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Yelowsoft assist CPUT to establish a robust e-hailing platform for drivers

Yelowsoft assist CPUT to establish a robust e-hailing platform for drivers

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CPUT is an application platform that provides e-hailing services in the selected locations of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This project was started by Sudin Kamaruddin who himself was an e-hailing driver. Before starting the project they studied the e-hailing industry in detail and found that it required many changes.


They also consulted and collaborated with several drivers to find out various problems that they were facing.

After getting fool-proof information about the taxi industry and the problems faced by the drivers, they came up with the CPUT project whose main objective was to make e-hailing better for the drivers.

CPUT project focuses on establishing top-notch cooperation between the company and the drivers. They also provide a wide array of benefits and incentives to the drivers.

How Yelowsoft came into the picture

CPUT wanted to come up with its own application platform for e-hailing taxi services. Earlier they tried achieving their goals with the help of a ready-made scripted product. However, it didn’t work.

After that, they approached many different companies that provide taxi booking and dispatch solutions. Yelowsoft was one of those companies that were approached.

We met the client personally in Malaysia to understand their requirements and objectives. The meeting went well. However, the client wasn’t sure if they wanted to proceed. They wanted to use Yelowsoft’s system on a trial basis. We agreed to it.

The client used Yelowsoft’s solution along with many other solutions from different companies. After a few weeks, they were convinced that Yelowsoft’s solution was superior among all and most suitable for their business.

Guiding CPUT to the path of progress

Our role was not only to provide the service but to guide our clients to achieve their goals. Being a reputed taxi-hailing app development company, we possess expertise in this subject and have shaped many clients to become a successful taxi company.

Choosing third-parties for integrations

We played a major role in suggesting and choosing third-parties for integrations. Earlier, the client was keen on integrating global third party services. But we suggested them to go with localized third party services as CPUT was only targeting the local regions in their initial stages of the business. Moreover, choosing local third parties was cost-effective which is always a plus point.

Referral program insights

CPUT had a referral program in place in which both drivers and riders can refer the CPUT services to gain various kinds of rewards. CPUT wanted to give away rewards to those drivers and riders who had referred their services to the maximum number of people. And to determine that they needed detailed reports and analytics of their referral program.

Yelowsoft came up with an advanced referral program analytics that provided them with crucial data and insights like the number of referrals by the user, day, week, month, etc. These data made it easy for the client to choose users for giving away rewards.

Advised them to exclude the Job option feature for drivers

CPUT believes in offering the best services to its drivers. That’s why they wanted to integrate a feature in the solution which allows the drivers to opt for either short or long trips only. This meant that a driver who had opted for long trips won’t receive any ride requests for a short trip and vice-versa.

We advised them not to integrate this feature as we believed that rather than offering convenience to drivers, this feature would have an adverse effect on the total number of ride bookings.

This type of feature is more suited for a business that is already established and which receives a ton of requests in a day. For a start-up business, this feature was not suitable.

Exploiting potential requests at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

CPUT has researched that the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) has a huge number of potential riders and they wanted to capitalize on it by facilitating easy cab booking service at the airport. Similarly, they also wanted to ensure that all their drivers receive ride requests in a fair manner.

To achieve both of these objectives we came up with:

Dispatcher app


A dispatcher application allows the dispatchers to book rides for passengers manually. The client can place several of their dispatchers at the airport which can help the passengers to book rides via the dispatcher app. All they have to do is fill passenger details in the dispatcher app and then book the cab. With the dispatcher app in place, the client can increase their bookings without the need for any user application.

Queuing system

The second objective was to ensure that all the drivers at the airport receive booking requests in a fair manner.

To ensure this we provided them with an automated driver queuing system. The automated driver queuing system is a smart way to allocate ride requests to your drivers. This system assigns a token number to all drivers present in places like airports and malls on a first come first served basis.

The token number represents the driver’s position in the queue. The requests are then assigned to all the drivers based on their token numbers. The driver with token no. 1 gets the first ride and so on.

As the rides get allotted to drivers the token number of other drivers keeps approaching towards one.

Words of appreciation from clients

Yelowsoft has shaped countless taxi businesses across the world and CPUT is one of them. In the below video, our client shares his experience with Yelowsoft in detail. Watch the video to see our success from the client’s perspective.


With Yelowsoft’s robust e-hailing platform, CPUT has successfully registered most of their drivers. With this now they have achieved stability in their business and now are looking to focus solely on getting riders on-board.


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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