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Key takeaways from the year 2023 of YelowTaxi - Yelowsoft

Discover the breakthroughs and innovations done by Yelowsoft in YelowTaxi products in 2023.

Key takeaways from the year 2023 of YelowTaxi - Yelowsoft

Updated on December 15, 2023
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Quick Summary

YelowSoft is paralyzing outdated taxi operations with the relentless enhancement of YelowTaxi —a powerful suite of products designed to modernize airport, corporate, ride-hailing, and dispatch taxi transfers and business management. In this blog, you will explore 2023 key takeaways including an overview of YelowTaxi, new features & advancements, clients' benefits using the software, and a future roadmap to what you will see YelowTaxi doing in 2024 to better your life.

YelowSoft has made a name for itself as an industry leader in providing transportation SaaS software solutions. As the parent company of YelowTaxi - an innovative suite of powerful taxi and ride-hailing software - YelowSoft enables efficient operations in the fast-growing on-demand mobility sector.

No doubt seamlessly integrated SaaS platforms have become invaluable for ground transport providers seeking to optimize everything from dispatch to payments, analytics to automated marketing.

The global transportation management system market is expected to surpass US$19.1 Bn through the forecast period 2023-2032 at a CAGR of 10.7%. (Source)

As the pace of digital transformation is accelerating across the transportation industry, (especially in the taxi dispatch industry) software is no longer a "nice to have" but an essential component for competitiveness and profitability.

As we wrap up a momentous 2023, it's the perfect time to spotlight some of YelowTaxi's biggest achievements and enhancements rolled out over the past year.

In this blog, you will read the most impactful key takeaways that took place in the year 2023.

Overview of YelowTaxi

Since its launch, YelowTaxi is at the forefront of revolutionizing ground transportation operations. The suite of technology solutions is designed to automate the manual taxi processes. Moreover, with the purpose of streamlining operations, simplify management, and give insights about the business.

It majorly is serving the 4 business categories:

1. Airport

2. Corporate

3. Ride-hailing

4. Dispatch

Specific solutions are designed keeping these 4 business categories in mind. And they are considered as a product. The goal behind making these products is -

  • To take every business online
  • Get the complete ownership of their business
  • Make loyal customers to earn recurring profit
  • And give them the power to run business smartly with technology

Yelowsoft believes - not one solution fits for all, nor all businesses are the same. Hence, dedicated solutions are built for each product. Check out the categories below.

Product Categories

Airport Taxi Dispatch Software - Designed specially for taxi businesses focusing on serving passengers from airport to their preferred location. The software is packed with features like pre-scheduling, multi-language, custom-branding, and more. The software allows your customers to book a taxi or car transfer service, get real time tracking information and manage payment and billing with ease.

Corporate Taxi Booking Software - A software designed to centralize ground level corporate transfers. It helps the corporate taxi transfers services providers in modernizing business, boost efficiency, and record the growth. In simple words, it streamlines the process of booking and managing taxi transfers for corporate businesses. The software usually includes features such as real time tracking, ride scheduling, dispatching, auto invoicing and billing.

Ride-Hailing Software - In simple words, it helps you mobilize an Uber-like model. The software helps the one in this ride hailing business to launch their business online, manage easily, scale fast, analyze the drivers and passengers behavior, access and assess data, make data-driven decisions and ultimately prepare a road for a successful ride-hailing business.

Taxi Dispatch Software - A system crafted with the aim to help taxi companies manage their fleet of vehicles and assign tasks to drivers hassle-free. It helps the user boost profit, streamline operations, and maximize efficiency while keeping the customers happy. The software typically comes with features like automating task assignment, real time tracking, auto invoicing and more.

So, you just had a quick walk-through to the YelowTaxi. This breadth of products makes YelowTaxi highly adaptable and capable of powering the taxi operations that underpin everything from rideshare networks to corporate shuttle services.

Now it's the time for the takeaways. Let's jump over it.

Highlights of YelowTaxi's 2023


The team worked hard in not just making the product best but the outcome best too. Check out below all the highlights including the breakthroughs and innovations that took place in 2023.

Major achievements by YelowTaxi throughout 2023

It was a long journey from January first till now. Throughout 2023, YelowTaxi has made several major advancements. They are:

Upgraded to Version 3.3 from 3.2

We invested over a year of effort into this release. Our team rebuilt the large portions of our software architecture for faster response and heightened stability.


