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Avoid lost bookings and complex scheduling with taxi software for airport transfers

For airport taxi transfer service providers. Explore the benefits of airport taxi management software and how you can avoid lost bookings and complex scheduling with it.

Avoid lost bookings and complex scheduling with taxi software for airport transfers

Updated on January 24, 2024
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Quick Summary

Offering top-class airport transfer service without losing any booking and providing easy scheduling is what every taxi dispatcher desires. And this is possible with the right airport taxi transfer booking software. In this blog post, you will explore the benefits of taxi software for airport transfers. Specifically, you will know how you can avoid lost bookings and complex scheduling.

Are you an airport taxi transfer service provider?

Do you face problems like losing bookings due to manual complex scheduling or other reasons?

Are you frustrated with constantly lost bookings and want a solution that can help you in avoiding it permanently? Then this blog is for you.

In this blog, you will read about;

  • Problems with manual scheduling and dispatch
  • Benefits of automated taxi dispatch software
  • Features of airport taxi booking software

Plus we have a bonus infographic that visually outlines the benefits of taxi software for airport transfers that helps in avoiding lost bookings and complex scheduling.

By the end of this blog, you will get a solution that will help you kill your frustrations.

Keep reading if you want to run your business stress-free.

Problems with manual scheduling and dispatch

You know how difficult it is to manually manage bookings, scheduling, and dispatching. Getting multiple airport trip requests over a call is juggling between managing bookings while trying to match drivers to riders. It creates chaos for you.


And during peak times, reservation requests flood faster that mot many dispatchers can manually handle. This way you unknowingly overlook the critical customer needs and pass by perfectly good fares. There are not one or two but several problems you might be dealing with every day.

Below you will find some common but major problems you face while manually scheduling and dispatching

Missed calls lead to lost bookings

You might have experienced this. A single missed call during peak reservation times can lead to 10-15 lost bookings per hour.

Consider an average ride fare of $65. As per that, 10 to 15 lost bookings would cost you around $ 650-$975. Now multiply the lost revenue across dispatchers. It is nearly impossible to manually handle 20+ calls at once.

Difficult to efficiently match taxis/drivers to passenger needs

Every passenger has a different need. You get numerous new requests every day and have multiple drivers to fulfill those needs. Trying to remember which driver has the right vehicle capabilities to match various customer needs is an impossible mental juggling act.

For instance, you got a ride request from Mrs Smith and she is in a wheelchair. Now you are thinking, does Mrs Smith with a wheelchair need a handicap-accessible van or will a sedan with extra trunk space suffice?

Aligning drivers based on assumptions leads to poor match and customer experience. You may lose a lifelong customer.

Difficult to meet flight arrival times with manual scheduling

Coordinating airport taxi pickups based on flight arrival times involves constant mental math, juggling time zones, and anxious calls from early arriving passengers.

For example, if a flight lands 30 minutes early, which is common, and you have scheduled pickup time for your taxis based on the earlier landing time, it becomes useless. You lose rides, customers and profit.

Without automated scheduling and real-time flight alerts, you lose massive business every time.

Poor customer experience - long wait times, lack of updates

Without real-time visibility of the flight details in the dispatch process, taxis arrive late at the airport. This continues till dispatch is managed manually.

Passengers stuck waiting on the curb don't know if a taxi is 5 minutes away or 30 minutes away. And when these passengers start calling for taxis, the situation only gets worse. This lack of update is only due to manual dispatching which drags your customer's experience down. Plus, you lose future bookings.

Benefits of automated taxi software

Purpose-built airport transfer booking system elegantly breaks the chaos of manual booking, scheduling, and dispatching. The right tools allow you to experience the below-mentioned benefits.

24/7 online bookings Customers can book a taxi from the airport online anytime. This helps you from losing missed bookings from calling outside business hours.
Automated scheduling Smart algorithms match the best drivers, help you assign the ride easily and routes to each booking for efficient pickup.
Real-time fleet trackingGPS tracking feature is inbuilt into the taxi booking app.
You can track all your drivers with the fleet in real-time along with their live locations and airport ETAs to coordinate timing.
Flight data integrationAirport taxi saas software solutions syncs to airline data for up-to-date gate numbers, landing times and delays.
This helps you to optimize airport pickup dispatch in real-time and accurately.
Geo-fencing capabilitiesThe taxi cab management software comes with this unique feature.
It automatically triggers notifications to your driver when he enters the airport grounds with the right terminal number to reach the destination on time and pick up the passenger on time.
Passenger mobile appYou get a dedicated passenger app for your passengers. You can brand it on your brand name. Your passengers can use this app to book the cab in just a few tabs. They can get all the details within the taxi booking app like live driver ETAs, trip status, and more. This reduces the anxious calls you get from your passengers.
Driver mobile appThis is another solution you get in terms of a driver app in the airport taxi platform. Your drivers can use this app to improve their overall performance.Your drivers can get dispatch messaging, passenger details, route maps and more to execute seamless airport transfers.
Automated notificationsThe online taxi dispatch platform is armed with this smart feature that sends texts and push notifications to your passengers and drivers as progress occurs. Automatic notifications are like; booked notifications, delayed notifications, pickup, completed, emergency, payment done and more.
Flight arrival triggersRules auto-dispatch taxis when flights land based on ETA to sync driver arrival with passenger exit.
Recover lost bookingsAll your missed calls are reserved and logged in the taxi dispatch system. You can use this data to call back and recover your lost bookings.

