Carve Your Own Brand Identity

Transform your brand from drab to fab with our white-label system. Add your logo, payment gateway, SMS gateway, and other systems to make it your own application.


Moreover Provide customers with a

Multi-Language Multi-Currency Payment Gateway SMS Gateway

Why Choose Yelowsoft?

  • Same-day turnkey system available
  • Get reliable uptime and support
  • Real-time analytics
  • Mobile-friendly white label system
  • Unlock More Features with Comprehensive API
  • Maximum Resource Utilization

Deliver like a Superhero!

Your materials delivery made easy - like a walk in the park! From home appliances to construction materials, build a platform to move materials with ease. Let our software take care of the heavy lifting so you don't have to.


Materials Delivery Made Easy!

Tired of juggling a million different supply chain products? We've got you covered with our fully-integrated suite that will have you running your supply chain like a boss! Say hello to increased profits, boosted sales, and reduced waste. Let's do this!


A materials delivery platform for everyone

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a supplier, you can take advantage of our platform’s advanced capabilities and improve your business efficiency. This can save time and resources, and reduce the risk of errors and mistakes.


Faster delivery times for materials

Our software can greatly improve the speed at which materials are transported, allowing the project to stay on schedule and reducing the risk of any project delays. With a streamlined system in place, the delivery process can be optimized for efficiency, minimizing any unnecessary delays. This means that the materials can be delivered in a timely manner, providing a competitive edge for the business.


Streamlined & Automated Processes

YelowXpress provides an all-in-one materials delivery platform that can help to automate and streamline many of the processes involved, from order placement to delivery confirmation. By automating and streamlining key processes, businesses can save time and resources, and improve their overall competitiveness in the marketplace.


Enhanced customer satisfaction

The timely and reliable delivery of materials ensures that the materials are delivered on time and in good condition. This helps to improve customer satisfaction levels, which can ultimately lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Innovative Features for On Demand Materials Delivery Businesses

Modernize your on-demand materials delivery business with smart routing, real-time order tracking, and other innovative features. Unlock faster, more reliable, and cost-effective materials delivery with our platform's streamlined processes, automated systems, and advanced capabilities.

Innovative delivery app

Convenient, efficient, and customized experience for ordering and receiving the materials required

  • Real-time tracking
  • In-app messaging
  • Delivery receipts
  • Push notifications
  • Ratings & review system

Advanced Features for Drivers

Materials delivery revolution - fast, reliable, and hassle-free.

  • Order Management
  • GPS tracking
  • Communication
  • Proof of delivery
  • Feedback and ratings

Take Control of Your Supply Chain

Efficient delivery, hassle-free management - all at your fingertips.

  • Inventory Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Real-time tracking
  • Automated Payment Processing
  • Customizable delivery options

Optimize Your Materials Delivery

Streamline your materials delivery operations with our powerful admin panel

  • Order & Delivery Management
  • Driver & customer management
  • Route Optimization
  • Integration with third party APIs
  • Data security & privacy controls

Connecting the Dots for Effortless Materials Delivery

Say goodbye to complexities and inefficiencies as we effortlessly bridge the gaps, ensuring effortless materials delivery with precision, speed, and unrivaled efficiency.

Success stories

Discover why YelowXpress SaaS-based software is trusted by businesses in 30+ countries. Check out our client testimonials and see the best platform in the industry.

Yelowsoft helps its Mexican client – Click To Go with an advanced Super App. Watch the below video where our client shares his experience of working with us.


Arturo Reveles

Click To Go

Yelowsoft helps its taxi client from Caribbean – Travee with a robust taxi dispatch system. Listen what Travee has to say about their experience.


Makesi Peter


YelowSoft revamped its Malaysia-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch our client share their experience in the video below!


Amirul Shafiq Sudin


YelowSoft guided its France-based client Bookmi to emerge as a leading taxi booking solution by delivering our robust platform. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.


Christiane Auffray


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