at YelowSoft constantly thrives to achieve new innovations in our product. We have enhanced the already existing features and are introducing many new ones this month. Along with that, there are certain bug fixes and improvements as well!


New features released

New rules and policies for drivers and customers


Admin can set certain rules for drivers and customers regarding rejecting and cancellation of rides. This is to prevent multiple rejections and cancellations of trips. Currently, these rules are released for drivers only. We will come up with customer rules as well in the coming future.

Special incentives for drivers


Incentives for drivers to motivate them to do more trips by providing them with rewards based on the number of rides they do, their ride acceptance ratio, and cancellation ratio.

Rewards and loyalty program for users


The rewards program is for retaining the existing customers. Every ride will provide them certain points that they can collect and redeem in their wallet for late rides. Customers can be given a registration bonus as well. The more they take rides, the more reward points they will get to redeem.

Request for business profile from mobile app

Customer Application now has the corporate business profile option. Users will select their corporate for whom they work while creating their business profile and can get approved by the admin of their organization. This way, the corporate does not have to add each employees’ details one by one. Post-approval of their request, they can do business rides.

New sms gateway konnect

We have integrated a new SMS gateway Konnect. Konnect is a Nigeria-based SMS gateway. It will be used for notifying the users through text messages regarding the various events that are triggering in the system.

Street pickup with estimation

Street pickup feature now has an estimation option to know the price for the requested destination for the new customers. Drivers can pick up customers and provide them price estimation before starting the ride.

Updates On The Existing Features

New dashboard layout with more data insights


Updated the data in the dashboards for the admin. Basic dashboard will show the wallet balance of the users, cash wallet balance of the drivers, and credit wallet balance of the drivers. Taxi dashboard will show the percentage of drivers occupying each type of vehicle.

Live tracking feature for the admin


Admin can track the movement of the drivers on the map by filtering them with their occupancy status. All data automatically gets updated with the driver’s location in real-time.

Showing active trips on map

Admin can now see if the driver is busy or available. The trip details of the driver in question can also be checked on the map itself after checking his status of availability.

Save the state of driver registration process from mobile

Drivers’ can now go back and continue the pending registration process without having to sign up again every time the page is refreshed or if they have shut down the application. They can resume their registration without any hassle or repetition of the signup process.

Automate the vendor availability based on their working hours

Vendors now have the option to automatically schedule the timing at which they want to get Online or go Offline through the system. They do not have to manually close their business on the application at the end of each day like they did before.

Remove employee option in corporate profile

Corporate now has the option of removing an employees’ business profile without removing the user completely from the system. This way business profile can be deleted for ex-employees and the user will go back to having a regular profile of the service.

Bifurcation of vendors by types

Admin can now segregate the Vendors based on the types of services provided by them. This way, Vendors will be categorized, segregated and their data will also stay separate based on the delivery service.

Bug Fixes And Improvements

Sub company and operational area list created

Previously, the Admin was not able to go back to the Primary Company List after going to the Sub Company List. Also, they could not go back to the Operational Area List after choosing one. This issue is resolved.

Online driver count on dashboard corrected

Online Drivers’ List previously did not show the drivers that were active with ongoing trips. This is fixed and now Drivers on the active trips will be added to the count of online drivers.

Rich details of places in map on mobile app

Previously, the map on the Customer application showed fewer places and location names to the Customers. Now it is resolved and the user can see more locations and places just like in Google Maps.

Driver app dashboard calculation

Before, the driver application dashboard Trip count was not updated if they did any street booking or token booking. Only the total amount was shown. Now all the values are shown after getting synced and updated.

Driver application summary calculation

Similar to the Driver Application Dashboard, even the summary page of the application did not show the updated amount and trip count if the drivers did any street booking or token booking. All the records are now able to sync and update properly.

Vendor application to run in background

Vendor Applications would shut down after being kept in the background after some time. That is now resolved and it runs smoothly even in the background while using other applications on the phone.

That is it for this month’s updates and fixes. We like to stay updated and aim towards excellence. This isn’t all as more updates and new features are rolling your way. Stay tuned to find out more in next month’s blog.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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