Advanced features of airport taxi software


You have just read the benefits which are the combination of taxi dispatch system features that delivers benefits. However, some advanced features help you take your business online, automate operations, and generate 5x revenue compared to manual business management. Have a look at each of them.

Booking and management

It's an online booking website your passengers can use anytime to schedule rides. While in the back-end software handles all the dispatch details like matching vehicles and routing. This saves you from losing missed bookings and headaches!

Real-time updates and tracking

GPS lets you see your taxi locations. On the other hand, you will be able to see if the flight is on time, early or gate changed. This technology keeps everyone in the channel accurately informed through real-time notifications.

Route optimization

Airport taxi software is smart enough to figure out the fastest route and best driver for each customer by factoring in traffic, and pick up/dropoff spots. Saves time and money for your drivers and travelers.

Driver management

You can track your driver performance like time on duty, and ride acceptance rate per driver as well as provide messaging, task assignment, and digital payment disbursements to drivers. This helps you create oversight and accountability.

Demand forecasting

The systems study patterns like events or holidays to recommend how many drivers you'll need each day. This helps you make smart predictions to meet upcoming needs.

Capacity utilization

You can analyze your passenger demand trends, typical taxi usage rates, and ride data to recommend optimal utilization rates per vehicle in your fleet. With this feature, you can increase revenue without expanding cars.

Fare calculation and billing

Once passengers reach their destination, the taxi booking software automatically applies correct rates, generates detailed invoices, and sends for integrated payment processing. This streamlines your accounting needs for transparent driver pay and customer billing.

Integration with other systems

Flexibility in integrating the software with your existing legacy software, airport/hotel system makes it more powerful. You can easily extend your capabilities rather than requiring a fill replacement upgrade.

Flight details in the app

Passengers can input flight numbers on booking to auto-populate arrival times while the software remains synced to live airline data feeds to update ETAs in real time. This is helpful for guest travel planning.

Dispatch based on flight ETAs

Mistimed airport pickups means lost revenue from meters running or frustrated callers wondering where their ride is. Our automated rules prevent that by using real-time flight ETA data to dynamically trigger taxi dispatches timed precisely when planes land. Vehicles arrive just as passengers reach the curb rather than creating delays. This optimization maximizes convenience and minimizes costly waiting.

Dynamic rules trigger notification to taxi dispatchers when flights hit defined ETAs (e.g. 30 minutes to landing) so your vehicles arrive just as guests reach the curbside. This minimizes waiting times through precision coordination.


Streamlining your airport transfers may seem an unconquerable challenge. But purpose-built white label airport taxi platforms make it conquerable through automation. It helps you centralize all your reservations, and flight updates, optimize routes, GPS tracking and more.

Moreover, you get complete control over your airport transfers and confidently deliver exceptional service. It is obvious that lost bookings and complex scheduling is frustrating but as you read the blog, you now know that white label saas software for airport transfers eliminates all these hurdles for you.

It not only solves these issues but also helps you to enhance your customers' experience and drivers and operators alike.





Taxi booking platform offers 24/7 online booking so your passengers can schedule rides anytime. All the missed calls are stored in the software database which you can see in the dashboard. You or your manager or driver can reach them back and ensure no requests get lost. This is how taxi software can help you to eliminate missed reservations.

Yes, the software allows you to automatically dispatch taxis for arrivals. The software is synced with the real-time flight data, you can automatically dispatch taxis to arrive just as flights land based on ETAs. This way you can have your taxis available at the right time and meet the passengers' needs.

Passenger app or the web booking platform gives your passengers real-time map tracking of dispatched taxis and notifications on estimated arrival times. When passengers are notified about the ride availability, they can make informed decisions and reduce wait times.

YelowTaxi is flexible enough and open to integrate with any legacy system or 3rd party software. However, our software is a comprehensive solution. You will get an end-to-end solution to your airport transfer problems that too at just a subscription-based price. Launch your branded software in just 3 weeks. For more details, feel free to reach our sales team.

The cost to use our ready-to-use SAAS-based taxi booking system starts at just $99. We have 3 packages that are based on the size of the taxi business you own. We also have a custom plan for businesses having huge demand.

No. You do not have to spend money and time on buying and managing the source code from YelowTaxi. You just have to take a subscription, launch your branded software, and start offering your smart taxi services in just 3 weeks. Its pay as you go, model. No coding or management is required.

We take care of all hosting, updates, and support as part of the service so you can focus on operations - not IT. Our taxi experts become your personalized support team.


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