  • Better performance
  • Better UI/UX
  • More powerful
Decluttered Interface

We conducted user testing and collected the feedback. After analyzing the massive data, we removed clutter and unnecessary items from the frontend and made it clean.


  • Intuitive interface
  • User-friendly experience
  • Easy to use for any user

Faster Response Time

We know it better that minor site delays might go unnoticed. But dispatch operations happen in real-time. Our expert development team removed and fixed all the bugs in the code and architecture. Ensuring the speed meets the standard loading parameters.


  • Pages are fast
  • Report generation is quicker
  • Other processes renders instantly
  • And you do not lose any ride due to slow speed

Enhanced Security Protections

Hackers are smart. But we made our software even smarter by implementing top class security protections. We know your riders personal data and payment info needs privacy. Keeping this in mind, we made the software iron like shield by implementing encryption and tokenization and enhanced the security protections.


  • Data is ultra secure
  • Translate sensitive data into indecipherable code
  • You can offer security to your customers with 100% ensure

Redesigned for every user

There are 4 solutions in every software offered by YelowTaxi. And every solution has a different user. We redesigned every solution namely - Admin panel, Vendor app, driver app, and customer app keeping individual users in mind. Every user can easily use the software without struggling through a tangled menu.


  • Simple menu
  • Easy to use interface for every user
  • User-friendly designed

Feature Categorization

The team at YelowTaxi categorized the software capabilities that were buried under the packed UIs. Made several changes like highlighting several functionalities with color-coding and labels to ease the discovery.


  • Exploring the platform is easy
  • Easily discover any category
  • Save time with easy access to all categories

Free Google Map Billing

Made Google billing zero for all our taxi clients. Now, we manage the entire expense of the software along with the google billing for our clients. We promote this with a tagline - “Pay once and earn every hour”


  • We bare entire google map billing
  • Earn stress free
  • Client gets more in less

Introduction of new features


The software already had a bunch of features. However, based on the feedback and evolving requirements, we invented new features in our software. Have a look at what the new YelowTaxi has for you.

Auto corporate invoicing

This feature brings advanced functionality for all the taxi transfer services providers. It is designed to streamline and automate the process of creating and sending invoices to clients within a corporate setting. The user of this software can easily create an invoice with a single click error free.

How it function:

  • Gives you customizable templates to help user customize invoices easily
  • Comes with automatic calculation of invoice totals to make error free total
  • Integrable with any accounting software to enhance your accounting operations

Benefit it delivers:

  • Saves you time by generating invoices automatically
  • Gives you peace of mind by giving your accurate total
  • Saves you tons of money by making “N” number of invoices without any calculation error

Schedule trips

This unique feature eliminates the headache of losing the flight, emergency meeting, or doctor appointments. Our team has made this feature to solve these problems majorly and also enhance the customer experience. Plus, it empowers taxi businesses to provide more personalized taxi transfer services to every customer.

How it function:

  • Customers can plan and organize their travel plans in advance
  • Customer can book the ride today for tomorrow or as they want it to schedule for any day or time

Benefit it delivers

  • Helps in increasing productivity
  • Plays vital role in improving customer satisfaction
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Helps you in optimizing routes to cover more ground in less time

Referral and promo code

We want our clients to make more money, every time. Hence, we created this feature. The feature is helpful in promoting services where customers will earn a discount or a reward by referring a ride to a friend or by using a promo code.

How this function:

  • The admin can create a referral and promo code
  • And set a predefined discount for the customers

Benefit it delivers:

  • Encourage repeat business
  • Build strong customer base
  • Improve efficiency of dispatch process
  • Increase the reach and visibility of the taxi services

This was all from the YelowTaxi’s 2023 highlights. And now the time is to explore the real time benefits YelowTaxi has delivered to the clients. Let’s check out the success stories below.

Success Stories


There are numerous clients who are using YelowTaxi’s software solutions and have been reaping benefits for a long time. Below are the 2 from the many clients to showcase you how YelowTaxi has positively impacted their businesses and users.

An2 Cabs -

An2 Cabs is a Guwahati-based taxi booking transfer services provider. They approached YelowTaxi with these 4 challenges.

