Shuttle Booking Software, Shuttle Dispatch & Bus Charter Booking System

Shuttle dispatch software

Fulfill all your shuttle service requirements with our new-age and dynamic shuttle booking software.

Our shuttle booking software caters to below businesses

Get ahead of all your rivals and become the leader in your respective field with our top-notch shuttle dispatch system.

The major benefits that make our shuttle booking system superior

The below benefits of our shuttle booking and management system will help you to emerge as a leader amongst your rivals.

Seamless dispatching

With our shuttle dispatch software, you can provide your riders with a variety of options and that too without overwhelming your systems. With our solution you can allow your dispatchers to monitor all rides whether they are in pending, completed, or even in schedule.

  • Real-time ride notification to driver
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Cab dispatched using GPS location
  • Limit rides by service time and geographical area

Real-time tracking and communication

With our shuttle booking software, your riders can request a ride through a mobile app. Along with that the riders can also select the pick-up and drop-off location from the mobile app. Moreover, with our shuttle dispatch system, our riders can view the live location of vehicle at any time.

  • Riders can cancel the request
  • Riders can pay instantly ahead of the ride
  • Riders can pay directly in the app
  • Riders can track the vehicle in real-time

Easy onboarding & set-up

Our cloud-based software system for shuttle services is developed as per the guidance of our experts in the field of micro transit. Due to this, it’s extremely easy to set-up our shuttle-dispatch system and to get it going quickly while we minimize all your operational and overhead costs.

  • Seamless onboarding to your passengers
  • Setup user accounts instantly
  • Reduce overhead cost
  • Save time for on-boarding

Add & retain more riders

Our dynamic shuttle dispatch solution allows you to customize the coverage areas and thus offer a seamless transit experience to maximum number of potential riders. The transit experience rendered by our solution is also superior to any of the other transit service available to the riders.

  • Cut your rider’s wait time by half
  • Offer your riders with easy and mobile experience
  • Allow them to track their ride
  • Riders can pay their fare directly via the app

Easy optimization of routes & services

With our shuttle dispatch services in place, it becomes easy to optimize all your routes and the services. You can simple supplement or replace all the fixed-route service areas on an instant. Moreover, this would also help you to solve the frequency-coverage puzzle without any need to increase the fleet size.

  • Easily increase the operating time.
  • Access route-level data
  • Access usage reports
  • Easily understand the trends and growth opportunities.

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