  • High Google billing
  • Poor after-sale customer support
  • Complicated to-use software
  • Lofty plans and charges

By implementing our ready to use taxi dispatch software, An2 Cabs is now having a super active business. There is no headache of losing business, trips, money and paying high bills to Google. In fact, the following aspects have increased:

  • Trips to 10 times more than last year
  • Recurring passengers ratio increased to 84%
  • Revenue increased by 200%
  • Earning 30,000 trip requests every month

If you want to read the success story in detail, click here.

Eaaazy rides -

Eaaazy Rides is a startup in Ghana. Before starting a business, the client wanted to start with a modern approach - that is using reliable ride-hailing software having his own logo, color, and selected features in it.

They further had a few expectations like:

  • Reliable and stable ride-hailing system
  • After support
  • User-friendly driver and passenger app
  • Analytics to make revenue-generating decision

With YelowTaxi as their technology launch partner, Eaaazy rides achieved:

  • 500 trips from ZERO
  • Became a brand from an unknown
  • Generating more revenue than expected
  • Have an army of 100+ drivers that started from 1
  • Operating the entire business with a modern approach cost-effectively

If you want to read the success story in detail, click here.

Future Roadmap


We know, this is not it. And our team is not stopping here. YelowTaxi has a vision to redefine the transportation experience and set a new benchmark in the industry. To meet this, we have plan to launch some exciting features.

Airport transfers - We plan to launch a special feature that will work to make trips easy for all airport transfers. With this feature, airport transfer service providers will be able to serve every customer landing on the airport and provide dedicated service.

Recurring trips - We are in the process of launching a new feature. This feature will help corporate transfers provide more personalized services. It is designed for all taxi fleet owners. These features may include options for regular travel dates, customized routes, and pre-set itinerary options.

Last mile solution - Very soon, you will see the delivery software that will make the deliveries fast, accurate, and secure. The goal here is to solve all last mile delivery problems with just one solution - last mile delivery software. From delivery request to doorstep delivery with the proof of delivery - the admin can track and manage everything from a single screen.


As we walk into 2024, YelowTaxi is on a mission to revolutionize ground transportation and empower taxi transfer service providers to provide exceptional and innovative ridesharing solutions.

The key takeaways for businesses looking to optimize their operations include seamless integrations, actionable analytics, and unmatched customer satisfaction. By implementing YelowTaxi's feature-rich cloud-based taxi dispatch software solution, companies can elevate travel experiences, unlock savings through efficiency gains, and stay ahead of evolving market demands.

With new offerings by YelowTaxi on the horizon like airport transfers, recurring trips, and last-mile delivery, the possibilities of growth are endless for every business. We encourage business owners to explore how our trusted solutions can optimize operations and help prepare their organization for the future of on-demand transportation.



Yelowsoft offers on-demand software as a service solutions to help small and medium businesses go online and scale up fast. We provide tools for companies across industries - from food delivery services to retail stores and taxi companies. Our vision is to empower these businesses to meet evolving demands, leverage technology to work smarter, and boost their growth.

YelowTaxi is the taxi cab dispatch software solution tailored for taxi companies. It aims to revolutionize ground transportation by automating manual processes. YelowTaxi has offerings for airport taxi services, corporate transportation, ride-hailing apps, and dispatch systems.

  • We help taxi businesses in a few key ways:
  • Taking bookings and payments online
  • Giving companies full ownership and control
  • Helping expand their customer base and drive loyalty
  • Enabling intelligent day-to-day operations through technology

We help taxi companies work smarter, faster and boost profitability.

YelowTaxi has 4 main components:

  • Admin Panel - for management and oversight
  • Vendor App - for drivers to access rides
  • Customer App - for booking and payments
  • Driver App - for navigation, ride updates etc.

Together these solutions help taxi companies scale up operations, access more riders, and optimize processes.

Since YelowTaxi is a cloud-based white label taxi dispatch software solution. It is designed to support taxi companies across the globe to automate their operations. Our team is well equipped to assist users anytime with onboarding, technical queries, or help with understanding the system. Feel free to reach out!


Mushahid Khatri

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading taxi dispatch and on-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that is leaned on business and entrepreneurship.

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